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pinit E easy

This is one of the easiest and best appetizers to serve to your guests. And they’re not only super-tasty but also super yummy. The first time I made them was last year on thanksgiving. The menu was ready, desserts were ready, and I forgot the appetizers. My mom, dad, siblings, friends, and even friends of friends were coming over and I got super stressed about what to serve them in appetizers. Although the lunch was ready but it doesn’t look good to serve the lunch right away. During that rush and confusion, I came across this super easy recipe on the internet and decided to give it a try. Even when I started making these chicken lettuce cups I was so unsure if they would turn out fine and worth serving. But guess what? They turned out great and delicious! And everyone loved them (and took pictures of them too) .

As everyone in my family likes spicy food, I add hot peppers in it. Also, I add cannabutter in it which I make using the strain “Harlequin”. A friend of mine recommended it to me for pain relief and it works great. It’s an instant pain killer and energy booster. However, you can use the strain of your choice.

28 mins
pinit E easy

I can never skip deviled eggs on the menu. They’re a must-have dish for me and my Mom. I’m glad to say that many restaurants and cafes have added deviled eggs to their menus, giving me more opportunities to try them out.

If you plan to cook them at home, deviled eggs can be somewhat complicated. However, I like them even more a simple form.

I’ve loved this dish for years, but I have never tried it at home. Then, recently, I visited a friend of mine, who had super-tasty deviled eggs ready for me for a lunch. They were so yummy that I ended up asking her how she made them. And guess what? The recipe was so simple that anybody can follow it, to make delicious deviled eggs.

I’m not a cooking expert myself, but I tried the recipe she gave me and I was so proud to see, and of course to eat, my deviled eggs.

If only I knew it earlier that deviled eggs are so easy to make, I wouldn’t have visited restaurants so often in search of them. Well, I’m glad I know it now.

Before I share this super-easy deviled eggs recipe with you, here is a tip you need to keep in mind, before starting with the cooking process: the key to making super-tasty deviled eggs, is to boil the eggs perfectly - don’t half boil or over boil.

16 mins
pinit E easy

This puffy, flaky dish just the most awesome dish one can try. Among all the savory & sweet recipes that I’ve ever tried, this one’s got to be my favorite and it is fun to make.

For all the busy ladies out there, who can’t spend hours in the kitchen, this dish will hardly take an hour. You don’t have to make the pastry yourself. There are frozen versions available in the market, which make this dish oh-so-easy to cook.

This is one of the quickest appetizers you can make if you have a lunch or dinner party at your place. The first time I tried this dish was when my Mom & Dad came over. I checked out a lot of recipes online, but ended up creating my own.

The recipe I’m sharing here today is my go-to recipe for a quick, easy-to-cook appetizer. You can be more versatile with the toppings, changing them, according to your taste.

So, here goes the super-easy recipe of the super-delicious flaky vegetable tart:

35 mins
pinit E easy

The idea of making this spiced potato soup came to me last weekend. I was dining out with a friend, and the couple sitting next to us ordered something similar with chunks of bacon and it looked delicious. I thought to myself, “Sweet potato and bacon? Yes, most definitely!”

So, the very next day, I made this velvety, smoked paprika soup with a garnish of scallions, walnuts, and some legendary, crispy bacon, glazed with cannabis-infused butter.

And I kid you not, I literally cried with joy, when I first tasted it!.

The cannabis is added in two doses - once, cooked with the vegetables, and then again, in the garnish. The best thing about the garnish dose is that you can add as much as you want, or skip it completely if you want to keep the cannabis dosage low. This soup, if ungarnished, will last up to 5 days in the refrigerator.

1 hr 25 mins
pinit E easy

Hummus is one of the tastiest dishes I’ve ever tried! It’s such an incredible dish and super-easy to make at home.

The first time I tried it was almost 5 years ago, and since then, I’ve been a huge hummus fan.

Hummus has been one of the most popular dishes consumed in the Middle East since ancient times, as you may already know. In addition to its great taste, it also brings many health benefits - that most people aren’t aware of. It’s highly beneficial for people with high cholesterol and heart diseases. The beans and chickpeas in hummus help reduce cholesterol levels and fight against cardiovascular diseases. This delicious dish also helps in regulating your digestive system, which is another plus!

