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THC Drinks & Syrup

Explore our THC-infused drinks and syrups collection, offering a refreshing way to consume cannabis discreetly. Whether you prefer THC gummies, THC oil, or THC pills, we have something for every cannabis enthusiast in Canada.

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FAQs about THC Drinks

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Do THC-infused drinks get you high?

Yes, THC-infused drinks can get you high. The psychoactive effects of THC-infused beverages are essentially the same as those of other THC edibles, such as gummies or brownies. They can produce feelings of euphoria, relaxation, altered sensory perception, and other typical effects associated with THC.

How fast do THC drinks work?

Unlike other edibles, our THC-infused drinks utilize nano emulsified THC, which allows for rapid absorption of cannabinoids. With our rapid absorption technology, you will begin to feel the effects within 10 minutes, with the full effects kicking in within 20 minutes. This is significantly faster than traditional edibles, which typically take around 30 minutes to 2 hours to take effect. The liquid form of our THC drinks may be absorbed more quickly than solid food forms, providing a faster and more efficient onset of the desired effects.

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