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How Much CBD Oil to Put in Tea? Are One or Two Drops Enough?  

People who have grown accustomed to using CBD oil might wonder how much of it to put in tea, in order to really enjoy the benefits of both. This is an excellent question, and that’s why we have devoted this entire blog to answering it fully. Armed with the information included below, you’ll be able to make your own CBD-infused tea at home, so you can experience the advantages provided by healthful CBD oil, combined with the great flavor of your favorite tea.

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Putting CBD oil in tea is not a brand-new idea, and in truth, it has been around almost as long as CBD oil itself has. Somewhere along the line, someone had the brilliant idea of combining two favorite substances into one. While this combo may not be as popular as CBD chocolate and peanut butter, or soup and sandwich, it is quickly becoming one of the most popular drinks among CBD lovers.

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One of the issues associated with purchasing CBD oil is the fact that it is a virtually unregulated industry around the globe. That means there can be a great deal of variability in the quality of the product you buy, as well as the potency. 

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Now let’s get into the topic of finding out how much CBD oil you can exactly put into your tea.

Can You Put CBD Oil in Tea?

The short answer to this is a definite ‘yes’, because CBD oil won’t get you high, and you’ll enjoy all the benefits of taking CBD oil. Achieving things such as a more relaxed state of mind and freedom from any number of aches and pains. Many people like to enjoy a cup of tea before bedtime, and when you add some CBD oil to your tea, it will enhance the overall effect and probably provide you with an even better night’s sleep.

Why Add CBD Oil To Your Tea?

Many people like to add CBD oil to their tea as a soothing, calming beverage that prepares you for a good night’s sleep. It helps to relax the body and to reduce or eliminate the stresses from daily activities and encounters. There are some kinds of tea that are especially conducive to helping you achieve a good night’s sleep, such as chamomile, lavender, passion flower, and valerian root. If you combine your CBD oil with one of these teas, you’ll probably enjoy a very restful sleep.

Sometimes, chronic pain inhibits your sleep or your daytime activity, for that matter, and CBD oil can be very effective at reducing the aches and pains that might keep you awake at night. If you include CBD oil with your favorite tea each day, it’s very possible that you’ll also start to lose weight, although this is not one of the common reasons for combining the two. In a similar vein, you might experience beneficial detoxification when drinking CBD-infused tea, since CBD is an antioxidant. All antioxidants work as detoxifying agents in the body, removing unwanted buildups of toxins and free radicals.

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How Much CBD Oil Do You Need to Put In Your Tea?

As with taking CBD oil by itself, adding it to your favorite tea should be in an amount that you know you can tolerate and which will still allow you to derive all the positive benefits of the compound. Since everyone has different body chemistry, different amounts of CBD oil will also be effective for virtually everyone. This is directly related to several influences, such as your body weight, your tolerance for CBD, and the potency of the CBD oil itself.

However, as with taking CBD oil by itself, it’s best to start on the low end of the spectrum, adding a single dropper of oil to your tea. Keep in mind that oil and water do not readily mix, so some of the CBD oil you add will end up on the sides of your cup and not be combined with the tea mixture. Adding a little milk will help the oil combine better with the tea, so you will lose less of the impact. If you have a bottle of CBD oil containing 450 mg of oil, one dropper would probably equate to about 15 mg, and that will be sufficient as a starting point.

How Long Does It Take for CBD-Infused Tea to Kick In?

Be aware that drinking CBD oil with tea is one of the methods of ingestion that takes a little longer to kick in, as opposed to, say, consuming it as a tincture under the tongue. That’s because there are blood vessels located directly under the tongue, so CBD can be absorbed right into the bloodstream very quickly. Any time CBD is either eaten or drunk, it will take a longer period for it to take effect.

This being the case, you can expect to feel the effects of the CBD oil after about 30 to 60 minutes, since it must follow an entirely different track through your body before being absorbed into the bloodstream. You can expedite this process by ensuring that you drink your tea on an empty stomach, and by consuming your tea in a relatively short period of time. This will guarantee that the maximum effect of the CBD oil will hit in the shortest possible time frame.

FAQs about CBD Oil and Tea

How do you usually make CBD-infused tea?

If you choose not to purchase teas that have already been infused with CBD oil, you can certainly make your own brew at home. To do this, you’ll have to boil some water, pour it in a cup with a teabag of your choice, allow it to steep for about four minutes, and then add in your CBD oil. Use a dosage similar to what you would normally take on your own.

Does CBD-infused tea make you feel tired?

On its own, CBD-infused tea will not make you feel tired, but it will calm you down to a point where your body is more receptive to the process of falling asleep. If you’re aiming to achieve the benefits of a good night’s sleep, you can add some melatonin or take a CBD sleep gummy.

Is CBD tea good for weight loss?

This is not one of the stated benefits of drinking the mixture since there is inadequate research available on its effectiveness. However, anecdotal evidence supports the fact that regular consumption of CBD-infused tea can indeed help you to lose weight as shown in this article.

Drinking CBD-infused tea can be a great delight for almost anyone, especially if you’re already a tea-lover in the first place. It can also deliver a number of benefits that make it even more desirable, for instance preparing your mind and body for a good night’s sleep. CBD-infused tea also helps to detoxify your body and may even help you to lose some weight, on top of the enjoyable experience of consuming it in the first place.

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