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The 20 Best Animated Movies to Watch While High

Kicking back with an animated movie during a high is our favorite Saturday night ritual.

The intricate details in these films, from the vibrant colors to the meticulous linework, settings, and character designs, all play pivotal roles in amplifying the story’s nuances.

These elements reach out, captivating us as viewers, and pulling us into their world.

Now, throw a chill smoking sesh into the mix, and watching these animated masterpieces?

Well, that’s just the ultimate vibe.

What are the Best Animated Movies to Watch While You’re High?

Ready to turn movie night into a mind-blowing trip? Here’s our handpicked list to get you started.

1. Fantasia

Man, ever wanted to dive into the orchestra pit during a concert? Fantasia is like that – but without the broken bones.

It’s a trippy mix of live-action orchestra sessions and bombastic animations that perfectly sync with epic tunes. Get this: each musical number either tells a dope story, paints wild, colorful pictures, or just rides on the vibes of the music.

Just imagine watching dancing mushrooms or Mickey Mouse going bonkers with some magical mishaps, all while you’re baked. It’s a visual and musical feast, dude.

Why Watch It?

The classics slap, especially when high. You got Bach, Tchaikovsky, and Dukas guiding your trip with their iconic tracks, while mind-bending animations play. The mix of real orchestra and these wild animated tales? It’s like blending two realities. And if you’re feeling the vibes, this is the trip you didn’t know you needed.

2. Perfect Blue

Pop idol life turning into a spooky web mystery? Sounds like a wild ride, right? Mima’s this idol turned actress, and as she steps into the world of acting, things start getting freaky.

With creepy fan letters, and a scary-real website that seems to know her every move, Mima’s world spirals into a haze of illusion and reality. It’s dark, it’s gripping, and it’s the kind of mind-twist you wanna dive into.

Why Watch It?

Perfect Blue isn’t just another animated flick; it’s a deep dive into the psyche. Being high while watching will only heighten the sense of “What the hell’s real?” It’s the perfect thing if you’re in the mood for a thriller that’ll have you questioning reality.

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3. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Alright, if you think you know Spider-Man, think again. This one’s a roller-coaster! Miles Morales, a teen from NYC, suddenly finds himself with Spidey powers.

But here’s the twist: multiple Spider-people from different dimensions pop up in his world. From a chill older Peter Parker to a spider-pig (yeah, you heard right), it’s all kinds of wacky. This movie’s packed with action, humor, feels, and some of the most vibrant animations you’ll ever see.

Why Watch It?

Because it’s Spider-Man like you’ve never seen him, man! The vivid colors, crazy cool animations, and the banger soundtrack make it perfect for a lifted movie night. Whether you’re a superhero fan or just in for a wild animated adventure, this one’s gonna leave your high self amazed.

4. Spirited Away

Chihiro, a young girl, is moving to a new town, but an unexpected detour introduces her to a supernatural world filled with fascinating spirits and characters, including a mysterious boy named Haku.

When her parents are transformed into pigs by a spell, she’s thrust into working in a magical bathhouse run by the shrewd Yubaba, where she fights to find a way to save them and herself.

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Why Watch It?

Spirited Away offers a dreamlike and whimsical journey, perfect for those elevated moments. Its intricate details, imaginative world, and rich colors provide a sensory treat that will leave viewers both enthralled and introspective.

5. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

Gwen Stacy teams up with multiple Spider-People from different universes, including Miles Morales, to stop a powerful enemy capable of tearing through dimensions. As they traverse through various alternate Earths, they confront challenges that test their relationships and resolve.

Why Watch It?

A visual masterpiece, this film weaves the vibrant aesthetics of several universes. It’s a roller-coaster ride filled with dynamic animation styles and fast-paced action sequences, making it a captivating watch when you’re floating in a haze.

6. Akira

Set in a post-apocalyptic Neo-Tokyo, young biker Tetsuo gains telekinetic abilities after an accident involving an enigmatic boy. As he grapples with his newfound powers, the city’s secrets begin to unravel, drawing his friend Kaneda into a government conspiracy surrounding the mysterious entity known as Akira.

Why Watch It?

Akira is a hallmark of anime, known for its intricate detail and ambitious storytelling. Its dystopian visuals and intense sequences can become particularly immersive and thought-provoking when you’re in an altered state.

