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Does CBD Oil Expire or Go Bad? What are the Possible Signs?

Does CBD oil expire or go bad? That question is at the heart of our discussion below, and after reading the material, you should have an understanding of the answer. So if anyone should ask you, “When does CBD oil expire?” or “How long does CBD oil take to expire?” you should have a ready answer for them. 

The short answer to this question is – Yes. Like all other natural compounds, CBD oil will eventually degrade and lose most of its healing power.

However, this gradual drift toward expiration doesn’t happen for quite a while, and you should have plenty of time to ingest the oil before it loses effectiveness. We’ll discuss more of just what those signs are, as well as the factors that contribute to the degradation.

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Does CBD Oil Really Expire?

Yes, it does. Being made of all-natural elements, CBD oil will be subject to degradation just like any other natural compound. You can read about the specific factors that will have the greatest impact on deterioration below. 

Once you’re aware of the biggest contributors to having CBD oil go bad, you can prolong the shelf life of your product, to get the most from it. After all, you’ve made a somewhat expensive buy, and you should maximize that purchase.

How Long Does CBD Oil Take to Expire?

After about one to two years of sitting on your shelf, CBD oil will begin to expire. This is only natural, and although shelf life can be prolonged by taking several steps, the eventual deterioration is unavoidable. 

However, one whole year is a long time, and during that time there should be ample opportunity to consume the CBD oil somehow, so expiration doesn’t become an issue. 

Continue reading below to learn about some of the factors that can have the biggest impact on the shelf life of your CBD oil.

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What are the Factors that Affect a CBD Oil’s Shelf Life?

There are actually quite a few factors that can affect how long your CBD oil will remain in good condition on the shelf. If you keep these in mind, you should be able to extend the shelf life of your product toward the longer end of the scale, i.e., closer to the two-year expiration date.


Each of the ingredients used to make your CBD oil will have its own expiration date, and that will, of course, have an impact on the shelf life of the product in general. 

This is especially true if ingredients like flavorings have been added, so it’s important to know exactly what your oil contains. It’s best to buy CBD oil that’s as pure as possible, so it doesn’t contain ingredients that will shorten the shelf life of your product.


Starting with high-quality CBD oil extracted from quality hemp plants is one of the best ways to ensure a longer shelf life. 

Hemp that’s grown in the soil of poor quality has often been treated more with fertilizers and pesticides, and these can cause it to degrade faster than it naturally should.

Type of CBD

The type of CBD oil you’re dealing with will have a major impact on shelf life because purer forms of CBD will always last longer. 

That means pure types like isolates will generally have the longest shelf lives because they are starting as the purest form of CBD available.

Extraction Method Used

The extraction method used will have an impact because it can have a strong effect on the concentration of the CBD oil as well as the stability of its compounds. 

In this regard, the best extraction method is carbon dioxide extraction since it tends to maximize yield and provide the longest shelf life.


If you’re careless about where your CBD oil is stored, it can cause premature degradation of your CBD oil. 

That’s why it’s best to store your product at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. Exposing it to high temperatures or extreme lighting will definitely shorten the life of your CBD oil.


The container your CBD oil comes in can also have an impact on its shelf life. 

The best packaging will include a dark or opaque covering that filters out extreme lighting. The package should also be airtight to prevent mixing with the atmosphere and contributing to degradation.

What are the Signs that Your CBD Oil Has Expired?

Sometimes the health reasons that you’re taking CBD oil have subsided, and you don’t need to take the oil for some extended period. 

Then, when your chronic pain returns, and you are again in need of the healing properties of CBD oil, you may want to start taking it again. But – has it expired? There should be an expiration date printed somewhere on the labeling, but that date can certainly be pushed forward by any of the factors described above. 

If you just aren’t sure whether your CBD oil has expired, there are a few checks you can make to see if it’s still useful and effective.


In its normal state, most CBD oil has an earthy, generally pleasant odor. If you can sniff your product and detect any kind of bad odor, there’s a good chance that it has expired. 

To confirm, you should make some of the other checks described below.


If you have a flavored CBD oil, this check may not be as useful as it might be. 

Normally, unflavored CBD oil will have an earthy, relatively mild flavor when you taste it. 

If you taste something pungent or bitter, chances are your oil has already gone bad.


If the color of your CBD oil has become darker than when you purchased it, that could be an indication that it’s begun to deteriorate. 

Look for murkiness in the oil that wasn’t there when you originally bought it.


When you notice that your CBD oil has become thicker compared to when you first bought it. This is one good sign it has started to go bad. 

Also, check if the ingredients have begun separating inside the bottle since this is another indicator of degradation.

What Happens When You Consume Expired CBD Oil?

There’s no need to panic if you unknowingly ingest CBD oil that has expired. It’s more than likely you won’t feel any adverse effects from consuming it whatsoever. 

You also will not be gaining any of the normal benefits of consuming CBD oil since the cannabinoids contained in the oil will have degraded, and these are the elements that interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system. 

Since this interaction does not take place with expired cannabinoids, the health benefit just isn’t there with expired CBD oil.

How Do You Properly Store CBD Oil to Extend Its Shelf Life?

Given that the storage method is one of the factors that can have a major impact on the shelf life of your CBD oil, it becomes important to store your product in the most favorable conditions possible. 

One thing to avoid in your storage strategy is anywhere that can rise to temperatures above room temperature, for instance, a room or closet that routinely becomes warm when bathed in sunlight. 

Any room close to the kitchen, where a stove might raise the temperature significantly, should also be avoided.

Along those same lines, avoid bright sunlight or strong interior lighting because this can also contribute to more rapid degradation. 

Store your product instead in a relatively darkened area that does not receive hours of steady light or sunlight. 

It’s also usually a good idea to keep the original packaging from your CBD oil since this will usually include a dark or opaque package that doesn’t allow sunlight inside.

The main takeaways from this article should be the fact that CBD oil does indeed expire and that this expiration date will normally come starting after one year and leading up to two years. 

But keep in mind that there are some factors, such as the original purity of the product and your storage method that can either extend or shorten that shelf life. 

You should be able to tell if your product has gone bad by checking on its color, its smell, and its taste.

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