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34 Places on Where to Hide Weed: Discreet & Safe Stash Spots

We know the struggle all too well.

Searching for a place to stash your weed, away from the inquisitive eyes of friends, family, and even pets, can be a bit of a cloak-and-dagger operation. Despite growing acceptance and legalization in many places, the stigma surrounding cannabis use remains a challenge for many.

It’s this very struggle that has driven us to compile this comprehensive guide on where you could potentially conceal your stash.

We understand that the last thing you need is to cause discomfort or misunderstanding among the people around you.

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to help you find a safe, discreet, and accessible spot for your beloved greenery.

The Importance of Hiding Your Weed

But before we delve into our list of secret hideouts, let’s first explore why it’s crucial to hide your weed in the first place.

While it’s true that many people are primarily concerned with concealing their weed to avoid the stigma associated with it, there are several other critical factors that highlight the importance of stashing your stash effectively; It’s not merely about discretion or social acceptance.

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Equally important is the consideration of your living conditions – in case your landlords enforce a strict no-weed policy or when you want to keep your fondness for weed under wraps.

Even among friends and family, you have to hide it as it is instrumental in preserving the health and safety of everyone in your home.

Ultimately, properly concealing your weed is a mark of responsible usage that safeguards your personal interests while ensuring the well-being of those around you.

With this in mind, let’s go through some of the best places to hide your weed.

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Where Can I Hide My Weed?

Here’s a comprehensive list of potential hiding places for your weed:

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Personal Items

Using personal items for concealing weed is advantageous because these are less likely to be inspected by others. Additionally, they are usually within arm’s reach, providing quick and convenient access to the user.

1. Old Electronics

Non-functioning game consoles, VCRs, radios, or computer towers could serve as excellent hiding spots as they are seldomly disturbed.

2. Inside Books

Carving a small compartment within the pages of an old book that’s no longer in use can be a discreet place to hide your stash.

3. False Bottomed Containers

These can be made from everyday items like soda cans, deodorant sticks, or candles, and are often indistinguishable from their functioning counterparts.

4. In a Locked Box or Safe

Not only does this method keep your stash hidden, but it also keeps it secure.

5. In a CD Case

If you still have some old CD cases around, they can be repurposed for this use.

6. In a Personal Diary or Journal

If you have one that you no longer use, it can serve as an inconspicuous hiding place.

7. Inside a Pen

A pen with a removable end could hold a small amount of weed.

8. In a Pack of Gum 

Empty out a gum wrapper and replace it with a small baggie of weed.

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9. In a Shoe or Boot

This can be especially effective if you then store the shoe or boot with others in your closet.

In the Living Area

Hiding weed in the living area can be effective due to its communal nature, making it less likely for someone to suspect and thoroughly search. Here, the key is to utilize less obvious spots that merge with the surroundings.

10. Behind Wall Art

A small bag of weed can be hidden behind paintings or posters.

11. Inside an Old Vacuum Cleaner

If you have a vacuum cleaner that’s out of use, it can make a great hiding spot.

12. In a Plant Pot

You can place your stash in a small bag and bury it in the soil of a large indoor plant.

13. Inside a Picture Frame

Some picture frames have enough space to hide a small stash. 

In the Kitchen

The kitchen, filled with numerous containers and seldom-moved appliances, offers numerous camouflage opportunities. Additionally, the busy nature of this space can deter people from suspecting and investigating.

14. Inside Old Food Containers

Coffee cans, chip bags, or any food container with a lid can be used to hide your weed.

15. Inside a Hollowed-out Fruit or Vegetable

This is a more short-term solution but can be used effectively if needed.

16. Inside a Flour Bag

You can hide your stash in a small, sealed bag and bury it in the flour.

17. In a Hollowed-out Loaf of Bread

Just make sure no one decides to make a sandwich with it!

In the Bathroom

The bathroom provides unique hiding opportunities due to its privacy and the number of personal hygiene items that can serve as excellent hiding spots. This space is less likely to be subjected to a thorough search.

18. Inside a Toiletry Kit

An old shampoo bottle, soap case, or even within a packet of sanitary napkins can be an unsuspecting hiding spot.

19. In a First Aid Kit

As long as no children have access to it, it could be a perfect place.

20. Behind the Mirror

Some bathroom mirrors have a small storage area behind them which could be used for hiding your weed.

In the Bedroom

A bedroom is usually a private space and offers numerous hiding spots. Whether it’s within your personal belongings, furniture, or decor items, the opportunities for discreetly hiding weed here are significant.

21. Under the Mattress

This may be one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it still works.

