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15 Best Documentaries to Watch While High


Ever find yourself solo at home, the world around you tinged with that post-toke glow, thinking, “What now?” Sure, movies and games have their appeal. But sometimes, you want something a bit… deeper.

Enter the captivating world of documentaries.

I mean, who doesn’t like unraveling the mysteries of the universe with Neil deGrasse Tyson or witnessing Earth’s raw, untouched beauty, all from the comfort of their couch? It’s like an intellectual adventure for your high brain.

We’ve been down that rabbit hole, binging on documentaries that resonated, and thought, “Why not share this gold?”

So here’s our handpicked list of docu-gems perfect for when you’re riding that high wave.

So, fluff up those pillows, snag your choice of munchies, and maybe even ring up a buddy. Because, trust me, these documentaries hit different when you’re lifted.

Here’s a brief rundown of our recommendations

1. Planet Earth II
2. The Cosmos: Possible Worlds
3. The Social Dilemma
4. Koyaanisqatsi
5. The Blue Planet II
6. Jiro Dreams of Sushi
7. The Beatles: Eight Days a Week
8. Into the Inferno
9. The Wonderful: Stories from the Space Station
10. Samsara
11. HyperNormalisation
12. Faces Places
13. Man on Wire
14. Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things
15. Blackfish
We’ve explained these recommendations in-depth below.

Why Watch Documentaries When You’re High?

Marijuana has been known to enhance perceptual experiences, making colors more vibrant, sounds more resonant, and feelings more intense.

Watching documentaries while high can bring these experiences to new heights, making the learning process more engaging, emotionally charged, and enlightening.

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What are the Best Documentaries to Watch When You’re High?

When you’re high, the world opens up in new and fascinating ways.

From the profound to the psychedelic, these 15 documentaries will guide you on an extraordinary journey.

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Here’s a few to get you started:

1. Planet Earth II

This visually stunning 2016 nature documentary series by the BBC is the sequel to the acclaimed Planet Earth.

With immersive ultra-high-definition cinematography and captivating narration by Sir David Attenborough, you’ll explore the globe and see the wonders of nature in an entirely new light.

Why Watch It?

While you’re high, the exquisite landscapes and fascinating wildlife will draw you in and create a fully immersive experience.

The crisp images and the powerful Hans Zimmer soundtrack will make you feel as if you’re part of the journey.

Plus, the recognition and awards it has received assure you it’s a viewing experience worth your time.

2. The Cosmos: Possible Worlds

An intriguing follow-up to the series Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, this American science documentary hosted by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson explores the exciting, uncharted realms of our universe and potential future worlds.

Why Watch It?

If you’re interested in unraveling the mysteries of the universe while being high, this is the show for you.

Its visually striking journey through space and time, paired with Tyson’s engaging narration, will keep you riveted.

It’s a mind-expanding adventure that will give you a whole new perspective on life and existence.

3. The Social Dilemma

This docudrama film offers a chilling insight into the effects and influences of social media on society, our mental health, and how it manipulates our emotions and behavior for profit.

Why Watch It?

This is a must-watch if you want to understand the power that technology holds over us, particularly when you’re high and more open to deep, critical thinking.

The revelations and insights might be sobering, but they will undoubtedly spark fascinating conversations and perhaps even inspire changes in your digital behavior.

4. Koyaanisqatsi

Also known as Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance, this 1982 American experimental non-narrative film presents mesmerizing slow-motion and time-lapse footage of various natural and human-made landscapes.

Why Watch It?

When you’re high, this film can be a transcendental experience.

The combination of Philip Glass’s hypnotic music and the visual symphony of natural and urban scenes provides an overwhelming sensory immersion that will make you reflect on the state of our world.

5. The Blue Planet II

A sequel to The Blue Planet, this British nature documentary series narrated by Sir David Attenborough explores the diverse and wonderful life in our oceans and the issues they face due to pollution and climate change.

Why Watch It?

This awe-inspiring undersea journey will be enhanced while you’re high, with the deep blue waters, majestic marine life, and the haunting soundtrack enveloping your senses.

It’s an eye-opening experience that highlights the urgent need to protect our marine environment, sparking important conversations while providing mind-blowing visual spectacles.

