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pinit E easy

This amazingly delicious smoothie is packed with a lot of nutrition – healthy fats and calcium from almonds and milk, fiber from banana, and all the health-boosting properties of dates. It’s simple, quick, nutritious, and filling breakfast to start your day with. And at the same time a fabulous after-dinner treat to curb your sweet tooth.

If you ask which smoothie I never get bored of, my answer would always be this banana, almond and date smoothie. I make this date smoothie every day. It’s my post-workout drink since the last 4 months. The dates make it naturally sweetened, which is a great thing because there’s no need to add sweeteners. It’s all natural and tastes like a delightful dessert.

The first time I tried it was at my sister’s place. It was 10 in the morning and I was craving something sweet. She had all the ingredients already at home so she quickly made me one. And since then I’m totally hooked to it. So when I say I’m a smoothie-lover, I’m basically referring to this one.

I love thick smoothies so I use frozen bananas and ice. You can vary the amount of ice according to how thick you like your smoothies. You can add more fruits in this smoothie if you want a mixture flavors but I’d still recommend you to try this as it is at least once. You’re going to love it, I promise!

15 mins
pinit E easy

Are you looking for cocktail recipes to help to stay refreshed in summers? Well I’ve got a super tasty one to share. I’m so glad I found this recipe that I originally wrote in my notebook about 2 years ago. I tried this cocktail at my sister’s place for the first time, and got hooked to it for a very long time. And a few days back I was checking my recipe notebook to see if I can find some good dish to make, and guess what? I found this lemon weed drop recipe. And ended up making it (obviously).

I literally have a love affair with cocktails and the best thing I find about them is that you can experiment with their ingredients without hesitating.

For this one, however, I’ve kept things basic. But you can add some ingredients according to your taste if you want.

8 mins
Canna Simple Syrup recipe pinit E easy

Canna-simple syrup is used in almost all canna-infused cocktails. And let me tell you, there are no cocktails more refreshing than canna-cocktails. They are cooling, refreshing, and absolutely delicious! Oh, and how can I miss the wonderful high they give.

You can find prepared canna-simple syrup from the store as well, but I personally like the homemade one more. It’s very easy to make and doesn’t require many ingredients. It’s up to you which strain you choose, but I personally prefer good sativa strains. The recipe I’m sharing here is usually enough for almost 24 doses, but then again the dosage depends on the potency that you want to take. Well if you ask me, my tip would be to go slow. You have enough time in the world to try out all the strains and get all the high you desire, so reasonable doses everyday would do.

Before sharing the recipe, let me tell you that this canna-infused simple syrup is the key ingredient in canna-cocktails. So if you learn to make it, you can add it in all kinds of fruity cocktails and enjoy their taste and high together.

Here’s the recipe:

48 mins
pinit E easy

Coffee is one of the morning must-haves for millions of people all over the world. And the best thing about it is that there’s a recipe for everybody. You can add or subtract ingredients according to your taste. Well, this recipe is a must try for all the coffee lover out there!

This caramel coffee is my everyday morning drink to kick off my day. it’s an instant energy-booster, and keeps you fresh all day. it is super tasty and a good thing about it is that it requires minimal ingredients. This is another reason why making it every day is easy. I’m not one of those people who drink it for caffeine, but it’s the flavor that I absolutely love!

I had tried caramel coffee many times in different cafes and always loved it, but I never tried it at home. Then one day I made a toffee desert and there were some toffee bars left in the bowl. I didn’t want to waste them so I ended up adding them in my basic hot coffee. And guess what? I was hooked to it in the very first try! So I replaced my everyday hot coffee with this super-tasty caramel coffee.

Let’s head over to the recipe:

27 mins
pinit E easy

I was never a coconut drinks fan until I came across this one. This cool drink with blended vegetables and fruits is like a dream come true. It works great if one wants some instant energy boost, especially in summers. It leaves you energized, refreshed, and relaxed at the same time.

While making this tasty smoothie, if you feel like you need to enhance the taste of coconut, you can add coconut milk, coconut extract or coconut water. Also, I love strawberries and bananas so add these fruits in the drink, but if you want, you can replace them with your favorite fruits and vegetables.