If you’ve ever tried or researched about hummus before, you’d know that hummus is available in a wide variety of flavors. So, you can try making any flavor you like. When you’re making hummus at home, you can add pine nuts, or roasted peppers, etc, to make it even tastier. My favorite type of hummus is the one that has chopped spinach in it. I tried it for the first time about 3 months ago, and it turned out super-tasty.

If you want to try it out, here’s the recipe:

Tip: keep the canned chickpea liquid, called “aquafaba” for a number of awesome uses!

8 mins
pinit E easy

If you love shrimp & you love bacon - put them together! Add a little goat cheese, and some cannabis-infused olive oil & you are on your way to a stellar appetizer.

The sweet shrimp, combined with salty, crispy bacon are brought to a higher plane with the creamy, and slightly tangy chevre. To top it all off, THC is added with the canna-olive oil, all brightened up with a squeeze of citrus.

It IS just as good as it sounds, and the aroma will be enough to entice anyone to take a nibble!

22 mins
pinit M medium

Who doesn’t like baked delights?! Well, I absolutely love them! Baking cakes and muffins is my favorite part of the weekend. Also, I have a thing for desserts - after dinner, they are a MUST in our home.

I’ve recently started experimenting with phyllo dough. It’s an amazing ingredient you can use for baked delights, and they become even more delicious, in my opinion. I read about it online, and I’m glad I found it. It has made baking so much easier for me, because it saves a lot of time, and makes for a beautiful presentation.

Let me tell you about this dish, I recently tried, which was absolutely delicious! It’s called baked brie - you may have heard of it before. Well, in case you haven’t, it is a flaky, warm, mouth-watering, baked delight. Also, it’s definitely a must-try for the canna-loving people out there. So, I’m sharing with you my go-to baked brie recipe.

1 hr
pinit M medium

Do you love eating grilled food? If yes, you’re at the right place! Here I’m going to share some pretty cool, easy-to-follow grilled food recipes with you. Today, I’m sharing cannabis-infused lemongrass chicken skewers.

Before sharing the ingredients, here are a few tips for you so you don’t mess it up:

- You have to gently poke a hole or two in the peppers and chicken pieces.

- Be gentle while working with the lemongrass stalks, so you don’t break them.

- In case you’re using wooden skewers, make sure you soak them first for 30 min - 1 hour. Otherwise, their ends are going to burn and you won’t be able to do anything, except for helplessly watching them burn and disappear.

P.S: I have made this dish using seeded jalapenos as well, and it turned out super tasty!

27 mins
pinit M medium

Who doesn’t love nachos? Such a silly question! How can anybody NOT love nachos?!

I remember when I tried nachos for the first time in a street café, and since then I’ve been a huge nachos fan. Covered in cheese, with chopped scallions and sour cream – Cannabis-infused fingerling nachos have got to be my favourite.

The first time I ate cannabis-infused loaded potato nachos was at my mom’s place. They were finger-licking good and I couldn’t resist asking mom how she made them. Although her recipe was a bit different from what I’m sharing here today, this one’s even better than the one I ate at her place.

If you love getting into the kitchen and trying out new dishes, this one is a must-try!

So, without any further delay, here’s the recipe of the super-delicious cannabis-infused loaded potato nachos:

1 hr 2 mins
pinit M medium

This has to one of the most delicious food ideas that I’ve ever shared. I made this dish for the first time about 8 months back, and since then I’ve been loving it.

Also, for the ones who don’t know spanakopita and cannabis, along with their great taste also have various health benefits. In fact, the first time I made cannabis-infused spanakopita was for a friend who is diabetic.

Spanakopita is an immunity booster and helps prevent heart diseases, as well as diabetes. It also helps improve brain function. With all these benefits, one can simply not skip spanakopita in their dishes.

The recipe of Cannabis-Infused Spanakopita Quesadillas that I’m sharing here today, are going to be the yummiest quesadillas you’ve ever had.

37 mins
pinit M medium

I really wanted to take vegetables outside the realm of salads & sandwiches, and showcase them in savoury tarts and pies. After much brainstorming, I came up with this super-easy & super-tasty recipe, which I’m super-proud of!

