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Shamrock Cannabis Review: How Does It Compare to BMWO?

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Canada’s recent legalization of cannabis has led to a surge in online dispensaries, making the landscape competitive and overwhelming for enthusiasts.

Among these, Shamrock Cannabis and Buy My Weed Online (BMWO) stand out as leaders in the industry of online weed store.

In a market brimming with choices, consumers require trusted insights to navigate their options.

That’s where our review comes in: we’ll delve deep into a comparative analysis of Shamrock Cannabis and BMWO, assessing product range, quality, pricing, promotions, and customer service to offer a comprehensive perspective for informed decisions.

Let’s take a look!

Shamrock Cannabis Overview

Shamrock Cannabis is an online dispensary based in Vancouver, BC, offering a variety of cannabis products to customers Canada-wide.

Known for their quality products and efficient delivery via Canada Post’s Xpress Shipping, they ensure orders reach their destination within 1 to 3 business days.

New customers are introduced to the brand with a promotional deal, allowing them to sample a range of products. The dispensary’s straightforward approach means there’s no need for a complex registration process; only an age verification of 19+ is required.

Their commitment to community values is evident as they support local craft farmers, providing an alternative to large government-linked corporations.


Shamrock Cannabis has established itself as a key player in the burgeoning cannabis market, offering a variety of products to cater to both medicinal and recreational users.

Their collection is vast, touching upon all facets of cannabis consumption from strains, vaping tools, edibles, and even diving into the world of mushrooms. With renowned strains like “Lucid Dream,” “Ghost Train Haze,” and “Organic Alien Mints,” they provide something for every connoisseur.

Additionally, the inclusion of mushroom products such as “Euphoria Psychedelics” and “SHAFAA” microdosing capsules showcases their dedication to staying at the forefront of the alternative therapeutic industry.

Their comprehensive range further includes vape essentials and a variety of edible choices.


Shamrock Cannabis offers a diverse range of products spanning from cannabis to edibles, concentrates, and even mushrooms.

Here’s an overview of their pricing structure:

  • Cannabis: Their strains, rated between 2 to 5 stars, vary widely in price, with options as low as $8 to higher-end strains priced up to $195. Notable strains include the “Ghost Train Haze” at $55 and “Lucid Blue” for $55 for 7g.
  • Vapes & Accessories: Prices for disposable vape pens and cartridges range from $35 to $60, depending on product and quantity. The Willo Disposable Vape Pen, for instance, costs $40 for 1000mg.
  • Mushrooms: Their magic mushroom products also offer a significant range. The Euphoria Psychedelics line, for example, has products ranging from $20 to $75. The pricier items, such as the SHAFAA microdosing capsules, hover around $60 to $65.
  • Edibles: Gummies seem to be popular, with prices generally between $12 and $28. For instance, the Mikro Gummies are priced at $12, while OneStop Gummies are a bit higher at $16.
  • Concentrates: The pricing in this category seems consistent, with many products like the Kootenay Labs’ offerings priced around $25 to $30 for 1g.
  • Accessories: The cost for accessories varies, with items like the Glass Pipe at a lower $5 and the HOLLOWTIP Pen Battery at a higher $55.


Shamrock Cannabis appears to place a strong emphasis on enticing new customers through their “1st Time Customer Promotion,” where, for a notably reduced price of $25, customers can sample an array of products.

This promotional bundle includes 3g of select flowers, hash, or kief, with a majority of choices currently out of stock, implying a potential popularity or inventory management concern.

Additionally, customers receive a grinder, rollies, a joint tube, lighter, and free Xpress shipping. Notably, while the promotion aims to exhibit the professionalism of Shamrock Cannabis by offering this deal at a loss, the exclusion of coupon codes on this specific offer and the vast number of out-of-stock items might make some potential buyers hesitate.

The prompt shipment and varied delivery times, depending on the location, suggest a reliable delivery system.

However, it’s always important for consumers to weigh the value of such promotions against overall product quality, variety, and consistency when considering repeated purchases or commitments.

