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Strain Review: Romulan

Owing its name to a humanoid alien race from Star Trek, Romulan is a 99% pure indica strain with a notorious resin production and high potency. However, over the course of the years, Cannabis sativa genetics began to creep in, giving the flower a buzzing cerebral high.

These features make Romulan the perfect choice who want to unwind after a stressful day or are looking for a smooth herbal nightcap.

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Particularly popular in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia, the Romulan strain has been featured in plenty of publications, such as High Times, Cannabis Culture, and Skunk.

Romulan Origins

The exact origins of the Romulan cannabis strain remain unknown but many breeders suggest the flower to have emerged in the Kush region of Afghanistan. In 1996, Romulan clones were saved from near-extinction by Federation Sees. The company crossed it with the popular White Rhino strain.

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Since then, breeders have continued to hybridize the strain to the point where only 3% of the original White Rhino genetics remain. 

Romulan has given birth to many variations, including White Romulan, Purple Romulan, Grape Romulan, and Romulan Diesel. All of these hybrids come with a remarkably relaxing body high spiced up with an exciting cerebral buzz.

Cannabis Strain NameTerpeneAromaEffectsCBD Level (%)THC Level (%)Plant Species
White RomulanPineneEarthy, Pine, CitrusRelaxing, Pain Relief<118-22Indica dominant
Purple RomulanMyrceneSweet, Grape, EarthyRelaxing, Calming<115-19Indica dominant
Grape RomulanMyrceneGrape, Earthy, SweetRelaxing, Euphoric<116-20Indica dominant
Romulan DieselLimoneneCitrus, Diesel, EarthyEnergizing, Uplifting<118-22Hybrid
The different variations provide slightly different aromas and experiences, ranging from the grape-flavored undertones in Grape Romulan to the more energizing effects of Romulan Diesel.

Romulan Genetics

Romulan Genetics

As mentioned, Romulan was originally a 100% indica strain, although the plant’s genetics evolved over the years and the influence of sativa has slowly grown as well. Some phenotypes of this flower are known to carry up to 25% sativa. This strain is extremely potent and many seasoned weed aficionados joke that it’s capable of “denting your head.” 

Other popular names for this variety include Romulan green, Romulan Kush, and Star Trek Weed.

Romulan THC Content

Romulan is a very potent strain. Compared to the average THC content of most indicas (around 12%), Romulan boasts 16% of this psychoactive cannabinoid on average. Some phenotypes of this flower may contain up to 20% THC. 

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Experienced consumers choose to enjoy Romulan in the evening or at night to achieve both physical and mental relaxation. New users should start with low doses given its high potency to avoid the side effects such as confusion or dizziness.

Romulan Appearance

The buds of the Romulan strain are dense and tightly-packed, offering large amounts of resinous product with a single nugget. The flowers can have different shades of green, threaded through with copper pistils curling in between the crystal-coated sugar leaves. Speaking of which, Romulan is known for intense trichome production, making it very sticky to the touch.

Romulan Fragrances & Flavors

Romulan Fragrances and Flavors

Once you break up its nuggets, Romulan will release pure pungence overflowing the space with its dank aromas of earth and pine. While the aroma profile is not all that unique or different than other Kush strains, Romulan smells very appealing. However, if you prefer more citrusy and herbal notes, the strain might be a little bit intense for your nose.

The smoke is generally smooth, even for less experienced users. The aroma of Romulan carries over to its flavor, adding spicy, citrus, and woodsy notes to the original notes of pine. When it hits your palate, it leaves a candy-like sweetness, adding up to your sensory experience.

Romulan Effects

Romulan is a legendary Indica-dominant hybrid that can be a hard-hitter in the hands of inexperienced users. More seasoned consumers began joking that the bud works like a glue, getting you stuck to one spot and inducing sleepy laziness.

The strain also lets the user embrace a euphoric blanket of bliss and euphoria while being a powerful appetite stimulant. If you don’t have any snacks at hand, then don’t start your smoking session, as the munchies are going to stick with you until the end of the high.

Romulan is also great for those looking to engage in creative tasks that involve lots of brainstorming. This is particularly true for the initial stage of the high when the strain hits you with its cerebral stimulation. However, if you have something important planned that day, we suggest that you save this bud for an evening session. Otherwise, you might want to reschedule your plans.

On top of that, Romulan does a decent job as a body relaxant, reducing different types of physical discomforts, such as muscle strains, soreness, headaches, and inflammation.

Potential Side Effects

As with the vast majority of cannabis strains, dry mouth and dry, red eyes are the obvious side effects. If you want to minimize their impact, just keep yourself well hydrated before, during, and after using Romulan. For the eyes, you may apply eye drops to reduce dryness and the bloodshot-eye effect.

Those who are particularly sensitive to the psychoactive effects of THC should keep their intake of Romulan in moderation. It’s better to err on the side of caution because, at higher doses, the initially relaxing properties of THC may backfire at you, elevating anxiety and leading to distress.

That’s because Romulan comes with only trace amounts of CBD, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid that alters the aforementioned side effects. 

It’s important to take the dosing slow, regardless of the consumption method. And if you’re using the Romulan strain to make edibles, you should be particularly cautious, as this form of cannabis has a delayed onset and the effects appear gradually as the THC gets released to the bloodstream.

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Final Thoughts on the Romulan Cannabis Strain

Potential Side Effects

Named after the alien Star Trek race, Romulan is a potent strain highly regarded for its relaxing qualities. Though mostly indica, some varieties of this flower show noticeable signs of the sativa influence.

Marked by bulky, pine-scented nuggets, Romulan also has intense resin production on its sugar leaves, which are an indicator of the strain’s potency.

If you’re looking for an evening bud to wash away the stress and relieve a range of mental conditions while achieving full-body relaxation, Romulan will be the perfect match. Just make sure not to go overboard to keep the heavily intoxicating properties at bay.

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