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THC Edibles beginner tips

First Edible Experience: 13 Best Tips for Beginners

Hey there, future edible connoisseur! I see you’re ready to take the plunge into the luscious landscape of cannabis edibles. You’re probably tingling with anticipation, maybe a dash of nerves too, huh? But fear not, my friend. You’ve got a reliable guide right here, ready to lead you every step of the way. Read also: … Read more

Tinctures vs edibles

Tinctures vs Edibles: Which Is Better Between the Two?

In a bustling city, Jane was faced with a dilemma: her chronic pain was becoming unbearable, and she needed a discreet and effective solution. Having heard of the potential benefits of cannabis, she ventured into a local dispensary, where she was presented with two intriguing options: tinctures and edibles. Jane was unfamiliar with both forms, … Read more

Eating edibles before sleep

What Happens When You Eat an Edible and Go to Sleep?

Please note that these answers are general and should not be considered medical advice. It’s always best to consult with a healthcare professional for personalized guidance on using cannabis or any other substances for sleep or other health-related concerns. Imagine this: you’re tossing and turning in bed, struggling to fall asleep after a long and … Read more

Edibles vs Smoking

Edibles vs Smoking: Is One Better than the Other?

Picture this – it’s a chilly evening in Canada, and a group of friends is gathered around a cozy fireplace, passing around a joint, sharing stories, and enjoying the effects of cannabis. Meanwhile, in another part of town, a couple is unwinding on their couch after a long day, giggling and munching on delicious cannabis-infused … Read more

Edibles not working after 3 hours

Edibles Not Working After 3 Hours? Here are 4 Fixes You Can Try

Are you eagerly awaiting the effects of your cannabis-infused edibles, only to find that they haven’t kicked in after a few hours? It can be frustrating, but don’t worry – you’re not alone. Edibles can be tricky to dose and may not work as quickly as other methods of cannabis consumption. At BMWO, we understand … Read more

Why edibles don't get you high

Why Don’t Edibles Get Me High? Here Are 8 Possible Reasons

Edibles have become a go-to choice for many cannabis users who prefer a discreet and convenient way of consumption. However, not everyone experiences the desired effects from consuming edibles, leading to frustration and confusion. If you’ve found yourself in this situation, you’re not alone. In this article, we’ll explore some of the reasons why edibles … Read more

Hemp gummies vs CBD gummies

Hemp Gummies vs CBD Gummies: Aren’t They The Same?

Have you ever found yourself asking what sets hemp gummies apart from CBD gummies? With the increasing popularity of CBD products, it can be tough to wrap your head around the different terms and variations that exist on the market today. Both hemp gummies and CBD gummies have cannabidiol in them, but the source of … Read more

CBD oil vs gummies

CBD Oil vs Gummies: How Do These Two Differ?

CBD has become a popular health and wellness supplement in recent years, with a wide range of benefits reported by users. One of the most common forms of CBD consumption is oil or gummies. Both options offer a discreet and convenient way to take CBD, but which one is better? Read also: Hemp Gummies vs … Read more

Indica gummies

Indica Gummies Explained: Beginner’s Complete Guide

The Cannabis edibles have become increasingly popular among marijuana users, with indica gummies being one of the most sought-after options. Indica gummies offer a discreet, convenient, and tasty way to consume cannabis and experience its relaxing effects. Read also: Hemp Gummies vs CBD Gummies In this article, we will explore what indica gummies are, how … Read more

How Many CBD Gummies Should I Eat

How Many CBD Gummies Should I Eat?

Are you curious about how many CBD gummies you should eat per day? If you’re new to the world of CBD gummies, you might be wondering how to determine the right dosage for your body weight, tolerance, and potency preferences. Read also: Hemp Gummies vs CBD Gummies Finding the sweet spot for your daily dose … Read more

How to store CBD gummies

How to Store Gummy Edibles? Beginners Quick and Easy Guide

Imagine this scenario: you just purchased a delicious pack of gummy edibles from BMWO, but you’re not sure how to store them properly. Perhaps you’ve had a bad experience in the past with stale or moldy edibles, or maybe you’re just new to the world of cannabis and want to make sure you’re doing everything … Read more

How Long Do Edible Gummies Take to Expire

How Long Do Edible Gummies Take to Expire? (Answered)

Edible gummies have become a popular way of consuming cannabis, thanks to their discreet and convenient nature. However, many people wonder how long they can keep them before they expire. In this article, we’ll answer the question: How long do edible gummies take to expire? We’ll also cover related topics such as how long weed … Read more

Infusing store bought gummies

How to Infuse Store Bought Gummies in 4 Simple Steps

“How to infuse store bought gummies?” If you’re interested in making your own cannabis-infused gummies, using cannabis oil as a base can be an easy and versatile option. However, if you’re new to the process, it can be overwhelming to figure out the best way to go about it. That’s where we come in – … Read more

8 Best Cannabis-Infused Drinks And How To Make Them

8 Best Cannabis-Infused Drinks And How To Make Them

Many people enjoy using cannabis edibles as they offer one of the most enjoyable and sensational ways to get high. Although you need to wait a while for the effects to kick in, orally-consumed cannabis offers a much stronger and longer-lasting high than other methods of consumption. Plus, you don’t need to stick to food … Read more

What Is THC Syrup and What Can You Use It For

What Is THC Syrup and What Can You Use It For?

While most people have already heard of cannabis butter and cannabis oil, there are plenty of other great cannabis condiments to consider. For instance, if you’re looking for a great THC-infused ingredient to enhance your favorite beverages or desserts, you might want to try THC syrup. Read also: Best Cannabis-Infused Drinks THC syrup is a … Read more

How Long Do Edibles Stay in Your System

How Long Do Edibles Stay in Your System?

The question of how long cannabis edibles remain in your system can potentially be very important. Ordinarily, you might not really care because it won’t have any lasting impact on your daily alertness or energy level. However, if you are interviewing for a new job and you might have to undergo a drug test soon, … Read more

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