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Buy My Weed Online Vs. Alberta Cannabis

The legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada has delivered a huge boost to the online mail order marijuana business. It made it easier for customers to get their weed delivered to their doorstep in a convenient and discreet way. Today, there are hundreds of dispensaries available for customers to order from, and among those Buy My Weed Online and Alberta Cannabis are extremely popular.

Today, marijuana enthusiasts across the country prefer to order their weed online from any of the multiple dispensaries out there. While this is great for the online dispensary business, but on the other hand is creating a problem for the customers.

There are so many dispensaries out there, each with their own product list, ratings, pricing, and grading system that buying weed online is more confusing rather than convenient now. Even for someone who is into this from a long time, it can be quite an overwhelming experience.

An even bigger question for old hands and newbies alike is of trust. How can you be sure that any particular dispensary is going to provide you with what they claim? Should you trust the one with the lowest prices? Or should you go with the one claiming to have the best bud at insanely high prices? An expert voice is what customers across Canada seek need when going through such tough decision making.

Luckily for you, we’re the experts that can help! We aim to provide weed lovers across the country with accurate and reliable comparisons between the top dispensaries in operation – so that you don’t have to!

Today we will be analyzing and comparing Buy My Weed Online and Alberta Cannabis. We will be looking at the quality of their products, the range they have to offer, pricing, any promotions and discounts they have for their customers and finally their customer service.

So, let’s get to business!

Buy My Weed Online vs. Alberta Cannabis : Product Range

Even though both dispensaries have been in service for a long time in Canada, there are a few key differences to note before we start comparing product ranges. Buy My Weed Online is one of the oldest and most trusted names across the country in mail order marijuana, whereas Alberta Cannabis is run by the Government of Alberta and operates only within the province.

That being said, both websites are primarily cannabis dispensaries which means their major selling products are SativaIndica and Hybrid cannabis strains. The dispensaries also stock a large variety of other side products like gels, beverages, edibles, concentrates and accessories but they differ greatly in their product ranges, prices, and even their customer service when compared.

Alberta Cannabis offers a sizable variety of products for their customers with having more than 200 strains for the customers. There is a variety of exotic products present as well. Though the variety does seem to be appealing, one thing to keep in mind is that there isn’t any proper description available about each product. Since they do not stock any of the mainstream or popular strains out there, one needs to be careful about trying anything new.

On the other hand, as one of the first and oldest dispensaries in Canada, BMWO is a well-established place which is trusted by the community. The Buy My Weed Online site stocks a variety of around 60 premium sativa, indica and hybrid strains. Unlike Alberta Cannabis, BMWO makes sure they have the most potent strains always in stock. Strains like their Purple Kush, or OG Kush or their popular Super Lemon Haze are all graded AAAA+ for the perfect smoke and are high in demand.

Both dispensaries stock different types of concentrates and brands to choose from. This includes different types of budders, shatters, organic rosins and a variety of oils. While both offer a good variety, Buy My Weed Online has a slight upper hand with having more than 58 different kinds of concentrates.

The variety available at BMWO is super extensive which range from 100% pure CBD isolates, Hash, and White Widow shatters to top quality live rosins and the best oils and terp sauce.

The product range at Buy My Weed Online doesn’t stop here. The accessory stock at BMWO is one of the largest ever seen. They stock more than 600 different products which include vapes, bongs, rolling papers, lighters and also other accessories like bath bombs, oils, tinctures and even pet-care items! When compared to Alberta Cannabis, which only offers around 70 accessories, BMWO is definitely a win.

So, for someone who wants to get everything at a single place, By My Weed Online is the place for you. However, in case you live in Alberta, and are specifically on the lookout for a government regulated strain, then Alberta Cannabis is where to look.

Buy My Weed Online vs. Alberta Cannabis : Product Quality – What Users Say

Next, it is the time to look at another important criteria, and that is product quality. In our opinion, the best judge of that are the people who have already bought from BMWO or Alberta Cannabis. To keep our comparison as fair and unbiased as possible, we will be taking in account the review section of both sites to get honest opinions.