User Reviews

The feedback on Shamrock Cannabis, as of August 2023, presents a largely positive picture, with many users appreciating their product range, from vape cartridges to edibles.

Many reviewers highlight the value they received, emphasizing deals like the “$79 Ounces” which seemed to be well-received, particularly with strains like “Blueberry.”

Vape cartridges, especially the “Rocky Mountain Rosin Vape Cartridge,” received praise for their longevity and unique draw door feature. Edibles, too, appear generally well-liked for their potency, though some feedback suggests that certain products might not meet the expected strength levels for all consumers.

A minor hiccup was evident in an order mix-up where a user received a hybrid vape instead of an indica.

Overall, the reviews seem to position Shamrock Cannabis as a dependable source for various cannabis products, but as always, potential buyers should be cautious and consider factors like product consistency, order accuracy, and individual tolerance levels when making purchasing decisions.

Shipping Services

Shamrock Cannabis simplifies the buying process by allowing anyone over 19 to order without extensive registration.

Their emphasis on discreet packaging and covering promotional shipping costs hints at their commitment to customer convenience.

They use Canada Post’s Xpress Shipping for trackable deliveries, and source their marijuana from Vancouver, British Columbia.

How Does BMWO Compare to Shamrock Cannabis?

At BMWO (Buy My Weed Online), our core foundation rests on the belief that access to high-grade cannabis should be seamless for Canadians who need it, both medically and recreationally.

We advocate for the spirit of the top courts that emphasize “reasonable access” for authorized patients, and we go the extra mile to ensure this access is as user-friendly and high-quality as possible.


How To Use CBD Products

While Shamrock Cannabis has made significant strides in establishing a wide-ranging product line, BMWO confidently steps forward with a more focused approach.

Concentrating on the quality, effectiveness, and consumer feedback, BMWO ensures a premium experience for both medicinal and recreational cannabis users.

This comparison dives deep into the distinctive product offerings of both brands.

Shamrock’s Products

  • Diverse Range: Offers products from strains, vaping tools, to edibles, catering to various cannabis consumption modes.
  • Cannabis Strains: Renowned options like “Lucid Dream,” “Ghost Train Haze,” and “Organic Alien Mints.”
  • Mushroom Products: Inclusion of “Euphoria Psychedelics” and “SHAFAA” microdosing capsules indicates a broader perspective on alternative therapies.
  • Consistent High Ratings: This showcases their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Our Products


price tags

In a general observation, our product line provides a vast and diverse range of offerings across various segments, from edibles to vapes, mushrooms, and cannabis.

Prices are competitive and seem to offer good value for the quality, as evidenced by the high customer ratings.

When compared to Shamrock Cannabis, our offerings present a comprehensive range, catering to both the budget-conscious and premium-seeking clientele.

Shamrock’s Pricing

  • Their cannabis strains vary between $8 to $195, with middle-range strains like the “Ghost Train Haze” and “Lucid Blue” being priced at $55 for 7g.
  • Their vapes and accessories see a range from $35 to $60, with the Willo Disposable Vape Pen specifically costing $40 for 1000mg.
  • In terms of mushrooms, their range is from $20 to $75 with the SHAFAA microdosing capsules sitting at $60 to $65.
  • Edibles like gummies are priced between $12 and $28, with the Mikro Gummies at $12 and OneStop Gummies at $16.
  • Their concentrates, on the other hand, remain consistent around the $25 to $30 mark for 1g.
  • Accessories can range from a mere $5 for a Glass Pipe to a higher-end $55 for the HOLLOWTIP Pen Battery.

Our Pricing


Ounces Special

While Shamrock Cannabis employs a targeted approach with its 1st-time customer promotion, BMWO broadens its scope, offering a mix of lucrative affiliate programs, loyalty benefits, and diverse discounts to keep consumers engaged and loyal.

Shamrock’s Promotions

  • 1st Time Customer Promotion: For $25, customers sample various products.
    • Includes 3g of select flowers, hash, or kief concentrate.
    • Many choices are currently out of stock.
    • Complementary items: grinder, rollies, a joint tube, lighter, and free Xpress shipping.
    • No use of coupon codes for this promotion.
    • Reliable delivery system with varied delivery times.

