gas gang

Gas Gang Review

Gas Gang Canada is a Canadian company that specializes in the sale and distribution of cannabis products, which many people have come to rely on for the relief of life’s daily stresses and even for pain and inflammation that occurs either naturally, or after some kind of injury. The healing properties of cannabis speed relief … Read more

one up mushroom bar

One Up Mushroom Bar Review

What is One Up Mushroom Bar? The One Up Psychedelic Mushroom Bar is a product born of the new micro-dosing trend that many people are partaking in.  Though many people want to experience the psychedelic effects of mushrooms, let’s face it: the taste of mushrooms can be a little yucky, which has led to companies … Read more

pure one carts

Pure One Carts Review

Pure One Carts is a product that is beloved by many. But did you know that you should look out for this product because of it? Stick around this article as we explore what Pure One Carts is all about, and what alternatives you can choose from aside from it. What are Pure One Cartridges? … Read more

dankwood pre rolls

Dankwood Pre Rolls Review

Learn more about Dankwood Pre Rolls in this article as we discuss what it is, what you should know, and what better alternatives you can choose from. What are Dankwood Pre Rolls? Dankwood Pre Rolls are pre-rolled blunts. The idea behind the conveniently pre-rolled blunts is based on the grab-and-go concept. Rolling a blunt is … Read more


PunchBar Edibles Review

What are PunchBar Edibles? PunchBar edibles are top-quality THC candies notorious for their intense effects. They are a popular choice for people first experimenting with edibles since they come in a variety of flavours and are easy to dose. This can be a great way to ease in, especially since the strong flavours mask the … Read more

Dosi Punch Strain Review

Dosi Punch Strain Review

Dosi Punch is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that’s created by crossing the tasty Do-Si-Dos with the aromatic Purple Punch. The strain draws its individual effects from its parents and turns them into one pleasurable high. It is amazingly gassy and sweet, making it hard for any cannabis enthusiast to resist it. The strain’s THC levels … Read more

Pinkman Goo Review

Pinkman Goo Review

Are you looking for a cannabis strain that oozes with THC resin? Well, you should try out Pinkman Goo genetics.  Pinkman Goo is a unique cannabis flower with an interesting mutation that is a rarity amongst weed crops. The strain earned its name from the resinous droplets that ooze from its pink buds during photosynthesis. … Read more

Ghost Bubba Strain Review

Strain Review: Ghost Bubba

Ghost Bubba is an indica-dominant hybrid strain known for its high THC content and deep scent. Although its origin remains unknown, it is said to be a cross between Ghost OG and Bubba Kush, both of which are highly potent indica-dominant hybrids with sedating effects. Apart from the obvious calming and euphoric effects we all … Read more


Strain Review: Black Diamond

Some strains are perfect for occasions when you want a burst of energy, motivation, and creativity. However, for the times when you want to simply kick back and indulge in some deeply relaxing physical effects, you’ll want to go for a strain such as Black Diamond. Black Diamond is an indica-dominant strain that’s beautifully soothing … Read more


Strain Review: Death Bubba

There are tons of great marijuana strains out there worth trying, but whether you’re looking for a mental boost or something to relax your entire body, Death Bubba is one that you shouldn’t miss. This hybrid strain hails out of British Columbia and has become a popular choice worldwide thanks to its tempting taste and … Read more


Strain Review: Blue Rhino

While some occasions call for the relaxing effects of indica strains and others require the uplifting surge of cerebral energy induced by sativa strains, hybrid strains are the best bet when you want a mix of both. And when it comes to excellent hybrid strains that offer balanced effects and a range of medical benefits, … Read more


Strain Review: Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake is a well-loved hybrid marijuana strain that’s made by crossing Triangle Cookies and Animal Mints. Whether you value marijuana strains with sweet flavors, euphoric effects, or the ability to tackle a range of medical symptoms, Wedding Cake excels in all three regards. This is a delicious strain that provides a thoroughly happy and … Read more


Strain Review: Gelato

If you’re looking for a marijuana strain with a delectable flavor and well-balanced effects, then Gelato is one of the absolute best options for you. This indica-dominant hybrid combines the genetics of Sunset Sherbert with Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, resulting in one of the finest tasting strains as well as offering a sensational mix … Read more


CBD Bath Salts and 4 Beauty Products You Shouldn’t Live Without

Want a way to enhance your bath time while also soaking up the benefits of cannabidiol? Then you’ll want to try CBD Bath Salts. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that’s often used for therapeutic purposes. Unlike cannabis, it won’t get you high or give you any unwanted side effects, making it especially practical for users … Read more


Strain Review: Rockstar

When you need a deeply relaxing high but don’t want to feel completely couch-locked and sedated, then Rockstar is one of the best strains you can use. It’s an indica-dominant hybrid that has just enough of a sativa kick to keep you feeling alert and stimulated while still delivering a heavy indica body high. Rockstar … Read more


Best Weed Strains: Top 15 Strains for Smoking and Growing

If you’re looking for the best weed strains, you’re not short on options. Marijuana comes in various types, from indica strains that provide deep relaxation and relief for pain, stress, and insomnia to stimulating sativa strains that enhance your mood, senses, and creativity while relieving anxiety and depression. Not to mention hybrid strains, which offer … Read more