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Discreetly Smoking Weed in the Bathroom: All You Need to Know

We see you.

You’re stuck in a situation where stepping outside for a quick smoke session isn’t exactly a walk in the park.

Maybe it’s your nosey neighbors, your parents or other family members, or the ever-present security cameras, or maybe it’s just a little too chilly outside.

Whatever the situation may be, you’re here searching for some sage advice on turning your bathroom into your very own secret smoke haven.

Now, don’t get us wrong.

We’re all for soaking in a hot bath with your favorite indica blend, but we’d be remiss not to point out that the great outdoors is often the best choice for smoking weed.

But hey, we understand that reality doesn’t always cater to ideal scenarios.

So, if you’re determined to transform your bathroom into a temporary sanctuary for smoking, we’ve got you covered with some tried-and-true techniques.

How to Smoke Weed in the Bathroom

Here’s a brief rundown on how to smoke cannabis inside a bathroom:

1. Secure the space

Close all doors leading to your bathroom, ensuring a cloth or towel is wedged at the base to prevent odor leakage. If possible, do the same for any room you have to pass through after smoking.

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2. Utilize ventilation

Turn on any fans in the bathroom, especially an exhaust fan if available. If you have a window, consider opening it for extra ventilation.

3. Prepare your cannabis discreetly

Avoid leaving your cannabis or grinder out in the open. Limit the time your cannabis is exposed to the air.

4. Choose the right equipment

A pipe, bong, or one-hitter can be more smell-friendly than a joint because they don’t continuously burn. These methods may reduce the lingering smoke and odor.

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5. Create a sploof

This DIY tool can further reduce the smell of your exhaled smoke. Stuff a toilet paper or paper towel roll with dryer sheets, and exhale your smoke through this tube to help mask the odor.

6. Minimize continuous burning

Try to avoid letting your cannabis continue to burn when you’re not actively inhaling, as this will create more unnecessary smoke and smell.

7. Purge the air post-smoking

Once you’re done, consider running a hot shower to create steam. This can help to replace the smoky air with moisture, further diluting any lingering smells.

8. Use scent-masking techniques

Use air fresheners or incense to mask any remaining odor. You can also consider adding essential oils or eucalyptus leaves to your hot shower, creating a steam that can help mask the smell.

9. Clean up carefully

Ensure you properly stow away your cannabis and smoking equipment after use. Even the residual smell from your tools can be strong, so consider cleaning your paraphernalia regularly.

10. Choose the right time

If you share your living space, try to choose a time when others are out, or they’re unlikely to use the bathroom for a while. This gives the room time to air out fully.

Why Smoking Weed in the Bathroom Doesn’t Work

While we do provide you with the steps on how to properly smoke marijuana inside the bathroom, we also want to provide further context by debunking myths regarding it.

One common assumption is that the bathroom is a perfect spot for a covert smoke session, primarily due to its built-in ventilation system and the ability to mask the smell with shower steam or strong bathroom deodorizers.

However, these seemingly clever solutions are not as effective as they appear.

Let’s break down the reasons why.

Myth 1: The Towel Trick

You might think stuffing a towel under the door can keep weed smoke from seeping into other parts of your home, but it’s not foolproof.

The towel absorbs the smoke odor, creating another problem—how to eliminate the scent from the towel.

It can lead to the odor creeping into your laundry area when washing the towel, so it’s more of an odor merry-go-round than an effective solution.

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Myth 2: Using Shampoo

Pouring shampoo into a hot running shower won’t wipe out the smoke smell.

While it might result in a fragrant bathroom, the smoke odor remains.

Not to mention, this isn’t a great way to conserve shampoo!

Myth 3: Relying on Steam

Ever heard of the trick where you smoke while running a hot shower?

The steam is supposed to diffuse the scent, but it doesn’t actually eliminate it.

Plus, if your bathroom has vents or fans, they might just carry the smell to other areas of your home.

Myth 4: Sploofing

A “sploof”—a homemade or purchased tool often made with a toilet paper roll filled with dryer sheets—is believed to reduce the smell of exhaled smoke.

It might help a little, but it’s far from a permanent fix. Besides, there’s always a fire risk when dealing with objects made of paper near a lit joint.

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Myth 5: Bathroom Fans

It’s a myth that bathroom fans magically suck weed smoke out of your home.

Most fans vent into attics or in-between floors rather than directly outdoors, meaning the scent may sneak into unexpected places.

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Myth 6: Fragrants

Bathroom sprays and deodorizers are notorious for mixing with weed smell rather than eliminating it, often creating a suspicious scent cocktail.

The combined odors can be more noticeable than the weed smell alone.

Myth 7: Incense and Candle

Incense or candles may seem like a good idea to cover up the smell of weed, but they’re not very effective.

These strong smells can attract attention, and they only mix with the weed smoke, not eliminate it.

Myth 8: Using Open Windows

Smoking next to an open window might seem logical, but unless there’s a strong breeze, some of the smoke can drift back into the room, and the odor can still stick to fabrics and materials in the bathroom.