Our Promotions

  • Affiliate Program: Empower customers with a 15% commission for referrals; one of the highest rates in the industry.
    • Easy integration with social media, email, and text promotions.
    • Shorten links using Bitly for easier sharing.
    • Accessible dashboard for monitoring affiliate progress.
  • BMWO Loyalty Program: Earn 10 points for every dollar spent; 250 points equate to $1 of store credit.
    • Points can be earned through purchasing and leaving reviews.
    • Seamless redemption at checkout.
  • Refer a Friend: Referrers gain $25 credit when their referred friends make a purchase of $175 or more.
    • The referred friend also receives a $25 welcome credit.
    • Promotion channels include Email, Facebook, or Twitter.
  • Mix & Match: Provides sliding-scale discounts based on the quantity purchased.
    • Discounts ranging from 10% to 20% off, with additional gifts for larger purchases.
  • Products on Sale: An ever-changing selection of discounted cannabis goods, updated frequently.
  • Welcome Bonus for New Visitors: New users get a FREE King Size pack of Pre-Rolls worth $55 and free shipping on orders above $149.
    • Additional 7g of AA flower free for orders over $345.
  • Free Gifts From BMWO: For purchases over $345, an option to choose a free 7g gift from BMWO.
    • Options vary based on availability.

User Reviews

user reviews

While Shamrock Cannabis offers deals such as “$79 Ounces,” BMWO’s promotional strategies are designed not only to cater to the financial convenience of the customers but also to ensure they get premium quality products.

Our user reviews, the latest from August 2023, provide more depth into this matter.

Shamrock’s User Reviews

  • Many reviewers emphasize deals like the “$79 Ounces”, especially with strains like “Blueberry.”
  • “Rocky Mountain Rosin Vape Cartridge” stands out for its longevity and unique draw door feature.
  • Edibles are generally well-liked for their potency, though there’s feedback suggesting inconsistent strength for some.
  • Minor order mix-ups, for example, a user receiving a hybrid vape instead of an indica.
  • Portrayed as a dependable source, but potential buyers should be cautious of product consistency and order accuracy.

Our User Reviews

  • Mazar Sharif hash described as soft, with a perfect burn and sweet aroma. The outdoor experience with this product left a memorable impression on users.
  • Edibles are hailed as the best, with unmatched strength and efficient delivery.
  • Service is repeatedly praised for its speed, knowledge, and efficiency.
  • Blue Meanie and 1 Ounce Mix and Match (AAAA) have garnered a complete five-star rating from satisfied users.
  • Strawberry Shortcake offers a unique, instantaneous buzz which users adore for its relaxation and clarity.
  • Sundae Driver and 100mg THC B.C. Pineapples have been remarked for their balanced, dreamy highs and clean ingredients.
  • Jive THC Cartridge and GMO Cookies receive accolades for their smoothness, taste, and long-lasting highs.
  • Mycelium Silver 100mg stood out for its mental clarity and recommended dosage, leading users to re-order multiple times.
  • Peyote Cookies caters to those looking for a relaxed, body-high experience.
  • Mary’s Dog CBD Oil recognized for its effectiveness for pets, combined with high-quality service.
  • Ice Wine’s high is described as unique and well-rounded, leading to a memorable experience.

It’s evident that while both BMWO and Shamrock Cannabis have their merits, BMWO offers a user experience that goes beyond just the product.

Shipping Services

shipping delivery services

When comparing shipping services between Shamrock Cannabis and Buy My Weed Online (BMWO), it’s evident that both businesses prioritize customer convenience.

However, BMWO offers a more comprehensive and interactive shopping experience, complete with clear step-by-step guides and superior promotions that heighten its competitive edge.

Shamrock’s Shipping Services

  • Simplified buying process for anyone over 19.
  • No need for extensive registration.
  • Emphasis on discreet packaging.
  • Covers promotional shipping costs.
  • Uses Canada Post’s Xpress Shipping for trackable deliveries.
  • Sources their marijuana from Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • Advises customers to consider shipping speed and potential delays.

