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Buy My Weed Online Vs. Buds2Go

With recreational marijuana being recently legalized (hooray!) in Canada, the online mail order marijuana website business is booming. Two popular online web dispensaries that customers can get their weed from are Buy My Weed Online and Buds2Go. With the boom in business, new online dispensaries are opening up every day. It is definitely a “green rush”!

Of course, with the market and sales expanding exponentially, more and more customers are converting to the new trend of buying their marijuana online! For all these new customers, the entire process can get confusing and overwhelming. Sure, you might be an old hand who has been smoking weed for a long time now, but even experienced smokers face these problems.

The main problem is that there are simply too many websites, with too many products and in the end, you just end up pulling your hair out wondering what to get and what to try out. This is where we come in. We aim to provide cannabis users across Canada the number one expert opinion on the best online dispensaries out there.

Today, we will compare Buds2Go and Buy My Weed Online, and our criteria for comparison will be product range, product quality, pricing, promotions and discounts, and customer service.
So let’s dive in!

Buy My Weed Online vs. Buds2Go : Product Range

Buy My Weed Online and Buds2Go are two of the many dispensaries out there. They both sell SativaIndica and Hybrid strains at the most competitive prices but they both have very different product ranges.

Buds2Go has a very defined and distinct product range. They only stock and sell medical marijuana and this is why their product range is limited to 27 different strains. All of these are good quality marijuana strains and you can find sativas, indicas and hybrids in their collection. Some of their hybrids like Sensei Star have been bred for a sweet 25% THC level and these products are great for patients looking to alleviate their ailments through weed therapy. However, their product range is nothing as compared to Buy My Weed Online.

Being one of the oldest and most established online dispensaries, Buy My Weed Online stocks a premium collection of more than 60 unique sativa, indica and hybrid strains. They have got everything in stock, from Purple Kush, to OG Kush and Super Lemon Haze, all curated and graded AAAA+ for the perfect smoke. Buy My Weed Online also sells top quality cannabis concentrates, and has probably the best quality products to offer, from pure CBD isolates, Hash, and White Widow Shatter to premium Terp Sauces, Budder, Live Rosin and oils!

Buy My Weed Online also has an extensive range of edibles available offering more than 600 products including vapes, oils, bongs, rolling papers, lighters, bath bombs and more!

So, if you’re someone looking exclusively for medical marijuana, Buds2Go might be your place to go, but for someone looking for a uniquely extensive range of everything from flower, and papers to shatter and bongs, Buy My Weed Online has you covered!

Buy My Weed Online vs. Buds2Go : Product Quality – What Users Say

After comparing the product range available at the two websites, product quality is the next important criteria we will be comparing. This is where actual users and their opinions come in! To compare what customers are saying about BMWO and Buds2Go product quality, we will be looking at actual customer reviews on both sites.

Unfortunately, we could not find any user reviews that were publicly available on their website. The Buds2Go site requires an exhaustive sign up process before you can even read more about the strains they have on offer.

Buy My Weed Online, though has a nice 5/5 stars rating for almost all their products. There are a lot of reviews for each product they sell and almost every review is a positive one. A review for BMWO’s Skywalker OG read: “First time buyer on here, shipping was fast and herb is decent. I’m 100% satisfied with the grain. Will definitely be back for more!”

This is no surprise considering that Buy My Weed Online is known for their commitment towards quality. They’ve been in the business for far longer than almost anyone and know their product inside out!

Looking at these customer reviews, we can see that Buy My Weed Online takes the game away with better publicly available ratings than Buds2Go.

Buy My Weed Online vs. Buds2Go : Pricing

This is the real make or break factor between these two reputed mail order marijuana websites. Many customers choose where to buy based on the price of the product rather than the quality. So let’s check out how Buy My Weed Online and Buds2Go compare with each other in terms of their product prices.

Both websites allow users to buy by the gram, or ounce, as compared to other dispensaries that have a fixed volume you can buy. This offers users a unique advantage where they can mix and match up strains and try or sample new flower.

Below are the average price of flower on both Buy My Weed Online and Buds2Go:
Average Price for 1oz of Cannabis buds:
Buds2Go: $150 – $180
BMWO: $160-$190

BMWO’s prices are slightly higher but that’s most likely because of their uncompromising attitude towards quality. Buy My Weed Online and Buds2Go also host regular sales where customers can get special discounts on their premium stock!

Buy My Weed Online vs. Buds2Go : Promotions

So, now we know how the pricing compares between the two websites, let’s take a look at another important factor to consider when deciding where to buy weed online from. Here, we will be taking a look at all the different promotions and offers both websites have to offer their customers.

Buds2Go does not offer any promotions or deals on their site except for a new customer bonus and the occasional sale. However they do partner with a few third party coupon services online and have up to 6 different offers that you can avail. The highest discount they offer is up to 50% off on select strains.

However, this does not compare all that well to BMWO. Not only does BMWO have a dedicated promotions section on their website, they offer up to 12 different promotions and offers their customers can benefit from.

While the highest discount BMWO offers is a flat 25% off, they make up a lot in the value of their promotions. Not only do they have two different kinds of referral/loyalty benefit programs, but they have a monthly prize draw. The monthly giveaway through the draw is $3000, with the first prize $1500 in store credits every month!

Keeping all this in mind, when we compare BMWO and Buds2Go, it is obvious that BMWO is a much better choice for promotions and deals!

Buy My Weed Online vs. Buds2Go : Shipping & Customer Service

Now that we are done comparing product range, pricing and quality for Buy My Weed Online and Buds2Go, it’s time to see how they compare when it comes to shipping and customer service.

Unfortunately for recreational marijuana users, Buds2Go requires you to have an ACMPR. Only then will you be able to register and log in to their websites. Without an ACMPR you simply cannot see any details about their products.

If you are actually someone who requires medical marijuana, then Buds2Go has three different shipping options available. They all charge differently but Buds2Go offers free shipping on orders over $149. The available options are Pineapple Express (same day), Purolator Express (1 day), and Canada post (1-3 days).

Buy My Weed Online holds its own against Buds2Go in criteria of customer service and shipping. For starters, all of Buy My Weed Online products are available to any kind of user, whether medical or recreational. They also have a live 24 hour chat service to help customers make the right decisions for all their marijuana related needs. Buy My Weed Online has one of the best customer service and shipping standards in the industry. They ensure complete anonymity and security and all your data is stored on secure, remote servers that are purged regularly.

Buy My Weed Online offers Canada Post’s express delivery in 1-3 business days — right at your doorstep. Their standard shipping rate is $15 on all orders, but for all orders above $149, they offer free shipping. This translates into pretty much all your orders being shipped for absolutely free. BMWO also make sure to ship everything quite discreetly.

Considering all the above aspects, Buy My Weed Online is the ultimate go-to place for all your medical and recreational marijuana needs, but if you have a very specific medical need, you might need to visit Buds2Go.

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