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Weed Rolling Papers

Discover a diverse selection of rolling papers tailored for weed enthusiasts at our online weed Dispensary. Crafted from premium materials, these papers promise a seamless smoking experience. Whether you prefer papers with tips, organic options, or king size, our curated collection caters to every preference.

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FAQs about Weed Rolling Papers

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How to use rolling papers?

Using rolling papers for cannabis is a classic method. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do this:

  1. Gather your materials: You will need your cannabis strain of choice, rolling papers, a grinder, and a lighter. Some people also like to use a filter or ‘crutch’ at the end of the joint, but this is optional.
  2. Grind your cannabis: Use a grinder to break your cannabis up into smaller pieces. The grind shouldn’t be too fine or it might go through the paper. The idea is to get a consistent grind so it burns evenly.
  3. Make a filter (optional): A filter isn’t necessary for a joint, but it can help keep the shake from falling out of the end, and also provides a bit of space that keeps the end of the joint from closing up entirely while you’re smoking. You can make a filter by taking a thin piece of cardboard or a business card and folding it into a small accordion shape, then rolling the rest around it to make a circle.
  4. Fill the paper: Take one of your rolling papers and fill it with the ground cannabis. Starting with half a gram might be a good amount for beginners. The cannabis should be evenly distributed along the paper, but leave a little space at the end if you’re using a filter.
  5. Shape the joint: Start to shape your joint by pinching the paper between your fingertips and rolling it back and forth.
  6. Roll the joint: Once you’ve shaped your joint, tuck the unglued side of the paper into the roll, then use the glued side to tack one end of the paper down. Start with the filter end, if you’re using one, because it can help guide the paper as it rolls around itself.
  7. Seal the joint: Once the paper is tacked down on one end, you can work your way down the rest of the seam, tacking it down and making sure the whole thing is sealed.
  8. Pack the joint: You can pack down the cannabis from the top of the joint to make sure it’s firm. Be careful not to pack it too tightly, or it might be hard to draw smoke through it.
  9. Twist the top: Twist the excess paper at the top of your joint to ensure your cannabis stays in place.
  10. Light your joint: Light the end of the joint, taking a few puffs without inhaling to help the burn start, and then continue smoking.

What can I roll a joint in without papers?

Here are some alternatives:

  • Corn Husks: In Jamaica and other parts of the world, dried corn husks have been used as a natural rolling paper for many years. If you have corn in your kitchen, you can dry out the husks and use them for this purpose.
  • Gum wrappers: Some gum wrappers can work, but you need to be careful. Most have a thin aluminum layer, which should be removed because it’s unhealthy to smoke. You’re left with a thin paper that can be used as a rolling paper substitute.
  • Rose Petals: This method went viral on social media. Essentially, you bake rose petals at a very low heat until they’re dry and stick together to form a kind of natural, floral ‘rolling paper.’
  • Empty Cigar/Cigarillo Wrappers (Blunts): A common method is to empty a cigar or cigarillo and fill it with cannabis. These ‘blunts’ are easy to roll and can hold more cannabis than typical rolling papers.
  • A Pipe: If you have a pipe around (or anything that can be safely used as a pipe), you can always forgo rolling a joint altogether and smoke your cannabis this way.
  • Make a Homemade Vaporizer: This would be much more complex than simply rolling a joint, but there are numerous guides online that can show you how to do it.
  • Fruit or Vegetable Pipes: Apple pipes are popular homemade smoking devices. You can also use a potato, carrot, or even a bell pepper.

How to roll a joint with small papers?

If you’re using smaller rolling papers (like 1 1/4 size), the process remains largely the same as with larger papers. However, due to the smaller size, you may need to use less cannabis and more precision when rolling.

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