Cannabinoid Receptors 101

Some people use cannabis for its mind altering effects, while others enjoy it for its many medicinal and relief providing properties. But whatever reason we use weed, it wouldn’t be half as useful or as fun if our bodies did not naturally contain a biological network of molecules and receptors, which is capable of interacting … Read more


What is Kush Marijuana?

From rap songs and pop culture references, to mountain ranges, the word Kush can be found in almost all places. And it’s got a pretty good reason too – it represents perhaps the largest family of cannabis strains ever. But where does the word Kush come from? What unique  characteristics do Kush strains have? What … Read more


Is Cannabis a Narcotic?

Ever since cannabis was legalized for recreational and medicinal use back in 2018, the internet has been flooded with questions regarding the drugs’ usefulness, effects, and usefulness. Unfortunately, we have also seen an influx of new and innovative products, and more online dispensaries than anyone could have ever predicted. This has resulted in a lot … Read more


Modern Marijuana: A Guide for the Cannabis Connoisseur

Using marijuana is no longer limited to a countercultural activity. Not only is marijuana now legal all over Canada, but it’s becoming more widely-used and accepted than ever. Everyone from young adults to senior citizens can now enjoy pot in all kinds of ways, whether they use it for its incredible medical benefits or simply … Read more

The Complete Guide to Trichomes

The Complete Guide to Trichomes

When it comes to growing, assessing, and using marijuana, trichomes are arguably the most important part of the plant. Many people assess how good their weed is based on the pungency of its aroma, the thickness of the resin, and the potency of the THC levels. All of these factors come down to the strain’s … Read more


How to Smoke a Joint Properly: 10 Rules and Tips

There’s a lot of ways to enjoy weed, especially with all of the new types of marijuana-infused products and devices designed for consumption available today. However, despite having all of these new ways to ingest it, sometimes it’s hard to beat the good old-fashioned method of smoking a joint. Smoking a joint is a universally … Read more


Recreational Marijuana FAQ

Marijuana is becoming bigger, especially in Canada where it’s now legal for adults to use recreational marijuana. There are still some limits on who can use it- for instance, in most provinces, you need to be at least 19 to buy marijuana. There are also limits on where you can use it and how much … Read more

Will CBD Show up on a drug test

Will CBD Show Up On a Drug Test?

A failed drug test is the nightmare of many employees. If you’re using cannabis products, you may be wondering whether or not certain compounds can make you test positive on a drug screening. Drug tests check for the presence of THC, so if you’re a marijuana user, then you’ll need to abstain from your medicine … Read more

Most Popular Weed Strains for Depression

Most Popular Weed Strains for Depression

Consumers can now choose from an abundance of legal weed strains for both recreational purposes. Some users make use of medical marijuana for issues like chronic pain, stress, headaches, and anxiety, but did you know you can also use weed strains for depression? Marijuana helps counteract many of the symptoms of depression- it improves your … Read more

marijuana dosage guide for beginners

Marijuana Dosage Guide for Beginners

Adults can now use marijuana in all kinds of ways. Users can buy from a wide selection of indica strains, sativa strains, and hybrid strains depending on the kind of effects and potency they want. Aside from weed, there are also all kinds of unique marijuana products such as edibles, tinctures, and concentrates which can … Read more

where did 420 come from

Where Did 420 Come From?

The weed language is full of exciting slang terms and fancy buzzwords. Sometimes, even the most seasoned aficionados find it difficult to maneuver in this abundance of vocabulary. Nevertheless, there are some deeply rooted terms in our community, such as the 420 number, for example. It’s close to impossible to find a person who wouldn’t … Read more

travelling with weed: a guide

Traveling with Weed: A Guide

Pot is a lot more acceptable than it used to be. There are now tons of users who legally use marijuana either for recreational or medical purposes. Many US states have now made pot easy to access for patients, residents or both. Canada is also well ahead of the curve, allowing all adults 19 or … Read more

how to get over a weed hangover?

How to Get Over a Weed Hangover?

For most people, a weed hangover is an abstract concept. That’s because the vast majority of cannabis users hardly experience any bad consequences after a relaxing session with Mary Jane. But for some, a weed hangover is a well-known fact. It can have an array of effects, from brain fog to headache — but none … Read more

Exploring the effects and benefits of indica weed strains

Exploring the Effects and Benefits of Indica Weed Strains

The benefits of Indica are wide-ranging and very effective, making it one of the most popular types of weed strains on the market. Its effects are distinct but also vary based on the type of strain taken, in what form and dosage, and within different contexts. If you’re wondering what the benefits of Indica are, … Read more

understanding the distinctive qualities of indica weed strains

Understanding the Distinctive Qualities of Indica Weed Strains

What is Indica? This particular strain of weed is a top player in the world of marijuana. Cannabis Indica falls in the Cannabaceae family of plants and was named and classified by French biologist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck in 1785. The name Indica, meaning “of India,” refers to its origin, which is from in and around the … Read more

how to decarb weed

Decarboxylation: How to Decarb Weed

Have you ever wondered what the science behind getting high is? Why doesn’t raw cannabis get you high? At which point does the magic happen? If you’re new to exploring cannabis, it goes without saying you’ll seek answers to the above questions sooner or later. It’s all about decarboxylation. Activating the cannabinoids in weed requires … Read more