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pinit E easy

This oatmeal is the perfect, ultra-nutritious breakfast you have been looking for! It can be prepared within 30 minutes.

I’ve been regularly eating this wholesome breakfast for a week now - let me tell you, it’s such a fill-you-up food that keeps you energized! It will keep you satisfied until lunchtime, and you won’t feel the need for any snacking in between.

Oatmeal contains a high content of manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, iron & zinc - all the minerals your body needs to stay fit & healthy. It is also rich in antioxidants & has anti-inflammatory properties. Because oatmeal has a large amount of soluble fiber, it also helps improve digestion too. Lastly, oatmeal is very beneficial for people, who are trying to lose weight, because it’s a food that makes you feel full, and has lower calories. All the health-boosting benefits of oatmeal make it a perfect meal to start your day with.

One important thing that I’d like to mention here is that you want to buy the best-quality oatmeal available, because it really does affect the flavor of the final product.

Tip: When you have leftover oatmeal, make pancakes or waffles with it. That’s what I usually do. Add some milk, an egg, a pinch of baking soda & the leftover oatmeal. Mix up the batter, and dollop on a griddle, or into a waffle iron. And there you go! You’ve recycled one delicious breakfast into another.

28 mins
pinit E easy

Coffee is one of the morning must-haves for millions of people all over the world. And the best thing about it is that there’s a recipe for everybody. You can add or subtract ingredients according to your taste. Well, this recipe is a must try for all the coffee lover out there!

This caramel coffee is my everyday morning drink to kick off my day. it’s an instant energy-booster, and keeps you fresh all day. it is super tasty and a good thing about it is that it requires minimal ingredients. This is another reason why making it every day is easy. I’m not one of those people who drink it for caffeine, but it’s the flavor that I absolutely love!

I had tried caramel coffee many times in different cafes and always loved it, but I never tried it at home. Then one day I made a toffee desert and there were some toffee bars left in the bowl. I didn’t want to waste them so I ended up adding them in my basic hot coffee. And guess what? I was hooked to it in the very first try! So I replaced my everyday hot coffee with this super-tasty caramel coffee.

Let’s head over to the recipe:

27 mins
Pliny-Style-Cannabis-Tea-Recipe pinit M medium

I’m not a big fan of basic tea but I absolutely love this one! Pliny-style cannabis tea is not only tasty but also extremely beneficial for your health. It wouldn’t be wrong if I say that it is the healthiest tea to drink. It is because it has numerous vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrient that help you get relief from various health issues including stress, morning sickness, dizziness etc. Cannabis tea has CBD and THC that have pain-fighting properties and thus help you in getting rid of chronic pain. And not only that, cannabis helps you fight anxiety and depression. Many people today are suffering from these mental illnesses and this medicinal herbal tea has various healing properties that can offer relief from them.

Another thing that most of the people don’t know about cannabis tea is that it improves heart health. Yes, this is true! It is because cannabis relaxes the arteries and widens them, and in this way allows the blood to easily flow through them. Thus, the risk of heart attack and other heart diseases reduces. It is also effective in treating diarrhea, constipation, and cramping.

Now that you know how beneficial this tea is, let me tell you that it’s equally delicious too!

So here’s my go-to recipe for the super-tasty Pliny-style cannabis tea:

9 hrs 15 mins
pinit M medium

This tasty, canna-infused traditional Jewish egg bread called “challah” is eaten on New Years and the Sabbath.

Challah is slightly sweet and is made in a braided shape, as a part of tradition. However, it is available in a round loaf, as well.

Challah is a very easy bread to make, and its dough is enriched with oil and eggs, which is the main secret behind its great taste.

Here’s the recipe of this super-delicious braided egg bread:

3 hrs
pinit E easy

Quick breads are so easy to make, and they taste absolutely delicious.

Being a cannabis-cook, I just couldn’t skip this classic recipe. The best thing about this bread is that they are easily made using ingredients already present in your home. So, you don’t have to run to the supermarket before deciding to bake one up!

This peanut butter quick bread is my favorite flavor of all. Spongy & moist, this bread boasts an amazing peanut flavor. It’s up to you which peanut butter you use, either smooth or crunchy, but I personally love chunky peanut butter because it gives the bread a better texture because of the chopped peanuts.

Just like with peanut butter, it is up to you which cannabutter you use. I prefer using indica strains for this recipe. However, you can use a strain of your choice to make the cannabis butter, for this recipe.

Let’s move on to the recipe now:

2 hrs 10 mins
pinit E easy

Is it just me or is breakfast incomplete without some super-yummy French toast?

And they’re not just a must-have, but also my favorite thing to have in the morning. A large cup of cannabis tea with divine, canna-infused French toast - it’s a heavenly combo to start your day with.

Since they are very easy to make, you probably won’t even have to worry about having the ingredients on hand, or if you have enough time to prepare them. The cooking will take hardly 10 - 15 minutes.

For this stuffed French toast recipe, I usually use apricot or Marion berry jam. The combination of Marion berry jam and ricotta cheese gives the French toast a very balanced level of sweetness, which is just according to my taste. However, you can stuff them with the jam of your choice - blueberry & blackberry work well & give a stunning presentation as well.

Here’s my go-to recipe for tasty stuffed French toast:

18 mins
pinit E easy

For all those who haven’t heard of it before, this bread is a heavenly one that takes you to another world as soon as it enters your mouth. And I’m seriously not exaggerating it. I tried it for the first time about 3 months ago and I couldn’t stop munching. I ate ALL of it alone.

The second time I made it was in breakfast when my sister came over. And that was when both of us got hooked to it. She stayed at my place for nine days and we made it every day.

So basically, this bread is made using canna-flour. It has a strong weed taste but you don’t have to worry about it. It can be disguised by adding ginger, cloves and vanilla.

Also, before you bake this bread, de-carboxylate the cannabis to release the terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids. If you want to make a more potent bread, simply add more canna flour.

2 hrs 15 mins
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