Our 5 Favorite Sativa Strains You Can Buy Online Right Now

The Sativa strains offer cannabis users a multitude of benefits that are relevant and can be applied to various parts of their lives. Whether it is used for practical purposes or recreational purposes, this particular type of weed has a lot to give. From its defining physical traits to the properties and experiences it upholds, … Read more

Buy Marijuana Online in Canada

Buy Marijuana Online In Canada

When it comes to buying marijuana online, few places in the world have the marketplace offered by Canadian growers. Welcome to our official online dispensary, where we make it an easy process to buy cannabis online! We offer some of the industry’s best-known brands and strains to keep you coming back for more! We pride … Read more

9 Reasons to Use Cannabis Oil

Use Cannabis Oil to Live a Better Life

Cannabis oil, the concentrated extract of marijuana leaves and flowers, has become increasingly popular to use both recreationally and medicinally. It’s made up of cannabinoids and terpenes that express various characteristics and produce many beneficial effects on users. So whether it’s vaporized, taken orally in capsules, or added to edibles, cannabis seed oil can have … Read more

Cannabis Oil: What You Need to Know

Cannabis Oil 101: CBD vs THC

Chances are, if you’re in the market for buying weed online in Canada, you’ve stumbled across cannabis oil. But what exactly is it? A reel of questions may come to mind when it comes to buying cannabis oil online and there’s no shame in wanting to understand the product you’re about to invest in. From … Read more

Marijuana Dispensary in Canada - How to Buy Weed Online

Marijuana Dispensary in Canada: How to Buy Weed Online

With the recent legalization of weed in Canada this past October, the rise of marijuana dispensaries is a major reality. Buying weed at a physical shop may not be an option though for many provinces throughout the country quite yet, which has made shopping for weed online a viable way to get cannabis. Here is … Read more

Indica Cannabis Strains

6 Uses for Indica Cannabis Strains

Indica cannabis strains are a top choice for medical marijuana patients thanks to its multi-beneficial effects for so many different diseases and conditions. This particular class of cannabis dates back to the 18th century when it was first officially classified in 1785 by the French naturalist and biologist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck. Origins of the Cannabis Indica … Read more

how to buy weed online

The Comprehensive Guide on How to Buy Weed Online

You can literally buy everything online these days and weed is no exception. A Google search will bring up almost 30 million sites when you search “buy weed online BC”, making it seem like everyone and their mother is out looking to make a buck online by selling their stash. Go to any forum and … Read more

medical cannabis

What Makes Medical Cannabis Medicine?

A Brief Introduction to Cannabinoids While medical cannabis or marijuana is nothing new, it is a plant that was illegal for years that carried an extremely negative stigmatism held by many. Interestingly enough, this plant that has been deemed dangerous for so long is now saving people’s lives. While most people by now know that … Read more

marijuana for chronic pain

Medical Marijuana for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is probably the number one reason people turn to medical marijuana. With one in five Canadians and over 100 million Americans suffering from chronic pain, the legalization of medicinal cannabis has come as much-needed relief. Chronic pain can be caused by a number of different reasons including diseases such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, … Read more