Hemp Gummies vs CBD Gummies: Aren’t They The Same?

Have you ever found yourself asking what sets hemp gummies apart from CBD gummies? With the increasing popularity of CBD products, it can be tough to wrap your head around the different terms and variations that exist on the market today. Both hemp gummies and CBD gummies have cannabidiol in them, but the source of … Read more

CBD Oil vs Gummies: How Do These Two Differ?`

CBD has become a popular health and wellness supplement in recent years, with a wide range of benefits reported by users. One of the most common forms of CBD consumption is oil or gummies. Both options offer a discreet and convenient way to take CBD, but which one is better? If you’re considering trying CBD … Read more

How Many CBD Gummies Should I Eat?

Are you curious about how many CBD gummies you should eat per day? If you’re new to the world of CBD gummies, you might be wondering how to determine the right dosage for your body weight, tolerance, and potency preferences. Finding the sweet spot for your daily dose of CBD gummies can be tricky, but … Read more

How Much CBD Oil to Put in Tea? Are One or Two Drops Enough?  

People who have grown accustomed to using CBD oil might wonder how much CBD oil to put in tea, in order to really enjoy the benefits of both. This is an excellent question, and that’s why we have devoted this entire blog to answering it fully. Armed with the information included below, you’ll be able … Read more

CBD Tincture vs CBD Oil: Is There a Difference?  

Interest in cannabidiol (CBD) is rapidly growing worldwide. As the interest in cannabidiol (CBD) increases, so do the available products on the market that contain CBD. According to Databridgemarketresearch.com, the CBD market is predicted to grow to a staggering USD 136.64 Billion with a CAGR of 38.90% by 2029. This indicates a substantial leap in … Read more

When to Take CBD Oil for Sleep? Your Guide to Deep Sleep

Many people who take CBD oil to help them sleep at night have wondered about when to take CBD oil for sleep. Should it be taken directly before bedtime or before retiring for the evening?  In this article, we’ll take a good look at how CBD oil can be used for obtaining the best night’s … Read more

Does CBD Oil Expire or Go Bad? What are the Possible Signs?

Does CBD oil expire or go bad? That question is at the heart of our discussion below, and after reading the material, you should have an understanding of the answer. So if anyone should ask you, “When does CBD oil expire?” or “How long does CBD oil take to expire?” you should have a ready … Read more

Best CBD Gummies for Pain

Best CBD Gummies for Pain

Over the past few years, CBD products have overwhelmingly made their way into a wide range of personal care products and food items. Known for its health benefits, CBD is a naturally occurring compound derived from the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive, and therefore, popular among medical cannabis users.  There are various … Read more

When Should You Use a Cannabis Roll-On Stick?

Did you know that only 6% of CBD is absorbed into the body when taken orally? This has prompted many CBD companies to develop a wide range of topical products that can be applied directly to the skin to yield optimum results. Among the most popular CBD topical products in the beauty market are CBD … Read more

Every Question You Have About CBD

Every Question You Have About CBD—Answered

Have you ever wanted to try out the benefits of cannabis without getting high from marijuana? If so, then cannabidiol (CBD) is the answer. Although it’s often confused with weed, CBD is simply one of the many components of cannabis plants. What’s more, CBD is commonly extracted for use in popular products like CBD oils, … Read more


4 Reasons to Use CBD Oil for Healthy Hair

The long-established stigma surrounding cannabis use is dissipating every day as cannabis legalization across different states continues. With the shift of attitudes and perceptions towards cannabis, consumers are now spoilt for choice as various cannabis products are flooding the marketplace.  And guess what? An active compound derived from the marijuana plant called cannabidiol (CBD) may … Read more


The 5 Best High-CBD Cannabis Strains to Grow This Year

Over the years, cannabis has become a jack-of-all-trades. You can blaze these buds for either medical relief or recreational use, and there’s a range of ways in which you can take it. And there are two main cannabinoids to choose from: THC and CBD.   The psychotropic nature of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) attracts those who prefer an … Read more

CBD for Pets: All You Need to Know

CBD for Pets: All You Need to Know

The CBD trend is becoming more and more prominent across the world. It’s particularly popular in countries where marijuana is illegal as an alternative to medical cannabis. However, even in Canada where you can buy weed online, many users prefer the safe, non-psychoactive effects of CBD products. Interestingly, you can even use CBD for pets. … Read more

medical cannabis

What Makes Medical Cannabis Medicine?

A Brief Introduction to Cannabinoids While medical cannabis or marijuana is nothing new, it is a plant that was illegal for years that carried an extremely negative stigmatism held by many. Interestingly enough, this plant that has been deemed dangerous for so long is now saving people’s lives. While most people by now know that … Read more