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What Quantity of Cannabis is Best for Me?

Many new marijuana users wonder – what quantity of cannabis is best for me? You can buy weed online in Canada in various quantities, ranging from 0.5-gram pre-rolled joints to bulk buys of an ounce (28 grams). However, the same quantity isn’t right for every purchase and the amount you should buy depends on numerous factors.

There are many things to consider when choosing how much weed to buy. For instance – are you looking to try a strain one time or would you rather stock up for the whole month? Do you smoke weed daily or just once in a while? Your tolerance level also comes into play. With all of that said, here’s a helpful guide to what quantity of cannabis is best for you.

For A Single Session – 0.5 to 1 gram

Are you looking to try weed for the first time? Or maybe you’re an occasional smoker who just wants a single joint for a smoking session or party. Whichever way, if you’re not looking to stock up on a lot of weed, you can instead opt to buy a single gram or less – this is likely to last you one or two sessions depending on how much you smoke.

When you buy cannabis flower strains, you usually need to buy 3.5 grams or more. On top of that, you’ll also need to pay for rolling papers, a weed grinder, and the other accessories you need to roll your joints. As such, users looking to buy cannabis for one or two sessions should instead buy cannabis pre-rolls.

Pre-rolled joints give you a small quantity of weed in each joint – usually 0.5 to 1 gram. On top of that, you won’t need to pay extra for rolling papers or waste time rolling joints as it’s all done for you. These are great for convenience and also make sense for sharing with friends. You can also buy multi-packs of 10 pre-rolls to last you for longer.

For Casual Use – 3.5 grams

Buying an eighth of weed (3.5 grams) is a good choice for casual users. Depending on your tolerance levels, this should last you for at least a few sessions. Depending on how often you smoke, you could make an eighth last for a week or even make it last for the entire month if you only smoke once or twice a week.

You can grind an eighth of weed and roll it into joints of 0.5 to 1 grams, giving you anywhere from 4 to 7 joints. Alternatively, you could add small amounts of your weed to a bowl, pipe, or vaporizer. This often gives you stronger hits and can even help you make your weed last for longer, making it an economical choice.

It’s also a good idea to buy an eighth if you want to sample a new strain or if you want to try multiple strains. An eighth usually costs around $25 to $45 depending on the strain. Buying more can get you better discounts, but buying an eighth of a new strain is often a better choice than buying an ounce of a strain to discover you don’t like it.

For Frequent Sessions – 7 grams

For Frequent Sessions - 7 grams

If you’ve found a strain you like and want to get enough to last you for a while, buying 7 grams of weed is a good choice. Beginner users could turn this into 14 joints containing 0.5 grams and make them last for a while. Daily users with high tolerance levels could turn 7 grams into 7 joints with a gram each. Whichever way, it’s worth the cost.

Buying 7 grams (a quarter-ounce) will give you a better per-gram price than buying an eighth, making it a better option if you plan to smoke frequently. It’s also a better option for those looking to smoke with friends – lower quantities likely won’t last you a long time if you’re having a party or gathering.

It’s also a good medium between buying too little and buying too much. Buying 7 grams of a top marijuana strain allows you to enjoy it for numerous sessions, but doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck with it for months. As such, you might want to buy a few quarter-ounces of your favorite strains.

For Stocking Up – 14 grams

Want your weed purchase to last you for longer? If so, buying 14 grams (a half-ounce) is a good option. Even experienced users can make this much weed last them for a while, and it’s also plenty of cannabis for users who regularly share their weed with friends.

Of course, if you’re buying half an ounce, you might want to sample the strain with an eighth or quarter-ounce first. But if you’ve found a strain that you enjoy, or a strain that helps you deal with certain medical symptoms, then buying a half-ounce could be the perfect option.

When you buy 14 grams, you’ll get a much better per-gram price than you’d get from buying an eighth or quarter-ounce. Plus, you can make a half-ounce last for a very long time if you don’t smoke too often, making it well worth buying.

For Long-Term Use – 28 grams

For Long-Term Use - 28 grams

Maybe you’re a daily user with a high tolerance or a medical marijuana user who needs their favorite strain to last them for as long as possible. Or maybe you’re just an economical user who wants to get the best value for their money possible. If any of these things are true, buying an ounce of weed is worth it.

While you might want to sample a strain before buying a full ounce, buying an ounce makes sense for the cannabis strains you love. You’ll get more than enough weed to last you for tons of smoking sessions, even if you smoke daily.

Buying an ounce can also net you huge savings. Compared to buying smaller quantities, you’ll get the best per-gram price when you buy 28 grams. Plus, when you buy weed online, you can get an ounce of your favorite strain for discreet home delivery without any hassle whatsoever.

What quantity of cannabis is best for you? It depends on your needs, purposes, and tolerance levels. First-time users might prefer to sample weed with a pre-roll or an eighth. Casual users might prefer to buy a quarter-ounce. Frequent users and medical users often get the best savings by stocking up on a half-ounce or even 28 grams.

Whichever quantity of cannabis you want to buy, you can find everything you need online. Not only can you order all the weed you need, but you can also find plenty of high-quality cannabis concentrates, edibles, vapes, tinctures, and all the weed accessories you need at Buy My Weed Online.

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