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Meditating While High: Achieve Zen and Relaxation with Cannabis

Picture this: you’re sitting in a serene, quiet space, surrounded by soft, gentle light. You take a deep breath and feel the calming sensation of cannabis slowly enveloping you, enhancing your meditation experience. In recent years, the combination of meditation and cannabis has been gaining attention as more and more people explore the potential benefits of this powerful duo.

As attitudes towards cannabis use have evolved and laws have changed in many places, the question arises: is it okay to meditate while high? While some traditionalists may frown upon the idea, others argue that the relaxing properties of cannabis can be an excellent way to deepen and enhance one’s meditation practice, providing a unique perspective on mindfulness and self-awareness.

If you’re curious about this intriguing blend of cannabis and meditation, you’re in the right place! Keep reading to discover the benefits, potential downsides, and how to safely navigate this fascinating fusion for the ultimate relaxation experience. Let’s dive in!

How Does Being High While Meditating Work?

Being high while meditating works by combining the psychoactive and calming effects of cannabis with the mental focus and relaxation techniques of meditation. When a person consumes cannabis, the main psychoactive compound, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), interacts with the endocannabinoid system in the brain. This system helps regulate mood, stress, and cognitive functions. The interaction between THC and the endocannabinoid system can result in an altered state of consciousness, which may help some users enter a deeper and more focused meditative state.

Additionally, CBD (cannabidiol), a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis, can promote relaxation and reduce anxiety, further facilitating the meditation process. When a person is high during meditation, they may experience heightened self-awareness, increased focus, and an enhanced ability to let go of distractions, similar to the users within this study.

The combination of being high and meditating can lead to a deeper connection with one’s inner self and a greater sense of overall well-being. However, individual experiences may vary, and not everyone may find the combination of cannabis and meditation beneficial. The effectiveness of this practice depends on factors such as personal tolerance, the specific strain of cannabis used, and the individual’s familiarity with meditation techniques.

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What are the Benefits and Potential Downsides of Meditating While High?

Meditating while high can be a unique and transformative experience for some people, including myself. As a meditation practitioner who has experimented with cannabis use during meditation, I can attest to some of the benefits and drawbacks of this combination.


The benefits I’ve experienced include enhanced relaxation, improved focus, heightened self-awareness, altered perception, and pain relief. Using cannabis, particularly strains rich in CBD, has helped reduce my anxiety and promote relaxation, making it easier for me to enter a meditative state. The psychoactive effects of THC have, at times, helped me concentrate better during meditation by quieting my mind and minimizing distractions, allowing for increased introspection and a deeper exploration of inner thoughts and emotions.

Potential Drawbacks

However, I’ve also encountered some drawbacks of meditating while high. On occasion, THC has exacerbated my anxiety or induced paranoia, making meditation more difficult or even counterproductive. The psychoactive effects of cannabis have sometimes impaired my focus, making it harder to maintain concentration during meditation. I’ve also been mindful of the risk of becoming psychologically dependent on cannabis to achieve a meditative state, which could hinder my ability to meditate effectively without it.

How to Enhance Your Meditation Experience While High

Follow these 10 easy steps to help you combine meditation and cannabis consumption that effectively ensures a safe, enjoyable, and rewarding journey to heightened mindfulness.

  1. Designate a serene, comfortable spot where you won’t be interrupted for at least 20 minutes. Ensure that the environment promotes relaxation and has a calming ambiance.
  2. Adopt a comfortable sitting position that suits your preferences, such as sitting cross-legged on a cushion, upright on a chair, or lying down with a pillow supporting your head. Whichever position you choose, make sure it helps you stay alert and focused.
  3. Prepare your cannabis and a timer in advance to streamline your meditation session.
  4. Begin your meditation practice by setting your timer for 10 minutes to allow yourself to ease into the experience.
  5. Engage in mindful breathing by taking several deep breaths, inhaling fully, pausing briefly, and exhaling completely. Continue this pattern until you achieve a relaxed state of mind and body.
  6. Focus on releasing tension throughout your body, starting from your feet and gradually progressing upwards. As you become aware of each area, consciously let go of any tension or tightness.
  7. Center your attention on your breath, observing the natural rhythm of your inhales and exhales. If your mind starts to wander, gently guide your focus back to your breathing.
  8. Once the initial 10 minutes are over, consume your cannabis in your preferred method and reset the timer for another 10 minutes.
  9. As the cannabis takes effect, mindfully observe the sensations it brings to your body and any changes in your breathing. Embrace the experience without attempting to control it, simply noticing the high and your body’s response.
  10. When the second timer ends, you may either conclude your session or extend your meditation by taking another dose of cannabis. As you finish, take your time transitioning back to your daily activities, carrying the sense of relaxation and clarity with you.

FAQs about Meditating While High

Why do people get high when meditating?

Well, you know, getting high while meditating is like adding some extra flavor to the experience. The psychoactive stuff in cannabis, like THC, can make you more aware and change how you see things, so it’s easier to connect with yourself and really be in the moment during meditation. Plus, it’s super relaxing!

How does the use of CBD products impact meditation, and how does it differ from THC?

So, CBD is like the chill cousin of THC – it’s non-psychoactive and known for helping you relax and easing anxiety. When you use it during meditation, it can make you feel calmer, more focused, and less stressed. THC, on the other hand, is the stuff that gets you high. It can make your meditation super intense and trippy, but it might also cause anxiety or make your mind race for some people. In a nutshell, CBD helps you find your Zen without getting high, while THC takes you on a wilder ride that may or may not be your cup of tea.

Are there any specific meditation techniques that work best with cannabis use?

Honestly, it’s different for everyone. Some folks find mindfulness meditation to be a great match with cannabis since it’s all about being present and aware of your body. Others might prefer loving-kindness meditation, where you’re focused on feeling love and compassion. The key is trying out different techniques to find the one that vibes best with you and your cannabis experience.

Meditating while high can be an exciting and eye-opening journey, blending relaxation and introspection in a whole new way. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re keen on exploring the connection between cannabis and meditation, you might just discover new depths of mindfulness and tranquility. Remember, the key is to keep it chill, respect your body, and always stay within the boundaries of local laws and regulations when it comes to cannabis use.

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  1. Hello wonderful STAFF of BMWO ….. just read article about MEDITATION ( which I do daily for 40 minutes ) for last 22 years and have wondered whether THC …. CBD would Help with FOCUS and expanded AWARENESS …. got my answer with the article you e mailed me …
    Much LOVE from this old man ….
    16 C tomorrow in London …. Crazy I know but I will take it …
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