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13 Best Rolling Paper Alternatives: What Can I Use Instead?

It’s a quiet evening, your favorite tunes are playing in the background, and you’re preparing to unwind with some quality cannabis.

But as you reach out for that all-important rolling paper, it dawns on you – you’re out!

Panic strikes, but only momentarily, because believe it or not, there are a multitude of alternatives waiting to be explored right in your surroundings.

Whether you’re looking for a quick fix or a unique twist to your regular smoking sesh, we’ve got you covered.

Below are the best alternatives to rolling papers that you can find in your own home!

Let’s get right to it.

What Can I Use Instead of Rolling Paper?

Here are the most common and useful alternatives to rolling papers that you can use within your own home:

1. Vaporizers or Flower Vapes

With health at the forefront of many users’ minds, vaporizers are rapidly becoming a go-to.

They heat your herb without actually burning it, allowing you to enjoy a pure vapor rather than smoke. This provides a cleaner taste, lesser odor, and the preservation of those all-important terpenes and cannabinoids.

A bit of an investment, sure, but for the regular smoker, it’s a game changer.

Feel free to explore our Vape Pen section if you’re interested in getting one. We assure you that the products in that section are top-notch.

2. Tissue Paper

Delicate, yet functional in a pinch, tissue paper can step in as a rolling substitute. Just ensure it’s plain and unscented to avoid inhaling any chemicals. Safety and enjoyment should go hand in hand.

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3. Empty Cigarettes

If you’ve got cigarettes around, they can quickly come to your aid.

Just remove the tobacco, fill with your chosen herb, and voila – a makeshift joint. With the added bonus of a filter, it’s like the familiar joint experience, but with a twist.

Mixing tobacco and cannabis? That’s a personal choice.

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4. Rose Petals

For those seeking a touch of elegance in their smoke, rose petals can be both functional and aromatic. They’re thin, making them easy to roll, and add a delightful scent to your smoking session.

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5. Bible Pages or Tampon Wrapper

When in a pinch, thinness is crucial.

Bible pages fit the bill, often being comparable in thickness to regular rolling papers. The light ink used makes for a relatively safer burn. Paper tampon wrappers could also work, but always exercise caution and remember: safety first.

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6. Gum Wrapper

Before tossing that gum wrapper, pause for a moment. The paper part, when free from any metallic lining, can serve as a temporary rolling solution.

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7. Fruits and Vegetables

Mother Nature’s very own smoking tools. Apples, pears, and even sturdy veggies like cucumbers can be transformed into temporary pipes. It’s a delightful blend of novelty and natural flavor.

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8. Gravity Bong

For those with a DIY spirit, the gravity bong is a rewarding venture. Using household items like a two-liter bottle, tin foil, and a basin of water, you’re on your way to creating this device. Sure, it demands a touch more effort, but the potency it delivers is well worth it.

9. Aluminum Foil and Cans

A bit more on the DIY side, but aluminum foil and cans have found their way into the smoking world. Whether you’re rolling the foil or making strategic holes in a can, it’s a workaround worth considering.

10. Toilet Paper Rolls

Also known as the “steamroller,” this one needs a tad more craft, but its effective results make it worth the effort.

12. Shoebox Paper

Those thin sheets that accompany new shoes? Not the top-of-mind choice, but in desperate times, they could be a temporary rolling solution. Always be wary of potential chemicals, though.

13. Brown Paper Bag

While not the best choice health-wise, a brown paper bag can come through in emergencies. However, the emphasis is on “brown.” White bags, due to their bleach content, are a no-go.

14. Corn Husks

A nod to history, corn husks were once used by Native Americans as natural rolling papers. Once dried, they offer a rustic and eco-friendly way to smoke.

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15. Hot Knives

Certainly one of the more unique methods, hot knives require a bit of adventure and caution. By heating two knives and pressing cannabis between them, smoke is produced and ready to be inhaled.

16. Water Bottle Bong

You’d be surprised at how versatile a simple water bottle can be. By crafting a makeshift bowl on its cap and introducing a carburetor hole on its side, it becomes an efficient bong. It’s a nifty solution that’s found favor among many in tight spots.

17. Glass Pipes

An old faithful for many, glass pipes are both convenient and efficient. No rolling skills are needed; just pack your herb and enjoy. Many come with carburetors, letting you control airflow for that perfect hit. Remember, though, a clean pipe is key for the best flavor.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Using a Rolling Paper Substitute

While there are many substitutes available, it’s crucial to prioritize safety and functionality. Let’s get into some considerations to keep in mind before you use a rolling paper substitute.

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Safety First

Always ensure that the material you’re using is safe to combust and inhale. Some papers might be treated with chemicals or inks that can be harmful when burned and inhaled.

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Flavour Profile

Substitutes might introduce a different flavor to your smoking experience. Materials like rose petals or fruit pipes can offer a pleasant aromatic touch, while others might alter the taste in ways you might not appreciate.

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Combustion and Burn Rate

Some substitutes may not burn as evenly or at the same rate as traditional rolling papers. This can affect the smoking experience, leading to uneven burning or a faster burn rate.

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Durability and Handling

Ensure your substitute can hold up to the rolling and smoking process. Delicate materials like tissue paper can be challenging to roll and may tear easily.

Environmental Considerations

Opt for eco-friendly alternatives where possible. Corn husks, for instance, are biodegradable and have been historically used as natural rolling papers.

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DIY Craftsmanship

If you’re creating something like a gravity bong or a fruit pipe, make sure you’re comfortable with the DIY aspect. A poor build can lead to an unsatisfactory experience.

Health Implications

Always prioritize your health. Even if an alternative is available, consider if it’s worth the risk, especially if you’re unsure about the chemicals present.

Temporariness vs Longevity

Understand whether the substitute is a one-time solution or something you can reuse. Glass pipes, for example, offer longevity, while an apple pipe is a more temporary solution.

Cost and Accessibility

Before going out of your way to source an alternative, consider its cost and how easily you can obtain it. Sometimes, it might be more feasible to wait and purchase regular rolling papers.

Intended Experience

Know what you’re looking for in your smoking experience. If you prefer a more potent experience, certain DIY devices like gravity bongs might be more suitable than a simple rolling paper substitute.

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What’s the Best Substitute for Rolling Paper?

If we’re looking at overall health, taste, and convenience, many folks gravitate towards Vaporizers or Flower Vapes.

They give you a clean, flavorful hit without burning the material, making them a win in the health department. There’s an upfront cost, but the long-term benefits and ease of use are hard to beat.

But, really, the best substitute really boils down to your personal preferences, immediate resources, and the experience you’re after.

And if you’re still reading, and you’re currently shopping for rolling papers, then why don’t you head on over to our Rolling Papers section?

We have the highest quality options available for purchase here in Canada.

From RAW, Juicy Jays, Juicy Hemps, to Kingpin — BMWO offers you the best there is.

So, to sum things up:

It’s less about finding the “best” and more about discovering what resonates with you. After all, variety is the spice of life, and in this case, the spark of your smoking session.

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