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Ever since the legalization of marijuana in Canada, the number of dispensaries selling it online has peaked really high. With so many people preferring to buy their cannabis online, more and more online mail order marijuana services are launching. Some of these have been around for a long time and hold a good reputation due to their quality while many are new and just starting.

There are always two kinds of buyers when it comes to buying marijuana online. Either you are a newbie and it’s your first time ordering it online or you are an experienced person who knows what he is looking for when it comes to buying from an online dispensary. Whether you belong to any of those two groups, in this vastly spreading market, it’s becoming more confusion day by day to decide what to buy, and where to buy it from.

Every kind of customer, new or old has the same questions on their mind. Can I trust this dispensary? Is their weed any good? Do they deliver fast? You really don’t want to end up wasting your cash on something you are not going to enjoy. This is why we’re offering expert comparisons between the best mail order marijuana services on the market today.

In this article, we will be comparing Buy My Weed Online vs. MJN Express, two of the most prominent sellers you can get your weed from. Our criteria will be product range,product quality, pricing, promotions and special offers, and finally their customer service. So let’s start!

Buy My Weed Online vs. MJN Express : Product Range

Both Buy My Weed Online and MJN Express are dispensaries that have their own reputation when it comes to offering best products to their clients. Although each one of them have their own specialties that make them totally different from each other. We are going to consider all of these specialties one by one.

Buy My Weed Online has been around since a long time – much longer as compared to most other online dispensaries operating in the country. Their primary focus is on the quality of their product. Offering a diverse stock of round about 60 unique kinds of flowers, Buy My Weed Online has almost everything a customer can ask for ranging from Super Lemon Haze to Space Cookies with all their products having the AAAAA grading system to help their customers while buying.

MJN Express on the other hand offers a range of 56 different types of flowers to choose from for their clients. These include different types of hybrids, indica and harsh. So clearly Buy My Weed Online has a bigger variety thus giving its customers a lot more choice to select from when buying online.

When it comes to concentrates, Buy My Weed Online again offers a larger variety for its clients compared MJN Express. With over 80 different types of concentrates including shatterrosin, and waxes, Buy My Weed Online everything that a customer looks for. They also make sure that the stock is premium including products like Lebanese Hash, different types of CBD extracts and all sorts of oils! MJN Express has much less variety for its clients offering around 40 types of concentrates.

Both the dispensaries offer round about the same range of edibles but if we talk about other marijuana \ accessories the customers look for when buying products, Buy My Weed Online will not fail you as compared to others. Having a range of over 600+ products which include all sort of water bongs, glass pipes, vapes, interesting lighters, rolling papers as well as a variety of things for your pets including oils and bath bombs. When compared to MJN Express who offer a variety of only around 250 of such accessories, it is clear that My Weed Online can serve as a one stop shop for all your needs.

Buy My Weed Online vs. MJN Express : Product Quality – What Users Say

Our second criteria for comparing is the quality of product both the dispensaries are offering. The best way to check this aspect is to directly look at the customer’s reviews on both the websites. In order to do that we logged in both the websites to check what their customers have to say.
MJN Express has an average rating of 4/5 on most of its products which means that their products are of a really good quality. However, some of their products don’t reach the expectation of their customers as well. One of the reviews on their Purple Candy strain was “Found this one a little harsh. It made me cough more than others I’ve had. But still liked the taste of this one and high as well. Certainly, can’t complain for the price!”

While looking at the reviews on Buy My Weed Online sales, it seems like the dispensary has a superb 5/5 average rating indicating that the quality is beyond good. Almost all of their products are rated positively and one of the reviews on their Pink Rockstar (AAAAA) was “Very relaxing. Perfect for anytime, just adjust how much you smoke accordingly. Found it great for my depression and anxiety”

So if we look at the reviews overall, we suggest you to go for Buy My Weed Online if you are looking for something of a really exceptional quality.

Buy My Weed Online vs. MJN Express : Pricing

Another major preference of customers when it comes to buying marijuana online is the price rate at which the dispensaries are selling. Even if a dispensary has the best quality available, a really high rate will never attract a handsome number of customers.

Comparing the price rates on both Buy My Weed Online and MJN Express shows that both dispensaries have almost the same average prices with BMWO being a little higher.

Average 1 oz of Cannabis on BMWO: $190.00 – $200.00
Average 1 oz of Cannabis on MJN Express: $180.00 – $200.00

Though Buy My Weed Online has a higher rate but considering their premium quality of stock and variety of strains, we do have to say that the rate is convenient.

Buy My Weed Online vs. MJN Express : Promotions

Now that we’ve looked at how both dispensaries compare in terms of pricing, let’s look at another make or break factor when buying weed online. Yes, we’re talking about promotions. Let’s have a look.

MJN Express offers only a few promotions at different times of the year. They have various seasonal sales but no officially standing promotions or offers on their website. However, if it’s your first time ordering, you’re in luck because they do offer a 10% discount on your first order.

When you look elsewhere on the internet, you can find that MJN Express has a few coupons available at third-party coupon websites, and these offer a maximum of 20% discount on various strains.

Looking at BMWO, we can see that as an online weed dispensary, it easily overshadows MJN Express in the promotions criteria. Not only does BMWO have a dedicated promotions section on their website, it is full of different offers, coupons, and promotions that all customers can enjoy.

When we look at the value BMWO offers in it’s promotions, we see that not only do they have atleast 12 different offers available, the highest discount rate is a flat 25% off! Apart from this, BMWO also offers their customers a chance to win prizes and cash worth up to $1500 in store credits. The total giveaway per month is $3000!

When we compare the two, it is clear that BMWO is the winner when it comes to promotions and offers available for customers!

Buy My Weed Online vs. MJN Express : Shipping & Customer Service

The final criteria left to compare is the customer service and the shipping options offered by both the dispensaries. Being the most premium cannabis and accessory store in Canada, it is important to take care of your customers needs and provide them with a reasonable shipping rate.

Both Buy My Weed Online and MJN Express hold a good reputation in this field and ensure a fast delivery within 1-3 business days at your location through Canada Post Express Delivery. Both dispensaries also make sure to ship your weed in discreet, odor-free packaging and ensure complete privacy.

When it comes to actual shipping charges, this is where Buy My Weed Online offers the advantage to it’s customers. BMWO charges $15 on all orders below $149.00 which are the cheapest shipping rates you can get at any dispensary. MJN Express on the other hand also charges $15.00 but does not offer free delivery under $199.00.

Finally when it comes to customer service, both of them offer a 24 hours, chat helpline so that they can help their customer with any sort of problem. Considering all of the above, not only is Buy My Weed Online a better stocked store, but is also cheaper and higher quality than the competition. BMWO should be your first choice when shopping for marijuana online

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