This smoothie is a great choice if you want to consume cannabis for medicinal benefits. It is because the THC in your cannabis is drawn out and you’re only left with its healthy ingredients. I also started drinking it for the same reason, so I can assure you that it’s harmless. And how can I miss that it’s super-duper delicious.

Here’s the super-easy recipe of this amazing coconut banana-berry smoothie:

10 mins
Eggnog-Recipe pinit E easy

A few years back I sought out to make eggnog at home. My first attempt was a huge failure and left me and my sister cringing. It was because I used cooked egg method, which I later realized wasn’t just for me. So it’s taken me years to come up with the perfect eggnog recipe, which I will be sharing with you all today.

Homemade eggnog is an irresistible thing! Creamy and rich, with delightful hints of vanilla and nutmeg – Just perfect! You can find good brands of eggnog in the store and add your cannabutter to one of those and have it, but homemade eggnog still tastes better than those ready-made ones, and so it’s worth the effort.

You won’t believe how simple and tasty this dreamy drink is. It’s one of those beverages that go straight into the heart and leaves you dreaming about it even after having it. And this recipe is really the best! Seriously, this homemade eggnog will wow your guests and will soon become a family favorite.

Let’s move on to the recipe:

15 mins
pinit E easy

How many smoothie lovers are out there? I’m sure many. Summer is the perfect time for a smoothie, and most people will be looking for smoothie recipes, to get themselves refreshed in the intense heat.

I’ve been a huge smoothie fan, since I was 14. That’s when I tried one, for the first time. It was a strawberry smoothie, and super-delicious one, too. Smoothies are must-have for me wherever I go, and one of the first things I check on the menus of the cafes I visit.

I have, literally, lost count of how many smoothies I’ve tried, over the years. After spending a lot of money on these delights, I’ve recently started making them at home. The first one I tried was a strawberry cannabis-infused smoothie, to which I am still addicted! The second time I made one, I added some honey to it, which gave it a really balanced, sweet taste.

I’m sharing my recipe here today, and I’m sure you are going to love it. It’s not one of those smoothies you find in juice bars - it tastes really different. You will be hooked!

The recipe I’m sharing is for a strawberry smoothie with cannabis-infused oil, but you can replace it with your favorite fruit.

Tip: Don’t add smoothies as a replacement to your meals, just enjoy them as a summer bounty!


The recipe shared below serves two people.

The directions to make smoothies with each fruit are the same.

5 mins
Hot-Buttered-Weed pinit E easy

This is a treat for all the weed lovers! Everyone talks about summer drinks but we’ll talk about winter drinks here today. A cold winter night and this hot and delicious drink are the best combo I’ve ever seen or experienced. I have to say that this one has got to be my all-time-favorite winter drink and I’m forever hooked to it.

The first time I tried it, I was with a friend who had already told me how delicious and soothing this drink is. And let me tell you that after the very first try, I just knew it I’m going to drink it a million times more.

The best thing about this drink is that it is safer than edible weed and gives you the same long-lasting high. So as I said before, a cosy winter night and hot buttered weed are a dreamy-combo, especially for the weed lovers out there.

Another good thing about it is that it’s very easy to make and doesn’t require a long list of ingredients. So you can get into the kitchen without thinking twice and prepare this drink for yourself in a couple of minutes.

Let’s move on to the recipe:

28 mins
Iced-Thai-High-Tea-Recipe pinit E easy

This one is my favorite iced teas and summer drinks! It’s super-tasty and super-refreshing!

On a hot summer day, whatever you are doing and wherever you are, a cup of iced Thai high tea is all you need to energize and refresh yourself. It has the right amount of sweetness, and is smooth and creamy.

My version of iced Thai high tea has condensed milk combined with cannabis butter, which makes it even tastier and healthier. I never added butter in my tea until I saw all these people adding butter in coffee. Well, when coffee can have butter, tea can too. I make butter for this super-yummy tea with “Ace of Spades” strain. Its flavor is very unique and citrusy, and its high is long lasting (what could be better than this).

This tea is so refreshing and relaxing that one can get hooked to it very easily. With every sip your stress and tiredness is alleviated and you can feel your energy level going up, up, and up!

