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How to Stop a Joint From Canoeing in 8 Easy and Simple Steps

We all love the ritual of puff-puff-pass, but there’s nothing more frustrating than having that circle broken by the notorious “canoeing.”

For those who might not know, “canoeing” occurs when one side of the joint burns faster than the other.

This uneven burn not only wastes your money and weed, but also ruins the entire smoking experience.

Luckily, there are measures you can take to prevent and fix this issue.

Why Do Joints Canoe?

Canoeing is caused by a blend of the joint’s construction, the quality of the cannabis, the lighting method, and external factors like wind.

This combination of factors results in the canoe effect, where one side burns more rapidly than the other, affecting the overall smoking experience.

While it’s a common issue, understanding its causes is the first step in preventing it, ensuring an even and enjoyable burn every time.

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How Do You Roll a Joint So It Stops From Canoeing

Below are the possible solutions you can use to stop your joint from canoeing:

1. Grind the Cannabis

Using a herb grinder, ensure your cannabis is finely and uniformly ground. Avoid overly large or powdery consistencies.

We recommend checking out our guide on how to properly use a weed grinder if you want to learn more about the proper way of using it.

2. Check the Grind for Stems and Seeds

After grinding, sift through the cannabis and remove any stems or seeds, as these can create air pockets, potentially causing the joint to canoe.

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3. Pack Uniformly

When filling your rolling paper, make sure to apply even pressure across the joint. This ensures uniform airflow and burning.

4. Roll Tightly But Not Too Tight

Roll the joint as tightly as possible without restricting airflow. Uneven or loose rolls can lead to canoeing.

5. Light Evenly

When igniting your joint, ensure you light it evenly around its entire circumference. A joint that’s not evenly lit can start canoeing right from the beginning.

Read our guide on how to properly light a joint to make sure you’re doing it the right way. Trust us, there’s more to lighting a joint than you might think.

6. Mind External Factors

Smoke in calm conditions. Wind can cause uneven burning. If it’s windy, shield your joint or create a wind block while lighting.

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7. Act Quickly If Canoeing Starts

If you notice the joint starting to canoe, you can moisten the faster-burning side slightly with water or saliva. Alternatively, you can use a lighter to burn the unlit section to even it out.

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8. Practice Regularly

Like any skill, rolling the perfect joint will take practice. With time, you’ll master the techniques needed to prevent canoeing.

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What Should I Do If My Joint Continues to Canoe?

If you’ve followed our guide above and are still experiencing canoeing with your joints, try following these tips below:

Immediate Solutions

Here are some quick fixes you can try:

Use Quality Rolling Paper

The type of paper you use can significantly impact how the joint burns.

Opt for high-quality, thin rolling papers that burn slowly and evenly. Thick papers or those with added chemicals can lead to uneven burning.

Consider exploring rolling paper alternatives while you’re at it. Options include tissue papers, empty cigarette tubes, rose petals, tampon papers, and even gum wrappers.

Maintain Optimal Moisture Levels

Cannabis that’s too dry will burn quickly and unevenly. Conversely, overly moist cannabis can make it difficult to maintain a consistent burn.

Store your cannabis in an airtight container with a humidity pack to maintain optimal moisture levels.

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Rotate Your Joint

As you smoke, regularly rotate the joint. This promotes even burning, especially if one side begins to canoe.

Ash Regularly

Don’t let the ash build up too much. A long ash can disrupt airflow and cause the joint to burn unevenly.

Tap off the ash gently once it gets to about a half-inch in length.

Consider a Crutch or Filter

Using a crutch (a small piece of cardboard) or a filter at the end of the joint can help maintain airflow, leading to a more even burn.

This also prevents any cannabis from entering your mouth as you draw.

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Avoid Overloading the Joint

While it might be tempting to roll a fat joint, overloading it with too much cannabis can disrupt airflow and lead to canoeing.

Find a balance where the joint is adequately filled but not overstuffed.

Long-Term Solutions

Looking for long-term solutions? We’ve got those as well:

Experiment with Different Brands and Types of Rolling Papers

Not all papers are created equal. Some may have a more even burn than others.

Try a few different brands to see if you find one that works better for you.

Here in BMWO, we’ve got RAW, Juicy Jays, Justin Beaver, Pure Hemp, and more, so why don’t you hop on over our Rolling Papers section so that you can shop to your hearts content?

Invest in a Rolling Machine

If you suspect your rolling technique might be the issue, consider using a rolling machine.

These devices are designed to produce evenly packed and consistently shaped joints, which can minimize canoeing.

Try Different Cannabis Strains

Different strains have varying densities and moisture levels, which can affect how they burn.

If you find a particular strain consistently causes canoeing, try switching to another to see if it makes a difference.

Browse our Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid Strains sections to experiment and discover which strain suits you best.

Also, consider exploring our Dried Flowers section for all the available weed options here at Buy My Weed Online.

Pre-Rolled Cones

If you’re open to an alternative, consider using pre-rolled cones.

They’re designed for consistency and often provide a more even burn compared to manually rolled joints.

Note: While we mentioned pre-rolled cones as a suitable alternative, we currently don’t stock them in our shop.

However, we do offer our very own pre-rolled joints in various sizes, including regular, king-sized, and premium.

Why not consider checking them out?


If you’re consistently struggling with canoeing and it’s affecting your experience, consider trying a vaporizer.

Vaporizing heats the cannabis without combustion, offering a different experience without the concerns of an uneven burn.

Explore our Vape Pens section to view our available pens, and find a range of THC vape juice and carts to complement your choice.

Seek Advice from Fellow Enthusiasts

Sometimes, the best insights come from sharing experiences.

Talk to friends or visit local dispensaries to seek advice on how they prevent canoeing as learning from the mistakes of others can save you time in finding the right solution.

But if that’s not enough, feel free to drop your questions in our comment section below.

Along with our team, many of our shop’s customers and readers are more than happy to answer any questions they feel confident addressing.

So don’t hesitate to ask for help; someone who can assist you in preventing your joints from canoeing might be reading this very article.

Now, if you’re keen to learn more about cannabis in general, consider browsing our blog.

We cover a wide range of topics, from ‘Why Does My Throat Burn After Smoking Weed?’ to ‘What Are the Best Animated Movies to Watch While High?’

At Buy My Weed Online your go-to online weed dispensary, our goal is to provide you with both quality products and valuable information. Your overall experience is our utmost priority, and we work diligently to ensure your satisfaction.

So to end things, remember this: like any skill, mastering the art of rolling takes time.

With each roll, you’ll come to understand the nuances of your cannabis, the paper, and your surroundings. The goal is to enjoy the journey as much as the final product.

While striving for the perfect joint is commendable, it’s the experience that truly makes it worthwhile

Happy rolling!

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