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15 Awesome Weed Party Ideas

Marijuana lovers have tons of ways to enjoy weed. For example, you could roll a joint, eat a tasty weed edible, or vape a potent cannabis concentrate. With that said, one of the best ways to celebrate your enjoyment of marijuana is to have a weed party with friends. You can share your favorite products, get high together, and partake in all kinds of intoxicated activities.

Many people host weed parties on 4/20, or on other holidays such as the 4th of July, Christmas, and New Year’s. But you don’t need a special excuse to host one – you can invite your smoking buddies around for a weed-themed party or gathering anytime you want. Maybe you want a good way to celebrate the weekend or just want a fun way to unwind after work.

While sitting around getting high with your friends is always good fun, you might want to take your next weed party up a notch with some fun activities, smoking games, and unique methods of consumption. These can enhance your enjoyment and make for a particularly memorable marijuana experience. Here are 15 awesome weed party ideas you should try with your friends.

1. Stock Up On A Variety Of New Strains

One of the first things you should do if you’re hosting a weed party is to stock up on various strains. From your favorite strains to strains you’ve always wanted to try to strains you’ve never heard of, you should buy as many as possible so you and your smoking companions will have plenty of choices.

Trying new strains is an excellent way to liven up your weed party. Make sure to get a range of indica strains, sativa strains, and hybrid strains so everyone can smoke the kind of strain they want. Fortunately, you can easily get all the strains you need for convenient home delivery when you order marijuana online in Canada.

2. Craft A Homemade Smoking Device

Another fun way to enhance your marijuana party is to craft a homemade smoking device. Not only is this an enjoyable activity for you and your friends to try, but it also gives you something new to smoke from. Plus, homemade smoking devices can be surprisingly effective at giving you potent smoking sessions.

The easiest option is arguably the water bottle pipe. Simply add a hole to the side of your water bottle, create a makeshift stem and bowl using a pen tube and some foil, seal the holes with blue tack or chewing gum, and start smoking. With a little creativity, you can also make homemade pipes or bongs out of apples, pumpkins, soda cans, empty toilet paper tubes, and all kinds of other household items.

3. Make Some Marijuana Cookies

Make Some Marijuana Cookies

Marijuana edibles can make any party more fun. Eating your marijuana gives you much stronger effects than smoking or vaping marijuana. Not only that but the high from weed edibles lasts for much longer, meaning you can get high all night just by eating some tasty snacks. And while you can simply buy edibles online, you might want to try making some instead.

The process of making marijuana cookies involves decarboxylating your weed, infusing it into cannabis butter, then using a small quantity in a regular cookie recipe to make potent psychoactive cookies. You can then share your delicious weed-infused cookies with your friends for a magical marijuana party.

4. Concoct A Few Cannabis Cocktails

Partying and drinking often go hand-in-hand. Not everyone enjoys mixing alcohol and marijuana, but those who do often find that booze enhances their weed high and vice-versa. But instead of smoking a joint while you swig a beer, you can make your party more memorable by creating refreshing cannabis cocktails.

Making marijuana cocktails is as simple as adding some THC tincture to your favorite cocktail recipes. You only need to add a small dose of tincture and mix it into your drink to create a powerful psychoactive beverage. As such, you might want to enhance a mojito, margarita, or mai tai with a cheeky bit of marijuana tincture.

5. Host A Joint-Rolling Contest

Learning to roll a joint is a rite of passage for avid marijuana users, and many of you reading this have probably rolled plenty in your time. Your smoking buddies have probably also rolled a few themselves, so if you want to make your next smoking session more fun, try hosting a joint-rolling contest.

Buy all the rolling papers and accessories you need and lay them out on the table, along with your weed. You and your buddies can then compete against one another to see who can roll the tightest joint, who can roll the most creative joint, or even who can roll a joint the fastest. You’ll all be sharing the joints in the end, but it’s still fun to see who wins.

6. Hand Out Pre-Rolls

If you want to relax and don’t want to go through the hassle of rolling joints, simply buy some pre-rolled joints before your party. That way, you and your friends can start smoking right away and you’ll be all stocked up for the evening. Plus, it’s easy to buy pre-rolls online and you can even grab multipacks at great prices.

Buying pre-rolls is an incredibly convenient choice. Not only will it save you time on rolling joints, but it also saves you from needing to buy more rolling papers. It’s also a great choice when you don’t have the accessories you need, such as a grinder and filters. As such, it’s an especially good option for when you’re hosting a smoking party.

7. Hit A Dab Rig

Hit A Dab Rig

Smoking pre-rolled joints, taking edibles, or creating cannabis cocktails are all excellent ways to get high with your friends. But if you want the hardest hits possible, you might want to invest in a dab rig. Dabbing is one of the most potent methods of cannabis consumption as it can bring out the full potential of high-THC concentrates like shatter, wax, and live resin.

