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Why Do I Still Feel High After 24 Hours? Mystery Unraveled

Have you ever woken up the day after a night of relaxing with some cannabis and thought, “Wait a minute, I still feel high”? If you have, rest assured that you’re not alone in this experience. It can certainly be a little disconcerting, especially if you’re used to the effects of cannabis wearing off after a few hours. After all, a 24-hour high doesn’t exactly sound standard, does it?

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Now, before any worries start to creep in, let’s take a moment to address the elephant in the room: what you’re feeling is completely normal. This prolonged high doesn’t suggest your stash was tampered with or anything untoward has happened. While it may feel a bit out of the ordinary, it’s just a less common facet of the cannabis experience. Rest assured, there’s no reason for you to panic or fret.

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Intrigued about why this might be happening? We bet you are. How can an effect that usually wears off after a few hours stick around for an entire day?

To get to the bottom of this mystery, we need to first understand the typical duration of a cannabis high.

How Long Does a Typical Cannabis High Last?

So, you might be asking yourself, “Just how long is a high supposed to last?” Well, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this because, like many things in life, it depends. Everyone’s experience with cannabis can vary greatly due to numerous factors, like the ones we’re about to discuss.

Typically, when you smoke or vaporize cannabis, the effects can be felt within minutes. This peak high often lasts for 1 to 3 hours, but lingering effects, or the “coming down” period, can be felt for several hours afterwards.

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On the other hand, if you’re more of an edibles person, things work a bit differently. Because edibles are processed through your digestive system, it might take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours before you start to feel the effects. And the high? That can last anywhere from 4 to 6 hours, and sometimes even longer, with residual effects potentially sticking around for up to 24 hours.

But wait, 24 hours? That’s right! In some cases, people report still feeling the effects of THC even after this period, which brings us to our next discussion point. Why does this happen?

What are the Possible Reasons That I Still Feel High After 24 Hours?

Let’s dive into the reasons behind feeling high even after 24 hours.

Evolving Potency of Cannabis

Did you know today’s cannabis is significantly stronger than it used to be? According to a study, THC concentrations in cannabis have increased over time.

So, if your high is sticking around for longer than expected, it could simply be a testament to the increased potency of what you’re using.

Individual Metabolic Rates

Just as we all have unique fingerprints, our metabolic rates are unique too. Research in Drug and Alcohol Dependence suggests that the rate at which your body metabolizes THC can affect how long you feel high. If your metabolic rate is slower, your body may take longer to break down the THC, leading to a more prolonged experience.

THC and Body Fat

Here’s a fun fact – THC loves your fat cells. According to a study, THC is stored in fat tissues and released slowly over time. If you have more fat cells, they might hold onto the THC longer, causing your high to last for more than 24 hours.

Consumption Method

The method of consumption can make a big difference. Have you ever noticed that the effects of a pot brownie seem to linger longer than a joint? That’s because, as a study from the British Journal of Pharmacology reveals, when you ingest cannabis, it’s processed by your digestive system, leading to a more gradual release of THC into your bloodstream.

Interaction with Other Substances

Certain substances like alcohol and some medications can interact with THC and prolong your high. 

Psychological Factors

Last but not least, your mental and emotional state can play a role in your cannabis experience. This study shows that factors like stress, anxiety, and your environment can influence the intensity and duration of your high.

How To Navigate an Extended High

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my experiences, it’s that everyone reacts to cannabis differently, but there are a few tricks that have helped me when I’ve found myself in this situation.

Go With the Flow

The first piece of advice I’d give is: don’t fight it. It might be a little unsettling to still feel high after such a long time, but remember, it’s a normal part of the process.

What we resist, persists – so just accept what you’re feeling and remember it’ll pass in due time.

Treat Your Body Right

My personal mantra throughout this journey has always been, “Treat your body right.” I’ve found that my body responds in kind when I pay attention to its needs.

The interplay of hydration, exercise, and rest significantly impacts how I experience and recover from a cannabis high.


Water is life, as they say, and when it comes to managing the after-effects of cannabis, this statement couldn’t be more accurate. Staying well-hydrated has often helped me keep any unwanted prolonged sensations at bay.

Water aids the body’s metabolic processes, which are crucial for flushing out lingering THC compounds. So, keep a water bottle close. Your body will thank you for it.


Physical activity has been another cornerstone of my strategy. Nothing too strenuous, mind you. A gentle walk around the neighborhood, a calm yoga session, or even some simple stretching exercises at home could work wonders.

Exercise boosts your metabolism, which can in turn help diminish those persistent high feelings. Over the years, I’ve learned that when I get moving, I feel more grounded, more in control.

Rest and Recharge

And then there’s the healing power of rest. There were times when I found that the best solution was simply to sleep it off. Not only does sleep allow your body to process the remaining THC, but it also leaves you feeling refreshed and back to your usual self.

While napping might not always be an option, make sure to schedule enough time for a full night’s sleep, especially when you’re exploring your limits with cannabis. It’s all about balance, after all.

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Know Your Limits and Don’t Hesitate to Reach Out

Finally, and perhaps the most vital piece of wisdom I can share from my experiences is this: Understand your limits and don’t be afraid to seek help when you need it. Each of us responds to cannabis differently.

What might result in an extended high for one person might barely faze another. Over time, I’ve come to realize that taking it slow and getting a handle on my tolerance has been instrumental in ensuring my experiences with cannabis remain enjoyable and beneficial.

However, if you frequently find yourself feeling high for extended periods, causing distress, don’t hesitate to reach out to a healthcare professional. Trust me, it’s been invaluable for me. They can offer personalized advice tailored to your health history, and help you navigate your cannabis journey more effectively.

It’s about balancing the autonomy of knowing your limits with the understanding that seeking help is not a sign of defeat, but a step towards better management of your cannabis use.

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In the end, the extended highs can be just as much a part of the cannabis experience as the immediate effects. With a little bit of patience, self-care, and some tried-and-true techniques, you can navigate these lingering sensations with ease.

At Buy My Weed Online, we’re more than just a cannabis shop—we’re a community that supports each other in our cannabis experiences, the highs and the lows alike. We believe in being there for you, especially during those moments when you need a bit of guidance.

Whether you’re just starting your journey or a seasoned cannabis connoisseur, know that BMWO is here to back you up.

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