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We are dedicated to safety, compliance, and the well-being of our customers.

At BMWO, we take pride in delivering a responsible and positive experience with our products. Upholding Canadian regulations is not only obligatory but central to our ethos. We have an in-house verification team dedicated to preventing underage sales and use of cannabis products, ensuring every transaction meets our high standards of responsibility.

We recognize that age verification might seem like a hurdle; however, it is a vital part of our commitment to social responsibility. Our in-house system has been optimized to make the verification as smooth as possible, typically validating the majority of BMWO orders promptly through the details provided during checkout.


STEP 1: Provide Your Information

Your journey through checkout is the first step towards age verification. We collect your full name, address, and date of birth once, minimizing the need for additional data entry and safeguarding your privacy.

STEP 2: In-house Verification

Our trained in-house team compares your submitted information to government-issued ID documents. This is to ensure that all customers meet the legal age requirements for purchasing cannabis products in their respective provinces.

STEP 3: Submitting Your ID

In cases where further proof is needed, you will be directed to upload or present a photo of your government-issued ID. Our verification team will review the documentation to confirm that you are of legal purchasing age.

STEP 4: Customer Verification Complete

With a verified age, your account is flagged as compliant with the legal age requirement for cannabis consumption in your province (e.g., 19+ in Ontario). As a verified returning customer, you are fast-tracked for all subsequent purchases, ensuring a hassle-free experience on BMWO.


Why do I need to verify my age?

Cannabis is for adult consumption only.

The law requires that we verify the age of our customers. By providing your age and confirming your eligibility, you ensure that we maintain a lawful and responsible marketplace that’s committed to preventing underage access to cannabis. Your cooperation is invaluable and appreciated.

Why is my ID required?

Legal compliance and public safety are our priorities.

While the need to upload an ID occurs in rare instances, it is an essential safeguard when our in-house verification needs additional confirmation. This step is akin to being carded at a physical retail establishment and is necessary to adhere to legal standards. This is a one-time process, after which we’ll recognize you for all future purchases.

Who can I contact for verification assistance?

Live Chat or Email:

Should you have any questions or need real-time assistance during the verification process, our BMWO Live Chat support team is ready to provide immediate help. For less urgent inquiries or additional support, feel free to email us at .

Our BMWO team is committed to making your shopping experience as seamless and secure as possible.

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