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Weed Tolerance: 4 Important Factors That Affects It

Marijuana is full of enjoyable effects, but it hits everyone differently. Some stoners can handle multiple joints in a single session whereas others will feel high enough after a few drags. This usually comes down to how much you can personally handle, and various factors can affect your weed tolerance.

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While the most obvious factor in how high you get is how much you use and what you use, various things can impact your high. Knowing these factors can help significantly- you can either avoid them if you don’t want overwhelming effects or use them to your advantage so you can handle more weed and get as high as possible.

1. The Strain You Use

One of the most important factors that can affect your weed tolerance is the strain of weed that you use. There’s a huge variety of options when it comes to strains of weed- not only do they differ in appearance, but each strain also has a unique taste, smell, and even offers different effects depending on the cannabinoids and terpenes inside.

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Usually, THC levels make the biggest difference. A strain of marijuana that’s chock full of THC will get you extremely high and using it regularly can even raise your tolerance. Usually, strains with THC levels of 20% or higher are considered high-THC strains, such as Citrix, Gelato, Zombie Kush.

Alternatively, those who want to avoid getting too high should stick to strains with low levels of THC. These will give you a milder high and will ensure that your tolerance doesn’t peak too much. That way, you can still enjoy getting a potent high from these strains for a longer time.

2. The Method Of Consumption You Use

The Method Of Consumption You Use

The method of marijuana consumption you use can also have a significant impact on how high you get and how well you tolerate marijuana. Some methods of consumption are much better for giving you powerful, hard-hitting effects whereas others are better for a mild and manageable high.

Many people simply smoke weed, either by rolling joints or using a Bong or Pipe. This is a relatively simple method that makes it easy to control your high as you can stop smoking as soon as you feel high enough. Vaporizing weed is another common option- research suggests that vaping weed can produce stronger effects than smoking and, as such, this will likely boost your tolerance quicker.

There are also methods of consumption that can give you even stronger effects. For example, some users take Marijuana Edibles as consuming marijuana orally can give you extremely strong effects even with a small dose of around 10mg. These will get you extremely high and, as such, taking edibles occasionally can have a big impact on your tolerance.

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3. How Frequently You Smoke

While your choice of product and method of consumption can have a significant impact on your tolerance, the frequency that you use marijuana is one of the most crucial factors when it comes to how much weed you can handle. Much like with any substance, regular use will lead to a much higher tolerance.

It’s hard to say exactly how quickly your tolerance will increase from using weed. If you’re getting high multiple times a day, then it won’t be long until you find yourself needing to use more to get the same kind of effects. Some marijuana users prefer to only smoke weed occasionally to keep their tolerance at a moderate level.

If you’re used to smoking weed regularly and you find that your tolerance is too high, then you might want to take a tolerance break. This involves cutting down on your weed use for a while and flushing excess THC out of your body. When done right, this can reset your tolerance so that you can get high with less weed.

4. Individual Differences

Your weed tolerance isn’t just affected by what you use and how much you use it. Even physical factors can have a significant effect. For instance, even if two users use the same type of weed with the same type of frequency, it can still hit them differently purely due to individual differences.

Many individual differences can have an impact on your marijuana tolerance. For example, research suggests that younger users can tolerate marijuana better than older users. Your mood can also make a difference, and it’s best to only use weed when you’re in a good mental state.

Even things like how much you eat or drink before you get high may have an impact. If you get high on an empty stomach or if you’re dehydrated, then the weed will probably hit you much harder than if you’re full.

How To Deal With A High Weed Tolerance

If you find that your tolerance has become too high then you might want to take certain steps to deal with it. There are a couple of ways to approach this- some users prefer to focus on getting a stronger high to break through their high tolerance whereas some prefer to reduce their tolerance so they can still get high with less weed.

Sometimes dealing with a high tolerance is as simple as smoking more or smoking stronger strains. If you’re looking for a powerful, high-quality strain of weed, then it’s best to buy weed online where you can find a wide range of choices along with product descriptions and reviews.

You can also try to reset your tolerance. This is usually as simple as cutting down on your weed use, drinking more water, and detoxing. You might even want to use detox drinks or supplements to help detox your body of weed. This is one of the best hacks for when your weed tolerance is too high.

Your tolerance for marijuana is impacted by a variety of factors. While a lot of it comes down to how much weed you use and how frequently you use it, certain individual differences and even things like the methods of consumption you use can also have an impact.

Fortunately, those who want to get a good high can always break through a high tolerance by using high-quality products. You can find plenty of weed online along with Concentrates, Tinctures, Edibles, and more at BuyMyWeedOnline.

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