Using a dab rig involves heating the dab nail until it’s scorching hot. You can then wait for it to cool slightly before applying a dab of your chosen extract to the nail. It’ll vaporize instantly and you can then take a hit from the mouthpiece. Dab hits can strike you hard and fast – even if you’re a smoking veteran – so be prepared for a unique experience.

8. Try THC Tinctures Together

Another unique way to get high at your cannabis party is to use THC tinctures. Also known as cannabis oils or weed tinctures, these liquid products are infused with plenty of potent THC. They can give you a potent, long-lasting high without you needing to inhale anything – just apply the oil under your tongue.

Each bottle of cannabis oil comes with a dropper, making it easy to measure your dosage and apply the oil under your tongue. Usually, 10 to 20mg is enough, but you may want to use more depending on your tolerance. Just hold the oil under your tongue for a minute or two and, around 20 minutes later, you’ll feel the effects. You can also add THC tincture to foods and drinks for makeshift marijuana edibles.

9. Have A Weed Cooking Challenge

If you and your friends enjoy cooking with weed, it’s time to turn it into a challenge. To make your weed party more memorable, start a marijuana Masterchef challenge to see who can create the best cannabis edibles between you and your friends. You can then sample and rate one another’s creations while getting high in the process.

You and your friends could each make a different type of weed edible at home before bringing it to the party. You might even want to host a different round each time you meet, such as baked goods, savory snacks, and cannabis cocktails. That way, you can all try a range of unique homemade edibles.

10. Play Some Party Games While High

Play Some Party Games While High

When you’re getting together with friends and getting intoxicated, party games are always in order. This is especially true when you’re hosting a weed party – marijuana makes every game seem much more fun and entertaining. If you’re lucky, a sativa strain might even enhance your skills.

Mario Kart and Mario Party are classic choices and make for some hilarious moments when you’re high. Other party games like Jackbox and Cards Against Humanity are also fun. You might even want to bust out some board games like Monopoly or even Twister for a memorable marijuana party.

11. Start A Fighting Game Tournament

Party games aren’t your only option when you’re hanging out with your pals. If you want another fun competition for your smoking party, start a fighting game tournament with your friends. You can compete to see who has the best skills and let the winner take home the rest of the leftover weed.

Whether you choose Super Smash Bros, Tekken, Street Fighter, or Mortal Kombat, all of these games can make for some great entertainment after a couple of bowls. You might even want to spice things up by dividing yourselves into teams and playing some 2 vs. 2 matches.

12. Host A Marijuana-Influenced Movie Marathon

Sometimes when you’re getting high, you just want to sit back, watch some movies, and chuckle with your friends. As such, hosting a marijuana-influencer movie marathon is one of the best ideas for your weed party.

You and your friends can each pick a movie to watch. Or you could opt for classic 420 films such as The Big Lebowski, Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle, How High, Pineapple Express, Half Baked, and Dazed and Confused. To add to the fun, you can add caveats such as “take a hit of weed every time the dude has a White Russian in The Big Lebowski”.

13. Turn Drinking Games Into Smoking Games

Drinking games make for some incredibly entertaining experiences when you’re partying with your friends. The good news is that most of these games can also be applied to your marijuana parties. The only difference is that, instead of taking a shot or swig or beer, you have to take a toke of your joint or a vape hit.

For instance, you could play Never Have I Ever and smoke every time you put a finger down. Or you could play King’s Cup but turn it into King’s Bowl and change the rules to apply to your weed party. Other classics include Categories, Jenga, and the Word Association Game, but pretty much any drinking game can be adapted into a smoking game.

14. Experiment With Different Bong Liquids

Want to try something new at your next weed party? One of the simplest ways to change things up when you’re smoking is to fill your bong with something other than water. The liquid you add to your bong chamber can enhance the flavor and the feel of your hits, so experimenting with different drinks makes for a fun event.

Some of the best alternatives to bong water include sparkling water, wine, cranberry juice, and iced tea. Alternatively, you can add some ice cubes, ice water, or even mouthwash. Just make sure you clean your bong thoroughly to avoid these liquids from negatively impacting the glass.

15. Create A High Playlist

Create A High Playlist

If you’re looking for a leisurely, laid-back gathering instead of a lively party, you can make your weed-smoking sessions more fun by creating playlists with your friends. Simply open a music app like Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube and allow each guest to add a song or two. Then you can simply lay back and listen to the tunes everyone chooses.

Smoking weed makes music even more enjoyable, so this is an excellent way to enhance your high. Plus, you’ll learn some new music from your friends while also sharing some of your favorite songs. You can even keep the playlists and listen to them again whenever you feel like it.

Whether you’re hosting a big event or a small gathering with your favorite smoking buddies, marijuana can always add to the fun. These 15 awesome weed party ideas can liven up your parties and make for some incredible memories.

Whether you’re exploring cannabis for the first time or looking to enhance your weed party expertise, refer to the ultimate weed guide for beginners. It offers valuable insights, tips, and recommendations to make your cannabis journey smooth and enjoyable.

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