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Buy My Weed Online Vs. Ganja Express

The mail order marijuana business is on the rise following the recent legalization of recreational cannabis. New online dispensaries are opening up every day with the rising tide of customers who want to purchase marijuana online. Two popular dispensaries customers can order from are Buy My Weed Online and Ganja Express.

With the ever growing market for buying weed online comes an even larger customer base. However with so many new websites popping up everyday, the process can be entirely confusing for new and old customers alike. There’s simply too many to choose from and you really don’t know which companies to trust.

Fortunately, this is exactly what we want to help with. We want to provide marijuana users across Canada an expert opinion they can trust. That is why we will be comparing the top online dispensaries in Canada for your benefit.

Today, we will be comparing Ganja Express and Buy My Weed Online, in terms of the product range, product quality, pricing, promos and deals, and customer service they offer.
So let’s dive in!

Buy My Weed Online vs. Ganja Express : Product Range

Buy My Weed Online and Ganja Express are both mail order marijuana services that primarily sell cannabis. Both dispensaries stock all kinds of marijuana flower – sativaindica and hybrid strains, but also sell concentrates and edibles. However there are sharp differences between their product ranges.

When it comes to flower, Ganja Express has a very narrow product range. They only stock around 53 different strains. While all of these are good quality marijuana strains there’s a distinct lack of any standard grading system. On the other hand, one of the oldest and experienced online dispensaries, Buy My Weed Online stocks a premium collection of more than 60 unique flower strains. They have a lot of amazing cannabis strains available for sale, including Purple Kush, OG Kush and Super Lemon Haze. What’s more is that all their strains are curated and graded AAAA+ for the perfect high.

In the concentrates department, Ganja Express again falls behind because they only stock 20 different varieties of products. Buy My Weed Online sells top quality cannabis concentrates, and has more than 60 products available for sale. From pure CBD isolates, Hash, and White Widow Shatter to premium Terp Sauces, Budder, Live Rosin and oils, BMWO stocks it all!

The same case applies to edibles, with BMWO taking the lead with up to 34 products in the edibles section, whereas Ganja Express has only 9. Buy My Weed Online also has an extensive range of accessories available offering more than 600 products including vapes, oils, bongs, rolling papers, lighters, bath bombs and more!

All in all Buy My Weed Online is a one stop shop offering a uniquely extensive range of everything from flower, and papers to shatter and bongs.

Buy My Weed Online vs. Ganja Express : Product Quality – What Users Say

Now that we know what products Buy My Weed Online and Ganja Express stock, we can compare the quality of these products. To find out how good their marijuana actually is, we turn to honest reviews by actual customers. To find out what customers are saying, we will head to the review sections on both sites.

Ganja Express has a nice 4.5/5 stars average product rating indicating that customers are pretty satisfied with their quality of weed. While some products don’t have any reviews, the ones that do are mostly positive. Here’s what a review read “My first time trying this strain, and I didn’t have much, as I found it harsh on my throat compared to other strains I’ve used”.

Buy My Weed Online has a whopping 5/5 stars rating for their products. All their products have ratings and reviews plus there are very few negative reviews. A sample review for BMWO’s Ghost Bubba read: “Very good! It’s potent! It brings out the happy, creative me! I couldn’t get enough of this strain. One of the best I’ve smoked so far! This site can certainly deliver!”

Considering that Buy My Weed Online is reputed for their commitment to delivering top quality product, this is no surprise. Looking at the reviews and ratings, BMWO wins again in this criteria.

Buy My Weed Online vs. Ganja Express : Pricing

Now we come to the real make or break factor when comparing any two reputed mail order marijuana websites. Customers mostly tend to choose weed based on the price of product, so let’s check out how Buy My Weed Online and Ganja Express compare to each other in terms of product price.

Ganja Express and Buy My Weed Online do not have a fixed minimum volume. At Ganja Express customers can buy by the ounce, whereas BMWO lets customers choose whether they want to buy by the gram or ounce, making it easier for them to mix and match new strains to try out.

Below are the average prices for cannabis on both Buy My Weed Online and Ganja Express:
Average Price for 1oz of Cannabis buds:
Ganja Express: $180 – $300
BMWO: $160-$190

As we can see, Ganja Express is quite expensive as compared to Buy My Weed Online, especially considering the other criteria. Buy My Weed Online is definitely the cheaper option out of the two!

Buy My Weed Online vs. Ganja Express : Promotions

Now that we have seen how the two dispensaries compare in terms of pricing, let’s see which one is the better option when it comes to promotions. Knowing which dispensary has the best promotions and offers can go a long way when choosing which site to order from!

So let’s begin with BMWO. BMWO makes it very easy for their customers to stay up-to-date and informed about the various deals and promotions they have on. This is because they have a dedicated promotions section on their website! When we browse through this section we can see that BMWO has almost 12 different promotions on their website.

These include different offers such as a referral program, weekly discount deals, bonuses for new customers etc.

Ganja Express on the other hand does not have any promotions section on their website, which can be very confusing for newer customers. They do have a lot of coupons that are advertised on different websites but since these websites require additional sign-ups, and are full of pop-ups, they’re probably fake.

Ganja Express does offer a promotion called “Build your ounce” where customers can save up to a maximum of 15% on their order. While this is nice, it doesn’t add much value when compared with BMWO.

The lowest discount BMWO offers is 10%and the highest is 25%. Add to this a chance to win upto $1500 in store credits every month. The total giveaway of the monthly draw is $3000.

Buy My Weed Online vs. Ganja Express : Shipping & Customer Service

Now that we have compared product range, pricing and quality for Buy My Weed Online and Ganja Express, let’s see what kind of shipping and customer service they offer for their customers.

Both websites ship through Canada Post Express Delivery (1-3 days) and Ganja Express offers free shipping on all it’s products. Comparatively, Buy My Weed Online has a standard shipping rate of $15 per order but they too offer free shipping – on all orders over $149. This translates to free shipping on practically every order. They also ensure your orders are delivered discreetly and in odor free packing.

Customer service is where Buy My Weed Online holds its own against Ganja Express. Their website has a live 24 hour chat service for customers, to help them choose their marijuana in a better way. Buy My Weed Online also ensure complete anonymity and security: all customer data is stored on secure, remote servers that are purged regularly.

Keeping in mind all of the above criteria, Buy My Weed Online definitely takes the game away. For the most premium quality weed, best stocked product range, competitive prices and quality customer service, Buy My Weed Online is the place to go.

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