What Is Kief and How Do You Use It?

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While there are many types of cannabis concentrates made via complex extraction processes, one of the easiest cannabis extracts to get your hands on is kief. Also known as dry sift, “kief” refers to the dried trichome particles that break away from your cannabis buds. You can often find kief in the bottom of your weed grinder, but it can also be collected via other collection methods.

Kief is usually collected, stored, and even sold due to its usability. You can add kief to your joints or bowls to enhance your high. You can also use kief to make other products such as hash and rosin. So what is kief, how do you get ahold of it, and how do you use it? Here’s everything you need to know.

What Is Kief?

Every strain of cannabis is covered in small, resinous glands known as trichomes. These are the parts of weed where THC and other cannabinoids are produced. Initially, these trichomes are like small, sticky crystals. Eventually, they dry out and become dusty, greenish-brown particles. These dried trichome particles are known as “kief”.

Kief is also known by a few other names, such as dust, keef, and most commonly, dry sift. While kief naturally breaks away from cannabis buds, it can also be collected using special sifting tools such as kief screens. Many grinders also contain a screen and collection chamber specifically for collecting kief.

Since the trichomes are the part of the cannabis plant where THC is produced and stored, kief is much more potent than the cannabis flower itself. A good chunk of kief will contain a good amount of THC, and it’s often added to weed in a joint or bowl to induce stronger effects. Kief is also commonly used to make high-THC cannabis concentrates such as hash, rosin, and moon rocks.

How To Collect Kief

Due to its potency, kief is often removed from cannabis buds and collected for a variety of uses. The simplest way to collect kief is to grind your weed using a weed grinder. The dried trichome particles will eventually collect in the bottom of the grinder, and some grinders even come with kief collection chambers. However, it takes a long time to collect a large stash of kief this way.

Using a kief screen or pollen box can also work. Marijuana is sifted using one of these tools to separate the dried trichome particles from the rest of the plant. It can take a lot of weed to collect a good batch of kief, but this method is much faster than collecting kief from a grinder. You can also combine marijuana buds with dry ice in a mesh bag to separate dry sift from the buds.

The easiest way to get a good batch of kief is to simply buy kief online. Much like other cannabis concentrates, you can find kief in a range of strains and quantities and order it for convenient home delivery. For instance, you might want to buy Mac 1 Top-Shelf Kief and add it to your joints or bowls or even use it to make hash.

How To Use Kief By Smoking

How To Use Kief By Smoking

One of the best ways to use kief is to combine it with weed for smoking purposes. Since kief is packed with THC, adding some to your joints can provide much stronger effects. Plus, you can combine different strains of kief and weed to alter your high, making for a unique and enjoyable smoking experience.

Adding kief to a joint is simple. Start by adding your usual amount of weed (or a little less if you don’t want it to be too strong) to your rolling paper. You can then sprinkle some kief on top before rolling. As you light your joint, the kief will burn along with the weed and each puff will give you powerful psychoactive effects.

If you prefer to use a pipe or bong, you can also add kief to your bowl. Start by packing your bowl with weed and sprinkle some of your kief on top. As you light your bowl, the kief will burn along with the weed and you’ll get flavorful, potent hits. This is one of the easiest ways to enhance your high with stronger effects.

How To Make Kief Into Hash

Kief is also used to make powerful cannabis concentrates, with hash being one of the most popular examples. There are a few ways you can make hash with kief – the easiest is to simply compress your kief using a Pollen Press. Simply fill the device with your kief and compress it for around 8 hours – this will give you a solid block of hash.

Another method involves wrapping kief in parchment paper and filling a glass jar with hot water. After sealing your jar and wrapping your kief, roll the hot jar over the package of kief for around 8 to 10 minutes. The heat and pressure will cause the kief to bind into a block of hash. You can then place it in the fridge to loosen the paper.

After making your hash, you can prime it using a lighter and use it in various ways. Like kief, some people add hash to their joints or bowls for stronger effects. It can also be used with a dry herb vaporizer or even used with a dab rig. You can also buy Kief Hash online.

How To Make Kief Into Rosin

Another popular way to use kief is to use it to make rosin. Rosin extraction involves applying heat and pressure to cannabis flower, kief, or hash to produce a potent, amber extract. Rosin can be similar in texture to shatter, wax, or oil depending on how it’s extracted.

Although rosin can technically be made with a hair straightener, it’s best to make it using a Rosin Press. You must first wrap your kief in parchment paper or pack it tightly into a rosin mesh bag. You then place it between the plates of your Rosin Press and press down firmly.

Ideally, you should use a temperature of around 160-180ºF and press for at least 60 seconds. You’ll notice an amber substance emerging from your parchment paper or rosin bag. After leaving the product to cool and unwrapping it, you’ll have a nice batch of rosin that you can smoke, vape, or dab.

How To Make Kief Into Rosin


Kief refers to the dried trichome particles that break away from cannabis buds. You can either use kief to enhance your joints and bowls or use it to make powerful extracts such as hash and rosin. You can also coat your cannabis buds in melted shatter and roll them in kief to make moon rocks.

Although kief can be collected from a grinder or kief screen, it’s best to simply buy it online. That way, you can get a good batch of high-quality kief to use in various ways. You can find kief along with various other cannabis concentrates and other high-quality products at Buy My Weed Online.

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