7. Wreck It Ralph

Ralph, the bad guy in an arcade game, has had enough of playing the villain. Desperate for approval, he jumps between video games to earn a hero’s medal. But his actions have consequences, throwing the arcade world into chaos. Along the way, he befriends Vanellope, a glitchy racer with dreams of her own.

Why Watch It?

Filled with nostalgic nods to classic video games and vibrant, candy-colored visuals, Wreck It Ralph is a delightful journey of friendship and self-acceptance. Its quirky humor and heartwarming story make it a comforting and amusing choice when lighting up.

8. Your Name / Kimi No Nawa

In the serene town of Itomori, Mitsuha is just a regular high school student with dreams of life in the bustling city of Tokyo.

In a twist of fate, she starts swapping bodies with Taki, a boy from Tokyo. They live out each other’s lives during these switches, setting rules, and even meddling a bit in each other’s affairs. As a comet named Tiamat approaches Earth, the mystery deepens, and the connections between the two grow more complex.

Why Watch It?

Dive into a heartfelt story that’s more than just your average body swap comedy. Get lost in the charm of rural Japan and Tokyo’s city life, while unraveling the enigmatic bond between two souls. Pairs perfectly with a relaxed evening and maybe a light joint.

9. Sausage Party

Welcome to Shopwell’s, a supermarket where groceries eagerly wait to be chosen by their human gods. Frank the sausage and his girlfriend Brenda the bun dream of the promised “Great Beyond”. But when they discover the true fate awaiting them, they embark on a hilarious and slightly raunchy journey to uncover the truth.

Why Watch It?

Imagine if your groceries had feelings… and they were hilariously inappropriate about it. This isn’t your regular animated movie; it’s edgy, filled with laughs, and sure to be a hit on a chill night with friends and a bowl.

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10. Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

A thousand years after an apocalyptic war, Nausicaä, a compassionate princess, navigates a world with toxic forests and enormous mutant insects. As she seeks balance and coexistence, political intrigue and ancient prophecies drive her journey.

Why Watch It?

Ever wondered what the future might look like? Dive into this mesmerizing world, where nature’s fury meets human resilience. This classic is perfect for those introspective nights when you’re vibing with nature and looking for some deep storytelling.

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11. Soul

Joe Gardner is a passionate pianist stuck teaching at a school. But when a big break finally comes his way, a misstep sends him to a realm beyond life, the “Great Before”. Here, he encounters 22, a soul who’s been avoiding Earth for eons. Together, they explore the meaning of life, passion, and what truly makes us… us.

Why Watch It?

Jazz, life’s big questions, and a wild ride between realms – what more could you ask for? Whether you’re in for a laugh or an existential reflection, “Soul” vibes well with those chill, pondering nights.

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12. Samurai Champloo

Set in a unique blend of Edo-era Japan and modern hip-hop beats, Fuu, a tea waitress, gets entangled with Mugen, an unpredictable outlaw, and Jin, a calm ronin. Bound by a promise, they embark on a quest to find a peculiar samurai, leading them through adventures that are anything but ordinary.

Why Watch It?

Picture classic samurai action mixed with hip-hop beats. It’s a wild ride filled with swordfights, drama, and a kick-ass soundtrack. Light up, kick back, and journey through a Japan you’ve never seen before.

13. Rango

Alright, picture this: a chameleon with an identity crisis ends up in a wild desert town and gets crowned sheriff. It’s got desert vibes, quirky characters, and a killer storyline about finding water (and yourself).

Why Watch It?

If you’re looking to take a trip without leaving your couch, Rango’s got you covered. Dive into this trippy Western with a chameleon hero, laugh at the mad antics, and jam to some cool tunes. It’s a visual treat with a side of giggles, perfect for mellowing out.

14. Howl’s Moving Castle

Ever imagined living in a walking house? Sophie does just that after a bad run-in with a witch turns her old. She teams up with a heartthrob wizard, Howl, in a magical world that’s got everything from fire demons to living scarecrows.

Why Watch It?

Miyazaki’s magic will take you to a whole new dimension. Trust us, this isn’t just another animated flick—it’s a wild, whimsical ride! So, light up, sit back, and get lost in a world where castles move and love saves the day.