Myth 9: Smoke Buddy Shortcomings

Devices like the “Smoke Buddy” promise to filter out the smell of weed, but they aren’t perfect.

They can’t capture the smoke that escapes while lighting up, and their effectiveness decreases if not maintained properly.

Myth 10: The Vent and Fan Fable

Bathroom vents and fans do help with ventilation, but they’re not a sure-shot solution for removing weed smell.

Smoke can linger and the smell can settle on surfaces in the bathroom.

This method’s efficiency depends heavily on your bathroom’s ventilation system.

All in all, these debunked myths are not meant to discourage you but instead to provide a realistic take on why it’s much better to smoke outside or in a well-ventilated area, compared to one’s bathroom.

If you’re still persistent and want to get high in the bathroom, the next section will provide you with various ways on how to do it properly.

Tips If You Still Want to Smoke Weed in the Bathroom

Alright, now that we’ve cleared up the matters regarding the basic steps on how to smoke weed inside a person’s bathroom and the myths surrounding it; let’s now provide more context on how we can improve those steps.

Below are tips and recommendations if you still want to proceed with this but want to avoid following the myths that we just mentioned.

Here are ways on how to do it more effectively:

Beyond Just Towels and Sprays

We’ve discussed how stuffing towels under the door and using bathroom sprays fall short when it comes to truly eliminating the telltale smell of weed.

But that doesn’t mean you should dismiss these methods altogether.

With a bit more strategy and the use of other techniques, they can play a supportive role in your smoke management plan.

The Upgraded Sploof Method

Sure, a homemade sploof has its limits, but there’s room for improvement.

Consider using a commercially made smoke filter instead of a toilet paper roll filled with dryer sheets.

These devices often contain activated charcoal, a potent odor absorber, to give your sploof a significant upgrade.

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Smart Smoke Release: The Window Trick

We’ve debunked the myth that smoking next to an open window is a complete solution, but that doesn’t make it a useless method.

Positioning yourself close to an outdoor exit for the smoke can still help minimize how much lingers indoors.

Remember, every little bit helps!

The Power of Proper Ventilation

While the bathroom fan isn’t a magic portal for smoke to disappear, using it alongside other strategies can be beneficial.

Pairing ventilation with other tactics, like a smoke filter, can increase the overall effectiveness of your smoke management.

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More Than Just a Hot Shower

Smoking during a hot shower alone isn’t the foolproof plan some believe it to be, but that steamy environment can still play a role in your strategy.

Combined with good ventilation and clever use of odor-absorbing products, you can leverage that steam to your advantage.

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Don’t Discount Deodorizers, Upgrade Them

Traditional air fresheners may fall short, but there’s a wide range of odor-eliminating products out there designed specifically for smoke smells.

Ditch the basic bathroom sprays and look for products with activated charcoal or other powerful odor neutralizers.

Clean Up Quick and Efficiently

Quick and efficient clean-up can help manage lingering odors.

It’s not a new point, but it’s one worth repeating because of its importance.

Ultimately, the most foolproof method of avoiding detection is to smoke outside or in a well-ventilated area, or to consider other forms of consumption like edibles or tinctures that don’t produce smoke or smell.

Here at BMWO, our goal is to provide you with guides and information that you can apply in your day-to-day life.

From smoking outside to smoking inside your house, and even down to smoking inside your very bathroom, Our Blog is here to offer insights just for you.

And if you’re looking for high-quality weed to enhance your bathroom haven experience, then look no further than our Best Sellers section. With these, you won’t even have time to worry about the smell of your bathroom.

Feel free to share your thoughts below, ask any questions about this topic, or share your personal experiences and stories – we would love to hear from you!

And remember, we don’t want you setting off any smoke alarms or having your clothes smell like a 1970s rock concert.

So, proceed with caution and consider our ultimate recommendation: when you can, opt for the fresh air.

The bathroom door can always wait!

FAQs About Smoking Cannabis in the Bathroom

If you have any unanswered queries, you can check below, as we’ve addressed some additional questions regarding the topic of ‘smoking weed in the bathroom.’

Does the size of your bathroom affect the smell of weed smoke?

Yes, the size of your bathroom does impact how much the smell of weed smoke permeates the space.

Larger bathrooms have more air volume, which can help to dilute the smoke.

However, even in a larger space, without proper ventilation or odor-neutralizing measures, the smell of weed can still linger.

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Do different strains of weed produce different levels of smell?

Absolutely, different strains of weed can indeed produce varying levels of smell.

This is because each strain has its own unique profile of terpenes – the aromatic compounds found in many plants, including cannabis.

Some strains might have more potent or pungent terpenes than others, leading to a stronger smell when smoked.

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What factors affect the smell of weed smoke in indoor spaces?

Several factors can impact the smell of weed smoke indoors.

These include, but are not limited to, the strain of weed (as discussed above), the quantity being smoked, the method of consumption (joint, bong, vaporizer, etc.), ventilation in the space, the size of the space, whether odor-neutralizing measures are used, and even factors like the materials present in the room, as some materials can absorb smoke odors more than others.

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