Our Shipping Services

  • Intuitive Shopping Experience: BMWO streamlines the process, taking users through a clear and engaging step-by-step guide.
  • Wider Product Range: From buds to concentrates and accessories, we offer a more expansive product line than many competitors.
  • Easy Payment Options: Secure transactions are facilitated using Interac E-transfer, ensuring customer’s financial safety.
  • Efficient Shipping: Just like Shamrock, we use Canada Post Xpress Shipping ensuring deliveries are both fast and trackable.
  • Promotional Benefits: Customers are only $149 away from free shipping, and orders above $345 come with a free gift.
  • Dedicated Support: Our 12-hour live chat is always available to assist customers, showcasing our commitment to customer service.
  • Quality Assurance: Our growers adhere to the strictest guidelines, guaranteeing that our cannabis products surpass industry standards.
  • Price Match Guarantee: Demonstrating our confidence in our pricing, we promise to match any lower price on identical strains from other dispensaries.
  • Added Benefits: Discreet packaging, guaranteed satisfaction, and free delivery over $150 fortify our value proposition.

Which is Better Between Shamrock Cannabis and BMWO?

holding a joint

When juxtaposing Shamrock Cannabis and BMWO, it’s evident that both dispensaries endeavor to offer high-quality products and satisfactory customer experiences.

Shamrock Cannabis deserves accolades for its range, discreet shipping, and consistency in product quality.

However, BMWO subtly emerges ahead due to its broader, more curated product selection, competitive pricing, comprehensive promotional strategies, and dedicated customer support.

While both platforms have their unique strengths, BMWO’s holistic approach, emphasizing not just product quality but also user experience, positions it as a preferable choice for many cannabis consumers.

Besides Shamrock, we’ve also provided an extensive list of reviews from various competitors.

You can read about them on our competitors’ page to see if there might be other alternatives that you would consider aside from BMWO or Shamrock.

BMWO prioritizes that you get to have the most out of the overall cannabis experience, and that includes purchasing and interacting with online dispensaries like ours.

Apart from the products mentioned above, you can also browse through our list of categories as we highlight our best products in each one.

From flowers, concentrates, vapes, shrooms, and more—BMWO has them all so that you won’t have to find any other dispensary.

Ultimately, discerning consumers will benefit from the robust offerings of both, but for a holistic cannabis shopping experience, BMWO makes a compelling case.

PROMO! FREE GIFT with every order above $345


Let’s review some queries that we might have overlooked from our discussion above.

How do Shamrock Cannabis and BMWO ensure the quality and potency of their products?

Both Shamrock Cannabis and BMWO emphasize stringent quality control measures. While Shamrock Cannabis is known for its consistent high ratings, indicating a commitment to quality, BMWO takes pride in its curated product selection and transparent FAQ section about best-selling products. This transparency fosters trust and offers insights into the meticulous product selection process of both platforms.

Are there unique promotions or loyalty programs that set either Shamrock Cannabis or BMWO apart?

Shamrock Cannabis primarily focuses on a 1st-time customer promotion that provides a sample of various products for $25. In contrast, BMWO offers an expansive range of promotions, including an affiliate program, BMWO loyalty program, “Refer a Friend” benefits, Mix & Match discounts, and more, demonstrating their commitment to rewarding regular customers and fostering community.

What shipping services and policies differentiate BMWO from Shamrock Cannabis?

Both Shamrock Cannabis and BMWO prioritize customer convenience in their shipping services, utilizing Canada Post’s Xpress Shipping for trackable deliveries. Shamrock offers a more simplified buying process without the need for extensive registration and emphasizes discreet packaging. Meanwhile, BMWO takes pride in its intuitive shopping experience, providing a clear step-by-step guide, broader product range, and dedicated live chat support. Both aim for discreet delivery, but BMWO adds value with promotional benefits like free shipping on orders above $149 and a free gift for orders over $345.

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