I’ve made this twice, and it turned out amazingly delicious & beautiful both times. This infused vegetable tart is also perfect leftover for lunch or dinner. Just bake it up with shredded cheese, some herbs and roasted peppers, and there you go - a delish dish!

I love making medicated magic of my own, and keep experimenting with infused dishes. I’ve recently learned how to use canna-oil in a number of dishes. I love how you can make incredibly impressive dishes using cannabis oil - be it a fill-it-up meal or a light evening snack.

I usually infuse the oil for this recipe with indica strains for this vegetable tart. It’s an old favorite and I’ve started using indicas more frequently these days. They're very relaxing, give a pretty good, euphoric high, and usually taste good too! The best thing about them? They treat your insomnia. So, for all the people like me who suffer from sleep disorders, indicas work great!

22 mins
pinit E easy

Madrasi food is fun - and cooking Madrasi food is even more fun! I’ve recently discovered my love for Madrasi food. For those who don’t know, Madras is India’s 5th largest city, and is quite known for its unique dishes.

Who else loves dry fruits? Such a silly question though. I mean, who doesn’t like dry fruits?

Before I begin with my today’s recipe, many of you may not know some of the nuts we think of as nuts, are actually dried fruits! Let me tell you that I’m a crazy dry fruit lover, and love trying dishes that include nuts & almonds, etc. Although consuming too much dry fruits give me pimples occasionally, I still can’t stop.

Another thing I’d like to mention here is that, in addition to great taste, nuts are also extremely nutritious. They have various health benefits, which most people don’t know about. They contain proteins, vitamins, dietary fibers, and minerals like iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium - all that help keep your body’s nutrients balanced.

Walnuts, in particular, are extremely beneficial for people with blood pressure issues, as they contain L- arginine - an amino acid - which relaxes & eases the blood vessels, and allows the blood to flow freely. This reduces the stress on the circulatory system & decreases blood pressure.

Fiber present in nuts also reduces the release of hunger hormone, preventing us from overeating. In this way, it also helps with weight loss. In love with walnuts? Well, you should be!

Now that I’ve listed down all the reasons why I love dried fruits, let’s get back to the recipe. Here, I’ll be sharing one of my favorite Madrasi dishes with you. It’s basically called Madras nuts, and they are super tasty!

32 mins
pinit E easy

Summer’s here, and so are my cravings for mushroom dishes! If you’re someone who loves getting in the kitchen and trying new recipes, you’re in the right place.

Mushrooms are one of the most versatile things that you can use in your cooking. This underrated vegetable can be used to make countless dishes, one of which we’ll be learning here.

Most people think that mushrooms are used as a supporting ingredient, or for toppings on different dishes. However, that’s not true at all! Mushrooms are used as a key ingredient in many recipes, as well as various types of sauces.

I’ll be sharing the recipe of my favorite mushroom dish with you all. This stuffed mushroom dish. topped with mozzarella, tomato & fresh basil is very easy to cook, and can be baked before or after adding the toppings. However, I like the idea of raw ingredients and roasted mushrooms here more.

Read on to find out how to prepare this dish:

25 mins
pinit M medium

The popularity of cannabis edibles has skyrocketed in the past few years as weed lovers have decided that they can have their canna cakes and pastas whenever and wherever they want. An essential ingredient behind these tasty hash treats is cannabutter. All your favorite canna-burgers, cannabis cakes, cannabis pasta, canna-infused brownies, and other dishes are incomplete without this foundational ingredient.

I’ve checked a lot of cannabutter recipes over the years and what I realized is that many people prefer and therefore prepare mild cannabutter. However, as I have high tolerance to cannabis, I always prefer mine to be extremely strong. It’s also because mostly when I’m eating canna-infused edibles, I want my joint pain to go away. And it’s only possible with a highly potent cannabis dish.

Mostly the milder cannabutter is preferred by people who just want to relax or refresh themselves. But what I always tell these people is that you can reduce its potency in your dishes by simply using less of cannabutter and more of regular butter. But once your cannabutter is made, you can’t change its potency. So it’s always better to make a stronger one and then set a ratio of regular butter to cannabutter that suits your desires and tolerance level.

3 hrs 10 mins
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