6. Jiro Dreams of Sushi

This documentary brings to life the journey of 85-year-old sushi master Jiro Ono, owner of a Michelin three-star restaurant in Tokyo.

Jiro’s devotion to the craft, the subtle balance of ingredients, and the pursuit of perfection make this a mesmerizing viewing experience.

His relationship with his sons, both following in his footsteps, adds a layer of familial intrigue.

Why Watch It?

Imagine enjoying your favorite strain and immersing yourself in the artistry of sushi, a visual and gastronomic delight.

The storytelling is as smooth as the sushi rolling process itself, and the scenes of meticulous food preparation are satisfying and mesmerizing—a perfect pairing with an introspective, calm high.

7. The Beatles: Eight Days a Week

This documentary navigates the journey of The Beatles, from their beginnings at the Cavern Club in Liverpool to their final concert in San Francisco.

Directed by Ron Howard, the film captures the manic excitement and cultural impact of the band’s touring years.

Why Watch It?

The fusion of classic Beatles music and a captivating narrative provides a multi-sensory experience.

Coupled with your favorite strain, you’ll feel like you’re on tour with the Fab Four.

This film is a trip down memory lane, connecting music, history, and the cultural zeitgeist of the ’60s.

8. Into the Inferno

Join acclaimed director Werner Herzog and volcanologist Clive Oppenheimer as they explore active volcanoes and the communities living around them.

This documentary is an awe-inspiring exploration of nature’s destructive and creative power.

Why Watch It?

Enhance your high with breathtaking shots of molten lava and the staggering landscapes around active volcanoes.

You’ll find yourself caught in the primal, rhythmic pull of Earth’s fiery phenomenon, making this a compelling choice for a contemplative smoke session.

9. The Wonderful: Stories from the Space Station

This film shares the personal stories of men and women from around the world who have been part of the extraordinary International Space Station project.

It provides insight into human nature and our relationship with planet Earth.

Why Watch It?

Ever pondered about life in space while you’re high?

This documentary serves as the perfect fodder for those high musings, bringing you closer to the mysteries of the cosmos.

The intimate testimonials will make you feel connected to something much bigger than yourself—a great pick for a thoughtful and inspiring high.

10. Samsara

A non-narrative documentary that explores the “ever turning wheel of life”, Samsara captures stunning scenes from 25 countries, revealing the intricate connections between humanity and the natural world.

Why Watch It?

Samsara offers an unforgettable sensory journey that pairs exceptionally well with cannabis.

The stunning imagery and music make for a contemplative and euphoric viewing experience, ideal for introspection and deep thinking.

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11. HyperNormalisation

Adam Curtis’ documentary argues that since the 1970s, governments, financiers, and technological utopians have created a simplified “fake world”.

It paints a compelling portrait of the complex and often confusing nature of modern life.

Why Watch It?

HyperNormalisation is perfect for those cerebral highs where you want to delve deep into thought-provoking content.

The narrative and visuals will pull you in, and the complex themes will keep your mind engaged.

12. Faces Places

This French documentary takes you along the journey of Agnès Varda and JR, as they travel around rural France, creating large portraits of the people they encounter.

It’s a beautiful narrative that celebrates humanity and the power of connection.

Why Watch It?

Faces Places is a light-hearted and beautifully made documentary that’s perfect for a calm and joyful high.

It’s a testament to human connection and the beauty of everyday life, sure to leave you feeling uplifted.

13. Man on Wire

Man on Wire is a thrilling documentary that will take you on a visual journey as it recounts the story of Philippe Petit’s daring high-wire walk between the Twin Towers of New York’s World Trade Center in 1974.

This isn’t just a documentary, it’s a narrative crafted in the style of a heist film, complete with rare footage, still photographs, re-enactments, and interviews.

Winner of multiple prestigious awards including the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, Man on Wire isn’t just a documentary, it’s a cinematic experience.

Why Watch It?

Imagine being high while watching Philippe Petit balancing on a wire, suspended between the iconic Twin Towers, against the backdrop of New York City.

This adrenaline-pumping spectacle can amplify your heightened senses, making you feel as if you’re walking on the wire alongside Petit.

This exhilarating documentary is guaranteed to send you on a high unlike any other, offering a unique blend of thrill, suspense, and awe.

