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Feelings While High

When You’re High, Do Your True Feelings Come Out? It Depends

Ever found yourself under a cloud of smoke, enveloped in a reality distanced from sobriety, and noticed your feelings seemed to flow more freely than usual? If you’ve ever wondered, “When you’re high, do your true feelings come out?” you’re far from alone.   People’s emotions and expressions while intoxicated can range from hilarious laughter and … Read more

Smell of THC Edibles

Do Edibles Smell? It Depends. This 1 Cause Could Be Why

Imagine unwrapping a fresh cannabis-infused brownie. What do you anticipate your senses to encounter? Are you met with the sweet, familiar scent of freshly baked pastry or a pungent hint of your favorite strain? That, my friend, is why we’re here today. In this article, we will talk about whether weed edibles smell or not. … Read more

Mango and Weed

Mango and Weed: Does Using Both Really Increase Your High?

You’ve just settled into your favorite comfy spot, a soft and enticing aroma wafting from the recently sparked joint in your hand. You’re looking forward to the relaxed, mindful state that’s about to wash over you. You’ve got your favorite tunes, some snacks… And wait, is that a mango you see in your fruit bowl? … Read more

Best movies when high

26 Best Videos to Watch While High on Youtube

Are you sinking into your couch, a joint in one hand, your remote in the other, and thinking, “What should I watch?” You’re not alone. It’s a universal question for cannabis enthusiasts who want to pair their high with the perfect video. We’ve all been there— aimlessly scrolling through YouTube, wondering which video will perfectly … Read more

Books to read while high

17 Best Books to Read While High That We Highly Recommend

Hey there, fellow cannabis enthusiasts! Have you ever thought about combining your love for cannabis with the joy of reading? Let me tell you, it’s an incredible experience. I’ve found that being high while reading takes my imagination to new heights and makes the stories even more immersive. Based on my own personal experiences, I’ve … Read more

How to not look high

How to Not Look High: These Tips Will Help You Avoid Getting Caught

We’ve all been there – you’ve enjoyed a nice smoke session, and suddenly, you’re faced with an unexpected social situation. Whether it’s a last-minute errand or an unplanned visit from a friend, there are times when you might want to keep your high discreet. No worries, we’ve got you covered! In this guide, we’ll go … Read more

Tinctures vs edibles

Tinctures vs Edibles: Which Is Better Between the Two?

In a bustling city, Jane was faced with a dilemma: her chronic pain was becoming unbearable, and she needed a discreet and effective solution. Having heard of the potential benefits of cannabis, she ventured into a local dispensary, where she was presented with two intriguing options: tinctures and edibles. Jane was unfamiliar with both forms, … Read more

How To Consume Cannabis Oil

How To Consume Cannabis Oil

If you’re looking for a straightforward, fast-acting, and convenient way to reap the benefits of cannabis, cannabis oil is one of the best options out there. You might know of cannabis oil by other names, such as cannabis tincture, THC oil, or CBD oil. Whichever way, these liquid products offer one of the best methods … Read more

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