22. Inside a Pillow

If you have a pillow with a removable cover, you can hide your weed there.

23. In a Fake Power Outlet

Power outlets can be purchased with a hidden compartment and replaced with an existing one in your home.

24. Inside a Sock or Glove

This can be especially effective if you then place the sock or glove in a drawer with others.

25. Inside a Bedside Lamp

Some lamps have compartments that can be used to hide small items.

Outside the Home

Hiding weed outside the home, in sheds or garages, can be beneficial as these areas are less frequented and inspected. Plus, outdoor spaces often contain tools and storage units that can serve as excellent hiding spots.

26. In the Garden

Buried in a waterproof container in the garden is an option if there are too many prying eyes indoors.

27. Garage or shed 

Tools boxes, old paint cans, or within the nooks and crannies of an old car can be good hiding spots.

28. Inside a Garden Gnome or Other Outdoor Decoration

This can be a fun and creative place to hide your stash.

29. In the BBQ grill

If you rarely use your grill, it could serve as a good hiding spot.

In the Car

Though it comes with its own set of risks, hiding weed in a car can be practical for those needing to transport it. With numerous small compartments and spots that are rarely checked, a car offers unique concealment opportunities.

30. In the Glove Compartment

This is a common place where people tend to hide things. However, it should only be used as a last resort, as it’s also a common place for police to search. Make sure your weed is sealed well to avoid any smell leakage.

31. Underneath the Spare Tire

Many cars have a hollow space underneath the spare tire in the trunk. This can be a good hiding spot as it’s not often checked.

32. Inside the Air Vents

While this method is a little trickier, it can be an effective hiding place if done right. Be sure to seal your weed tightly to avoid any scent from escaping.

33. Under the Seats

You can hide your stash in a small bag and slide it under a passenger seat.

34. In Hidden Compartments

Some cars have built-in hidden compartments which can be a perfect place to hide your weed.

Tips on How to Hide Your Weed

Following the discussion on various locations to stash your weed, it’s essential to delve deeper into some valuable tips that will ensure your cannabis remains concealed and its quality preserved.

Seal it Properly 

Regardless of where you hide your weed, it’s crucial that it is sealed well.

This is to prevent any odor from escaping and attracting unnecessary attention.

Moreover, proper sealing also helps to maintain the quality of the cannabis.

Use airtight containers or vacuum seal bags for optimal results.

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Keep it Cool and Dark

Heat and light can degrade the quality of your weed over time.

When choosing a hiding spot, prioritize cool, dark places that are not subjected to temperature fluctuations.

Make it Inaccessible to Others

Whether it’s children, pets, or anyone else who might stumble upon your stash, ensure your hiding place is out of reach and not easily discovered.

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Avoid Common Places

Many common hiding places are the first spots that get searched. Try to be creative and find unique places to hide your stash.

Don’t Forget Where You Put It

It may seem obvious, but sometimes the best hiding places can be a little too good. Make sure you remember where your stash is.

Consider Decoy Stashes

If you’re worried about your primary stash being discovered, consider setting up a decoy stash.

This can be an effective way to divert attention from your real stash.

Maintain Low Quantities 

If you’re concerned about getting caught, keeping a smaller amount of weed reduces the chances of your stash being noticed. Plus, less quantity means more places to hide.

In conclusion, the primary aim of hiding your weed is not only to prevent it from being found but also to maintain its quality and ensure the safety of those around you.

Following these tips, combined with the potential hiding spots discussed previously, you can effectively keep your weed out of sight and out of mind.

We want to provide our users with the best information available online, so if you have other areas or places you want to share where other users can stash their weed, please comment down below.

We would love to hear about them.

FAQs About Places to Hide Your Weed

Before we end things, let’s tackle some frequently asked questions about ‘where to hide weed’.

What is the best way to mask the smell of weed?

There are several methods to mask the smell of weed. The use of odor-proof bags, air fresheners, incense, or odor-absorbing substances like activated charcoal can be effective. Also, proper storage in airtight containers can prevent the smell from spreading.

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How long does the smell of weed stay in a room or car?

The smell of weed can linger in a room or a car for several hours to a few days, depending on various factors like the potency of the strain, the method of consumption, and ventilation. Regular airing out of the space can help expedite the dissipation of the smell.

What should I do if my pet accidentally consumes my weed?

If your pet accidentally consumes weed, contact your vet immediately. Signs of toxicity can include lethargy, lack of coordination, dilated pupils, and in severe cases, seizures. Prevention is key, so make sure to keep your stash well-hidden and out of your pet’s reach.

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