BMWO has a well set-up 5-star rating system for each product complete with reviews that anyone can see, while Alberta Cannabis doesn’t even let you to see their ratings until after you have signed in on their site. This is a disadvantage as people tend to check the reviews before buying stuff and prefer not to trust a dispensary with a closed reviews system.

Considering Buy My Weed Online, most of their products have around 5/5 rating. The lowest rating on their site is 4 which is still quite food. Coming towards their review section, we were not at all surprised to see it full of positive comments about their quality. A review for BMWO’s Skywalker OG read: “First time buyer on here, shipping was fast and herb is decent. I’m 100% satisfied with the grain. Will definitely be back for more!”

These reviews and ratings are of no surprise if we take into account that Buy My Weed Online have made their name and reputation by not compromising at all when it comes to quality.

Buy My Weed Online vs. Alberta Cannabis : Pricing

The next criteria is a really important one and can give a huge advantage to any dispensary. There are many customers out there who prefer price over all other factors and no matter what the quality of the dispensary is, they always prefer cheaper products.

Pricing doesn’t have something to argue about other than comparison. So, let us directly compare the prices of the products of both BMWO and Alberta Cannabis in terms of their quality.

BMWO offers their customers the option to purchase their flower in grams and ounces. There is no minimum or maximum limit for the order, and this is an excellent feature as this allows the customers to be able to try new products.

On the other hand, when shopping at Alberta Cannabis, you can only buy 30g at a time which is a major inconvenience for most customers.

Average Price for 1oz of Cannabis buds:
Alberta Cannabis: $280- $300
BMWO: $160-$190

As we can see, even though Alberta Cannabis is quite lacking when it comes to quality, they still have higher prices. In this regard, BMWO has again proven to be a better option.

Buy My Weed Online vs. Alberta Cannabis : Promotions

The next thing we are going to consider is probably the most attractive criteria for all kinds of customers. Yes, we are going to compare all the promotions and deals offered by Buy My Weed Online and Alberta Cannabis.

To begin, Alberta Cannabis offers its customers discount of up to 4$ per gram on some of their most purchased strains. This is a pretty good deal when compared to many other dispensaries which barely offer any discount. Also, Alberta Cannabis occasionally offers free gifts at different times and special occasions.

But when the deals offered by Alberta Cannabis are compared to those by BMWO, then it’s left in the dust. The Buy My Weed Online website has a complete section for promotions and deals to make them easily accessible to all customers.

The highest discount you can find at BMWO is about 25% off on their top selling products but the promotions do not stop there. They have a loyalty program for their frequent customers which offers daily and monthly promotions, as well as a monthly prize draw, where the winner can get up to $3000 (starting from $1500) in store credit. Looks like BMWO certainly knows how to keep their customers happy.

The final conclusion in this case is pretty much clear already. Alberta Cannabis does indeed have decent promotional and discount offers but they are of no match when we look at all the luxurious offers by BMWO.

Buy My Weed Online vs. Alberta Cannabis : Shipping & Customer Service

Now after comparing all the main aspects the final one is shipping and customer service.

Both Buy My Weed Online and Alberta Cannabis offer their delivery through Canada Post. Alberta Cannabis offers delivery through Purolator as well but delivers within Alberta only with a delivery charge of $4.95.

Buy My Weed Online offers their delivery all over Canada with a delivery charge of $15 but for any order above $99 the shipping is free of charge. Also, they offer another great advantage of no minimum order limit.

Finally, when it comes to customer service, BMWO has a 24-hour live chat service available to assist their customers. Whether it’s some information about any strain or any inquiry about the delivery, the customer service will instantly respond back. Anonymity and security are of prime importance for both the dispensaries and all the data related to the customers is stored on secure servers

At the end of the day looking at all the aspects combined, it is pretty clear that Buy My Weed Online is a much better option than Alberta Cannabis.

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