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Grade AA Cannabis - Dubs

Hey there! Looking for top-notch cannabis without breaking the bank? You’re in luck! Our Grade AA cannabis collection, also known as ‘dubs’, offers quality strains at affordable prices. Whether you’re into the chill vibes of indica strains, the uplifting energy of sativa strains, or the best of both worlds with a hybrid, we’ve got just what you need. Our selection is carefully curated to ensure you find the perfect strain for your preferences and desired effects.

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FAQs about AA Grade Cannabis

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What does AA mean in weed?

It is typically associated with buds that have smaller size, fewer trichomes (resin glands), or less potency compared to higher grades. This is exactly why it’s so popular amongst beginners and people just wanting to take it slow.

Is AA weed good?

AA weed may have smaller buds, fewer trichomes (resin glands), or lower potency compared to higher grades like AAA or AAAA. It may also have a less pronounced aroma or flavor profile. If you’re seeking a more budget-friendly option or are not as concerned about having the highest potency or visual appeal (but still a good experience), ‘AA’ still provides a very good experience for many users.

Is AA weed same as ‘dubs’?

Yes, ‘AA’ is the same as ‘dubs.’

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