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Gas Gang Review

Gas Gang Canada is a Canadian company that specializes in the sale and distribution of cannabis products, which many people have come to rely on for the relief of life’s daily stresses and even for pain and inflammation that occurs either naturally, or after some kind of injury. The healing properties of cannabis speed relief throughout your body, and replace the pain with a pleasant, more healthful feeling.

Since the company only ships to Canadian addresses, these products are not available outside the country’s borders, and that is a major loss to those countries. However, it does mean that all Canadians will have the opportunity to go online and order anything from the Gas Gang catalog and expect prompt shipment soon afterward.

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In this article, we will discuss some of the product lines available to long-time fans of the company, as well as newcomers just finding out about these products. To help you in the decision-making process, we’ll look at what some customers say about specific products they’ve purchased, and whether or not they felt it was a good buy.

Then, we’ll also discuss the possibility of making future purchases from another giant in the Canadian cannabis industry, Buy My Weed Online (BMWO), and whether it would be advantageous to try their products. Hopefully, you’ll come away from this article having two reliable companies you can turn to for all your cannabis needs, and then it will just be a matter of preference as to which one you shop from in the future. 

What is Gas Gang?

Gas Gang is a company headquartered in Canada that only services Canadian customers, and strives to improve its product lines for customers. Even with a solid customer base, the company continues to research and develop, with the expectation of improving all its product lines. 

At any given time, the company also offers several specials, and some of these offer favorite products at reduced pricing temporarily. Of course, this is primarily to allow fans of particular products to stock up and enjoy more of their favorites, but it’s also a great way for a customer to try out a new product at a reduced rate that will make the deal more appealing. 


Gas Gang offers several products to their customers, each of which is grown under the careful scrutiny of Gas Gang officials, produced under stringent quality control standards, and sold throughout Canada. 

Some of the products sold by the company which has become the most popular include its Gas Gang disposable pens, concentrates, flavor cartridges, CBD edibles, and shatter, which is a potent cannabis concentrate.

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User Reviews

Gas Gang has become a recognizable brand name throughout Canada, known for the quality of its products. The company is generally perceived as one that can be relied upon by customers, and whose products will not disappoint. 

Having established this reputation, it’s not surprising that so many online reviews are strongly favorable towards the company, although as our inline reviews will show, it’s virtually impossible to please everyone. The Gas Gang disposable pen review which refers to some ‘fake’ Gas Gang products is in response to a marketing ploy by some companies wishing to cash in on the popularity of Gas Gang products by imitating them in the marketplace. 

From blindguardian66: “I love these pens, and never had a problem with them. I agree I don’t like Neptune’s, MLE, or any other brand I have tried but honestly, Gas Gang’s has been the best I’ve found! Have you tried one, Brotha?”

From suckbleach: “Does anyone know if these “Gas Gang” pens are dangerous or cut with anything because they say they are 93% – 97% THC, and no additives. But when I use the pen, it makes a popping sound like a vape and the pen goes way too quick compared to other brands. Like one hit would make a bubble and they also barely even touch me, and it seems pretty thick which is good but I’m still really skeptical. Also, the two pens taste the exact same, a little piney-tasting, but if anyone has more information about this brand, I’d love to hear it because I don’t want to be vaping Vitamin-e.”

From expensive_phone_0416: “As a person who’s had no less than 50 Gas Gang pens, they are legit. Sometimes you get one that doesn’t work right, or leaks out of the pen itself, but I usually replace it right away at no cost.”

From u/motabuena: “I’m sure some of you have seen these “Gas Gang Genetics” carts and such floating around. I’m wondering if anyone here can confirm them as counterfeit and potentially dangerous. Their other products seem fine. Tried a pre-roll that was pretty great and some edibles that were ok.”

Why You Should Look Out for Gas Gang Disposable Pens

Whenever a company has success at marketing some specific products, competitors will naturally look at that success and try to duplicate it for their own profit. This has been the case with some products, particularly the Gas Gang disposable pens. It seems that several companies have introduced their own cannabis products under the familiar Gas Gang packaging. 

Users who experience different results from the normal Gas Gang pens and other products have become suspicious and are now obliged to double-check their purchases to be sure they’re authentic. The best way to ensure legitimacy is to purchase directly from the Gas Gang website, so you can be sure you’re getting the real deal. Street purchases of Gas Gang products can be dangerous because there’s really no way to be sure just what you’re buying, and who actually made the product. 

Are Gas Gang Pens Dangerous? 

Absolutely not – if they’re really Gas Gang pens. But that’s where the rub comes in. With all the fakes on the market, you might well have some other cheap knock-off in your possession, and it lacks the potency and reliability of the real thing. This is one reason why you might want to consider an alternative company – Buy My Weed Online.