Now that I’ve told you how tasty and energizing this drink is, let’s move on to the recipe:

45 mins
pinit E easy

I’m literally craving peanut butter and this smoothie all the time! All the smoothie lovers would know that it’s filling enough to replace a meal. However, I feel like smoothie should be fully enjoyed and not used as a replacement for lunch or dinner. But if someone still wants to drink a smoothie in place of a meal then this peanut butter and almond milk smoothie is the best option they’ve got! It’s super-yummy, healthy, and filling – in short, it’s a triple treat for you.

I tried this smoothie for the first time at my friend’s place and being a peanut butter lover already, I got hooked to it in the very first try.

So I’m sharing my go-to peanut butter and almond milk smoothie recipe with you all today. I hope you love it when you try this smoothie. Also, if you’re not a peanut butter lover, you can replace it with any fruit you like (or add them along with peanut butter). I usually add bananas along with peanut butter in mine.

8 mins
Pliny-Style-Cannabis-Tea-Recipe pinit M medium

I’m not a big fan of basic tea but I absolutely love this one! Pliny-style cannabis tea is not only tasty but also extremely beneficial for your health. It wouldn’t be wrong if I say that it is the healthiest tea to drink. It is because it has numerous vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrient that help you get relief from various health issues including stress, morning sickness, dizziness etc. Cannabis tea has CBD and THC that have pain-fighting properties and thus help you in getting rid of chronic pain. And not only that, cannabis helps you fight anxiety and depression. Many people today are suffering from these mental illnesses and this medicinal herbal tea has various healing properties that can offer relief from them.

Another thing that most of the people don’t know about cannabis tea is that it improves heart health. Yes, this is true! It is because cannabis relaxes the arteries and widens them, and in this way allows the blood to easily flow through them. Thus, the risk of heart attack and other heart diseases reduces. It is also effective in treating diarrhea, constipation, and cramping.

Now that you know how beneficial this tea is, let me tell you that it’s equally delicious too!

So here’s my go-to recipe for the super-tasty Pliny-style cannabis tea:

9 hrs 15 mins
Triple-Melon-Magic-Recipe pinit E easy

Summer has arrived and so has our thirst for refreshing drinks! Like you just can’t do a single day in this heat without these cool and refreshing beverages. So they’re definitely a must-have. This recipe that I’m going to share here today is the one that I have recently tried. You know, there are a few dishes and drink that make you feel proud that you made them because they turn out so good and delicious. Well, this is one of those drinks. And the best thing about this drink called “triple melon magic” is not only refreshing but also very nutritious.

The melons used in this drink are one of the most loved fruits of summer, and they’re also rich in vitamin C, water, and fiber. Just in case you don’t know, vitamin C has several health benefits like lowering uric acid levels, and reducing the risk of chronic diseases. It is also a natural antioxidant that keeps your skin, blood, and bones healthy.

Moreover, melons have about 90% water content, thus they help you stay hydrated all the time and keep your kidneys healthy. So this drink is not just one of those cool summer drinks but it has many health benefits as well.

Now that we’re done with the drink’s “introduction”, let’s head over to the recipe:

8 mins
raw cannabis smoothies recipe pinit E easy

I’m a huge fan of smoothies, these are some of my very favorite ones!

A huge glass of raw cannabis smoothie is all you need to get refresh & relaxed. They contain the chopped leaves of raw cannabis, blended with vegetables and/or fruit. This is one of the methods being used to consume cannabis for medical purposes. It is gaining more attention these days, as THC in cannabis is activated through heat, so using raw cannabis allows people to take the benefit of CBD, without experiencing any of the “high”.

CBD provides many benefits, such as relief from inflammation, the treatment of depression, seizure disorders, etc. People who want to use cannabis to treat such disorders can easily consume it via smoothies, without getting high.

However, this does not mean you have to treat this beverage as a medication. You can truly enjoy it, as it is very tasty. However, it should be noted that raw cannabis drinks are medicinal in nature.

As most people don’t have juicers, I’ve shared this recipe that uses a blender.

Tip: Be sure the weed used is thoroughly chopped. Otherwise, it will get stuck in the blades of the blender, and cause a bit of trouble, when blending.

These two smoothies are a bit different in flavor, as one contains vegetables & fruits, while the other doesn’t. I like the fruit option, as it has more vitamins & nutrients, as well as being very light & refreshing. The other one has more fresh cannabis in it, so it’s a bit more creamy & hearty.

Here’s the recipe of the raw cannabis smoothie with fruits & vegetables:

16 mins
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