15. Redline

Think Fast & Furious but in space, with wilder cars and crazier characters. JP is racing for glory in the galaxy’s most insane race, the Redline. There’s adrenaline, there’s romance, and there’s a whole lot of revving.

Why Watch It?

If you’re in the mood for non-stop action with a side of cosmic chaos, Redline’s your jam. It’s fast, it’s furious, and it’s freaking beautiful to watch. Pop some popcorn, blaze up, and zoom into this interstellar race.

16. Entergalactic

Meet Jabari: NYC newbie, upcoming comic artist, and a magnet for wild adventures. From ex-girlfriend drama to some seriously wacky dream sequences, his life’s turning into its own comic strip.

Why Watch It?

Life’s a trip, and Entergalactic is all about the ride. Dive into Jabari’s world of love, laughs, and, well, a little bit of existential dread (in a fun way!). It’s relatable, chill, and the perfect backdrop for your next sesh.

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17. Paprika

Imagine diving deep into dreams with a device, and then those dreams starting to mesh with reality. That’s “Paprika” for you! Dr. Chiba uses her alter-ego, “Paprika”, to help people with their dream issues. But things get wild when the dream tech, the “DC Mini”, goes missing. From parades of randomness to intense dream chases, this movie takes you on a surreal journey.

Why Watch It?

Ever had a wild dream and thought, “that’d be a great movie”? Well, here it is! Dive deep into a visually stunning, mind-bending adventure. It’s trippy, it’s mesmerizing, and trust me, you won’t need any extra help to feel the effects.

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18. Fantastic Mr Fox

Mr. Fox is an ex-chicken thief turned journalist who’s craving one last big heist. He’s got schemes, he’s got swagger, and he’s got a tail to lose. Oh, and he’s also got three angry farmers on his tail (pun intended). Drama in the animal world? You betcha.

Why Watch It?

Feeling foxy? Join Mr. Fox on a quirky adventure that’s all about wit, wild chases, and a dash of family drama. Light-hearted with some dark humor, it’s a delightful watch that pairs perfectly with some chill vibes.

19. Ponyo

A fish girl named Ponyo, who’s super curious about the human world, ends up meeting a young boy named Sōsuke. This isn’t your typical fish-out-of-water story. There’s magic, tsunamis, and a whole lot of cuteness as Ponyo decides she’d rather be human.

Why Watch It?

Think “The Little Mermaid”, but make it extra whimsical. If you’re down for a heartwarming tale of friendship and transformation with stunning visuals, this is the pick. So get comfy, maybe with some munchies, and dive into Ponyo’s magical world.

20. Surf’s Up

It’s a mockumentary about penguins. Surfing penguins. Yup, you read that right. Cody Maverick is a young penguin with big surfing dreams and he’s out to prove he’s got what it takes in the Big Z Memorial surfing contest. But it’s not all waves and sunshine; there are rivalries, mysteries, and a whole lot of wipeouts.

Why Watch It?

Ride the wave with Cody and his quirky crew in this hilarious mockumentary. If you’re looking for laughs, sick surf moves, and penguins (who doesn’t love penguins?), this is the flick to chill with. Cowabunga, dude!

Tips When Watching Animated Movies While Being High

Alright, here’s the lowdown.

When you’re settling in for some animated goodness with a side of green, make sure you’re in a comfy spot with all your munchies within arm’s reach – nobody wants to pause during a wild chase or a heartwarming moment.

Keep the vibe relaxed, maybe throw in some cozy lighting, and have water on hand to stay hydrated.

Don’t forget, animated movies can be visually intense and incredibly immersive, especially when high. So let yourself get lost in the colors and stories, but also know your limits and ensure you’re in a safe space.

And that concludes our article on the ‘best animated movies to watch while high.’

If you’ve come across other animated movies that you’ve enjoyed and would like to share, kindly list them in the comment section.

We understand that the ones we recommended were mainstream; thus, discovering new releases that have yet to be explored feels like uncovering gems to us.

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With that said, we hope we’ve recommended enough animated videos for you to enjoy while you’re high.

And hey, if you find yourself dozing off halfway, no worries! These movies are always worth a re-watch.

Enjoy the trip, both in the film and in your mind! 

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