Best CBD Gummies for Pain

Best CBD Gummies for Pain

Over the past few years, CBD products have overwhelmingly made their way into a wide range of personal care products and food items. Known for its health benefits, CBD is a naturally occurring compound derived from the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive, and therefore, popular among medical cannabis users.  There are various … Read more

Your CBD Gummy Purchasing Guide

Your CBD Gummy Purchasing Guide

CBD is the second most common compound in the cannabis plant after THC. It’s famous for its wide range of wellness benefits, which is why it’s common among medical cannabis users. And unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive, meaning it doesn’t get you high. For this reason, the CBD market is saturated with various types … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Cannabis Capsules

Everything You Need To Know About Cannabis Capsules

Methods of cannabis consumption continue to grow, and the right choice largely depends on the kind of experience you want. For instance, some of the most popular products available include cannabis flower, concentrates, edibles, and tinctures, all of which have pros and cons. However, another one of the most convenient ways to get the effects … Read more

What Are THC Pills

What Exactly Are THC Pills?

People have come up with some innovative ways to consume weed over the years. Although smoking remains the most popular mode of weed consumption, other methods like vaping, tinctures, topical formulations, and edibles are also available. That said, there’s a new player in town, and it’s making waves among cannabis users all over the world … Read more

How to Make Edibles With Kief

How to Make Edibles With Kief

Nothing hurts more than finding your favorite cannabis strain reduced to powder, especially when you’re out of weed. But don’t fret just yet. This isn’t your regular powder; this is kief, and it’s very potent.  You can always smoke it, but the small bits of the cannabis plant will end up in your mouth, and … Read more


Brewing With Cannabis: Using THC and CBD in Beer

CBD is legal in many states in the US, although it’s still not yet regulated as a dietary supplement by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). You will, however, find CBD in muscle balms and creams for athletes. Even energy drink companies are starting to market sports drinks infused with CBD. It’s no wonder the … Read more

The Effect of Pairing Foods With Cannabis

Marijuana in the Mix: The Effect of Pairing Foods With Cannabis

If you use marijuana for recreational or medical purposes, you now have many exciting options. This is great news, especially if you don’t like to smoke. Although many people still prefer to inhale weed, there’s another way to get the effects and benefits of cannabis. By now, you’ve probably heard of or even consumed edibles. … Read more


The Four Best Cannabis Soup Recipes

With cannabis legalized in Canada and 33 states in the U.S., people are coming up with all kinds of ways to use it. Sure, a lot of individuals still enjoy smoking and vaping, but others like all the new options. That includes making edibles, buying flavoured CBD oil, making cannabis topicals, and more. Of the … Read more


Making Cannabis Butter From Vaporizer Leftovers

Now that marijuana use is legal in many places throughout North America, demand continues to skyrocket. However, that’s also led to the emergence of new trends regarding ways to enjoy it. The original method, which remains popular, is to smoke a joint. Now, people can also use weed to make delicious edibles, use the wax … Read more


How Many Calories Are in Popular Cannabis Edibles?

For many people, the word “calories” is almost a taboo word. Many adults spend time counting calories and ensuring they eat enough to build muscle or don’t eat too much to help maintain a healthy weight. Though the word “calorie” is such a large part of our vocabulary, most people don’t really know what it … Read more

How to Hide the Taste of Weed in Edibles

How to Hide the Taste of Weed in Edibles

Weed edibles are one of the most popular cannabis products. They appeal to those who are new to the cannabis world and want to try it but aren’t ready or able to smoke marijuana. They also appeal to experienced cannabis users. They offer an inconspicuous way to get your cannabis hit and are easy to … Read more

How to Hide the Taste of Weed in Edibles

Weed-infused Beer Is a Real Thing: Here’s How to Make It

Nothing quite beats coming home after a long day, putting your feet up, and cracking open a nice cold beer. Well, almost nothing. Imagine cracking open a cold can of beer that also contains a bit of marijuana, adding a little something extra to your end-of-the-day routine. It may seem impossible, but weed-infused beer is … Read more


3 New Edibles to Try in 2021

2021 has begun, and it has done so with a bang. Vaccines are ready, and the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 is all but over.  The whole world is ready to finally close this difficult chapter, and move towards a better and brighter future. The year brings hope with itself, and also the end to the … Read more


Top 5 Weed Infused Recipes For The Holidays

Christmas is here, and now is the time to be jolly and celebrate the season with laughter and joy. To us, nothing is more merrier than edibles infused with premium quality cannabis. And we deserve it as well, when we look at the unfortunate and highly unpleasant year we have had. It’s better to end … Read more


Marijuana Edibles Guide: A Comprehensive Guide to Cannabis Edibles

Not only is it easier than ever to buy marijuana in the modern age, but there are also more ways to use it than ever. While smoking joints or hitting a Marijuana Vaporizer works well enough for most users, you might occasionally want something stronger, longer-lasting, and more convenient. In these situations, one of the … Read more


5 Best Edibles for Sleep

When it comes to insomnia, there really isn’t any better or more fun cure than marijuana. In fact, this delicious, psychoactive strain has been helping people sleep and manage pain, along with other conditions, for centuries now. However, the market has evolved, and a lot of people today do not want to smoke weed, or … Read more