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14. Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things

This thought-provoking documentary takes you inside the lives of minimalists from all walks of life, exploring the diverse ways in which one can experience minimalism.

From families and entrepreneurs to artists and scientists, this film explores the concept of ‘less is more’ and how life can be more fulfilling with less material possessions.

Minimalism will challenge your perspectives and potentially inspire you to consider the impact of consumerism on your life.

Why Watch It?

When you’re high, your mind tends to delve deeper into introspection.

In this state, watching Minimalism can be a transformative experience. It could provoke profound thoughts about your own lifestyle and consumption habits.

If you’re in for a session of deep, mind-expanding contemplation and a break from the conventional fast-paced, action-filled movies, this is a must-watch.

15. Blackfish

Blackfish is a heart-wrenching documentary that dives into the controversial world of captive orcas.

It tells the story of Tilikum, an orca responsible for the deaths of three individuals while in captivity at SeaWorld.

Director Gabriela Cowperthwaite presents a compelling case against the captivity of these intelligent and sentient creatures for human entertainment, using shocking footage and poignant interviews.

Why Watch It?

This documentary hits different when you’re high, as it magnifies your empathy towards these majestic creatures and their struggle.

The film is an emotional roller coaster that will make you question the ethics behind animal captivity and entertainment, adding a profound dimension to your high.

Blackfish is not just a documentary—it’s a reality check, which can make your experience all the more intense and thoughtful.

Tips for Watching Documentaries While Being High

Here are some tips that might help you if you’re planning to watch any of the documentaries we’ve just mentioned.

Choose the Right Strain

Different cannabis strains can have varying effects, from uplifting and energizing to calming and sedative.

Before starting a documentary, pick a strain that aligns with the mood of the film.

For instance, for an intense documentary like Blackfish, you might want a more relaxing strain to keep your emotions in check, while an energizing strain might be apt for the suspenseful Man on Wire.

You can check strains on our shop by types: Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid.

Do check them out.

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Create a Comfortable Setting

Being high is all about comfort.

Make sure you have a cozy spot with soft lighting, comfortable seating, and maybe a few munchies at arm’s reach.

An ideal environment will let you immerse yourself in the documentary without any distractions.

Choose Your Preferred Documentary

Selecting the right documentary can make a huge difference in enhancing your high.

It’s about merging your current state with a film that complements it, leading to a richer and more introspective experience.

Mood Matching

Think about your current mood and emotions. Do you want a documentary that aligns with how you feel, or something that offers a change of pace?

Subject Interest

Choose a topic you’re genuinely curious about. Being high can amplify your interest and make the experience more immersive.

Length of the Documentary

Depending on your high and attention span, you might prefer a shorter documentary or be prepared for a long one.

Visuals vs. Narrative

Some documentaries are more visually driven, while others focus on narrative. Decide which one you’re in the mood for.


Consider recommendations from friends or sources you trust. Shared experiences often lead to great discussions later.

Watch with Like-Minded Friends

Sharing a documentary with friends who are also high can be a fantastic experience.

Not only do you get to share your insights and thoughts, but it’s also great for post-documentary discussions, which can be quite enlightening when everyone’s perspective is amplified.

Stay Hydrated and Snack Wisely

Having some water or a hydrating drink nearby is essential, especially if you’re consuming cannabis.

As for munchies, pick snacks that aren’t too noisy to eat, so you don’t miss out on any critical information from the documentary.

Take Breaks if Needed

If you feel overwhelmed or need a moment to digest what you’ve watched, don’t hesitate to pause.

Taking a break can help you process information, especially when certain documentaries hit close to home or are emotionally charged.

Reflect and Discuss

Once the documentary is over, take a moment to reflect on what you’ve learned.

If you’re with friends, discuss your takeaways. This introspective moment can lead to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the subject matter.

So that’s the list.

Whatever you’re doing, albeit you’re exploring the vast cosmos or just vibing with Earth’s wonders, the documentaries we just mentioned are the perfect companions to elevate your high.

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We promise you’ll enjoy reading every bit of it.

Remember, sometimes the most mind-blowing journeys are the ones taken from your couch.

Stay chill, keep those munchies close, and let the real world blow your mind for a bit.

Catch you on the next trip!

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