Consider Alternative Gas Gang Products Here in Buy My Weed Online (BMWO) Instead

Gas Gang is not the only reputable cannabis products company in Canada, so now you have the opportunity to make your purchases from Buy My Weed Online as well. 

Suppose you’re worried about the flood of fake products on the market under the Gas Gang label. In that case, you can avoid all possibility of being scammed by buying from another superior cannabis company, BMWO. 

With your very first purchase, you’ll discover that BMWO offers products that are at least as satisfying and enjoyable as Gas Gang products. We think you’ll become a BMWO convert after that first purchase, or at least by your second purchase. 

If you’re really looking for quality and reliability, don’t look any further than BMWO. Below, you’ll find descriptions of some of the products offered by BMWO, in many cases direct replacements for their Gas Gang counterparts. Try our BMWO alternative, and step up to a totally new experience.

Vape Pens

There are many different types of vape pens offered by BMWO, and you won’t be disappointed by any one of them, no matter what you choose. Several of our most popular vape pens are featured below, and you can browse our full product line here.

JIVE THC Cartridge 

The cartridges come in 1 ml sizes and a variety of flavors is possible. For instance, the Lavender Midnight is an enchanting formula containing the perfect mix of THC distillate and terpenes to deliver a hint of lavender without blowing you away.

Viridesco – High-Test Dragon Tears Vape Carts

The crème de la crème – to create this potent mixture, honey oil is nano-filtered to produce an extremely refined oil for smoking and vaping. The potency is due to its 80% CBD volume and 75% THC content, so you can expect a deeply rewarding experience. It comes in .5 ml and 1 ml sizes.

Other Recommended BMWO Vaping Products 

We have a great many other excellent vaping products for those of you who enjoy vaping. For instance, the iFog Vortex Vape Pen may be the most versatile vaping pen on the entire market, the Linx Gaia Loose Leaf Vaporizer has the most advanced insulation technology in the business, and our THC Distillate Vape Pen Refill Pods contain no additives – just refreshing flavors you pick out as your favorites. Come check out our full line of vaping pens and accessories.


Concentrates are capable of providing a very deep and satisfying experience, since they are comprised of concentrated cannabis elements, e.g. CBD, THC, and others. Buy My Weed Online offers some of the most potent and enjoyable concentrates on the market, and we encourage you to try our brand, so as to have the most enjoyable session possible.

THC Live Diamonds

This concentrate has a whopping 97% volume of THC, which means it is literally saturated with it. Probably the single most potent concentrate now available, this is a concentrate that will provide many enjoyable hours for you and your friends.

100 mg THC Hemp Seed Oil Capsules

Each capsule in the bottle contains 100 mg of THC, and each bottle contains three capsules. These capsules are formulated from the entire cannabis plant, and they are extremely rich in terpenes. Count on each capsule containing the highest quality THC and hemp seed oil.

In addition to the concentrates described above, BMWO also offers a number of other outstanding products in this general line. For instance, we offer a variety of types of hashish, and you’re bound to develop a favorite among them. We sell several kinds of THC wax, tons of different CBD oil flavors, and a wide array of resins and rosins. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed by any of these choices.


BMWO offers quite a few edibles, recognizing that people have a wide variety of tastes when it comes to ingesting foods and beverages. That’s why we sell weed drinks, hard candy edibles, jelly bombs, and all kinds of treats to tempt your palate. Consider those described below, or come browse our online possibilities at BMWO.

Mango Sativa Jelly Bombs

Whatever mood you’re in, these jelly bombs will instantly improve it, and allow you to relax and unwind. Some people use them as a powerful de-stressing agent that helps them leave work behind and enjoy home life more. Each edible is infused with 80 mg of THC to help you enjoy your downtime a little more.

Once you’ve started to explore all the excellent choices we have for edibles, you may have trouble deciding which you like best. It might be the 1000 mg Atomic Wheelchair Gummies, it might be the 270 mg THC Gumdrops, or it could even be the Mary’s West Coast Teddies Extreme Strength Indica edibles. The more you try, the more you’ll come to love BMWO edibles.

Why Buy Gas Gang Alternative Products Here in Buy My Weed Online?

For one thing, if you make your cannabis purchases from BMWO, you won’t have to worry about inadvertently buying fake Gas Gang products, but there’s an even better reason than that. BMWO has gone to great lengths to create the most potent and most appealing product lines in the cannabis marketplace today. 

You simply cannot buy better cannabis products anywhere in Canada, so why not visit our website and find out for yourself? We think you’ll find that each of our products meets the level of quality and potency delivered by Gas Gang – and then some. We stand by all our cannabis products as being the very best available in today’s marketplace.

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Shop now and join the thousands of satisfied customers who have already made us their top choice.

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