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Buy My Weed Online vs. Marijane Depot

Ever since recreational and medicinal marijuana has been legalized in Canada, the number of dispensaries selling weed online has skyrocketed. With so many customers preferring to buy their cannabis online, the mail order marijuana industry is booming and more and more dispensaries are opening up everyday. Some of these have been around for a long time and hold a good reputation due to their quality while many are new and just starting.

With so many dispensaries and even more varieties of flower to choose from, customers face the dilemma of having too much choice. Whether they are newbies and it’s their first time ordering it online or are old hands who know exactly what they’re looking for, it’s becoming more confusing day by day to decide what to buy, and where to buy it from.

All these customers, new or old alike have the same questions on their mind. Can I trust this weed dispensary? Is their weed any good? Do they deliver fast? People really don’t want to end up wasting their time and money on product they won’t enjoy. What these customers need is an expert opinion – a guide to the best weed dispensaries in Canada today.

That is exactly what we aim to provide – a comparison between the top marijuana dispensaries in Canada and what exactly to expect from each.

Today we will be comparing Buy My Weed Online vs. Marijane Depot, two of the most prominent sellers you can get your weed from. Our criteria will be product range,product quality, pricing, promotions and special offers, and finally their customer service. Let’s begin!

Buy My Weed Online vs. Marijane Depot : Product Range

Before we begin, it’s important to keep in mind that both Buy My Weed Online and Marijane Depot are dispensaries that have their own reputation when it comes to offering best products to their clients. Although each site has their own specialties that make them totally different from each other, they are both primarily marijuana dispensaries and as such, we will be looking at the products each has to offer.

Buy My Weed Online has been around since a long time – much longer as compared to most other online dispensaries operating in the country. They’re well reputed for the quality of their product. The flower section on the BMWO website has a diverse stock of around 60 unique kinds of flowers. Buy My Weed Online has almost everything a customer can ask for ranging from Super Lemon Haze to Space Cookies with all their products having the AAAAA grading system to help their customers while buying.

Comparatively Marijane Depot has a range of only 30 different types of flowers to choose from for their clients. These, too include different indicas, sativas, and hybrids.

Clearly Buy My Weed Online has a bigger variety thus giving its customers a lot more choice to select from when buying online.

When comparing the variety of concentrates, Buy My Weed Online again offers a much larger variety for its clients compared Marijane Depot. With over 80 different types of concentrates including shatterrosin, and waxes, the BMWO site has everything that a concentrates lover might want. Their premium stock also includes products like Lebanese Hash, different types of CBD extracts and all sorts of oils!

On the other hand, Marijane Depot has much less variety for its clients offering only around 55 different types of concentrates.

In the edibles criteria, Buy My Weed Online again takes the lead offering a much larger variety of different edibles as compared to only 29 products in the Marijane Depot stock.

But this is not all. While Marijane Depot has a few vapes and vaping accessories to offer, Buy My Weed Online is a complete game changer in the accessories department. Boasting one of the largest product range of over 600+ products which include different water bongs, glass pipes, vapes, interesting lighters, rolling papers as well as a variety of things for your pets including oils and bath bombs,Buy My Weed Online is a one stop shop for all your smoking needs.

Buy My Weed Online vs. Marijane Depot : Product Quality – What Users Say

Next, the criteria we will be comparing is the quality of product both Marijane Depot and Buy My Weed Online are offering. For an unbiased comparison, we will be turning to actual customer reviews on both sites. This will allow us to compare accurately the product quality on both sites.

Unfortunately, the Marijane Depot site does not have any reviews or rating sections for their products. Because of this, we were not able to find out and compare the product quality they offer their customers. This is bad news for potential customers as well, because with no reviews, they really do not know what to expect when ordering their cannabis from Marijane Depot.

Comparatively, the reviews on Buy My Weed Online products are not only numerous, but it seems like the dispensary has a superb 5/5 average rating for almost all products. This indicates that their quality is beyond good. Almost all of their reviews are positive and a sample review for their Pink Rockstar (AAAAA) read “Very relaxing. Perfect for anytime, just adjust how much you smoke accordingly. Found it great for my depression and anxiety”

So, if we compare both sites, BMWO is definitely a much better buy because customers can actually read the reviews and learn about the excellent product quality they can expect.

Buy My Weed Online vs. Marijane Depot : Pricing

Next we come to probably the most important criteria of all – pricing. According to our research and expertise, most customers tend to make their choice of buying cannabis online based on the prices a dispensary is offering – other factors such as product range, quality etc. come second. This is why it is so important for a dispensary to offer their customers the most competitive prices.

Comparing the price rates on both Buy My Weed Online and Marijane Depot shows that both dispensaries have almost the same average prices with BMWO being a little higher.

Average 1 oz of Cannabis on BMWO: $190.00 – $200.00
Average 1 oz of Cannabis on Marijane Depot: $140.00 – $190.00

In this case even though Buy My Weed Online has a higher rate,once we factor in the fact that with Marijane Depot you’re not really sure of the product you’re getting, the slightly higher pricing is quite justified.

Buy My Weed Online vs. Marijane Depot : Promotions

Now that we’ve looked at how both dispensaries compare in terms of pricing, let’s look at another make or break factor when buying weed online. Yes, we’re talking about promotions – after all, who doesn’t love discounts and other interesting offers. Let’s have a look.

Marijane Depot does not offer any sales or promotions on their website, however, if you sign up as a member, you get quite a few discount coupons via text or email. Mostly these are for up to 10-15% off or some small quantity of free product.

When we compare this with BMWO, we can see that it easily outperforms Marijane Depot (as well as most other MOMs) in the promotions criteria. Not only does BMWO have a dedicated promotions section on their website, it is full of different offers, coupons, and promotions that all customers can enjoy.

When we look at the value BMWO offers in it’s promotions, they have atleast 12 different offers available, with the highest discount rate being a flat 25% off! Apart from this, BMWO also offers their customers a chance to win prizes and cash worth up to $1500 in store credits. The total giveaway per month is $3000!

Comparing the two, it is evident that Buy My Weed Online is everything a customer would want in terms of promotions and offers!

Buy My Weed Online vs. Marijane Depot : Shipping & Customer Service

Finally, we will be comparing the customer service and shipping options offered by both the dispensaries. If you’re a respectable online cannabis dispensary in Canada, it is important to take care of your customers needs and provide them with a reasonable shipping rate.

When it comes to deliveries, Buy My Weed Online again holds it’s own and ensures fast delivery within 1-3 business days at your location through Canada Post Express Delivery. They also make sure to ship your weed in discreet, odor-free packaging and ensure complete privacy.

When it comes to actual shipping charges, this is again where Buy My Weed Online offers the advantage to it’s customers. BMWO charges $15 on all orders below $149.00 which are the cheapest shipping rates you can get at any dispensary. Marijane Depot on the other hand also charges $15.00 but does not offer free delivery under $199.00.

Finally when it comes to customer service, BMWO offers 24 hour live-chat customer service for their customers and are well reputed for their commitment towards excellent service. Marijane Depot on the other hand has nothing but a contact form, email and phone number on their site. Personally, we feel they should atleast have an FAQ section so that customers can make more informed choices.

In conclusion, when we compare and consider all of the above, not only is Buy My Weed Online a better stocked store, but is also better quality and more customer friendly than the competition. BMWO should be your first choice when shopping for marijuana online!

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