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Pothead vs Stoner: What’s the Difference?

If you regularly smoke weed, chances are you’ve come across the terms that people like to call someone who enjoys the good ol’ Mary Jane.

‘Potheads’ and ‘Stoners’ are two of the common labels used.

But what do they mean, exactly?

Well, that’s why we’re here today.

We’re going to dive deep into the meanings behind these two terms and explore their differences.

Additionally, we’ll share our thoughts as a brand on whether being called a ‘pothead’ or a ‘stoner’ is something you should accept.

Aren’t Stoners and Potheads Mean the Same Thing?

No, not quite.

While both stoners and potheads are associated with cannabis culture, the distinction between the two terms lies in the nuances of usage, connotation, and the lifestyle choices of the individuals referred to.

But don’t worry, we’ll help you get into the weeds of these differences in our next section.

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What’s the Difference Between a Pothead and a Stoner?

In the world of cannabis culture, a ‘stoner’ is often seen as a responsible user who enjoys cannabis while maintaining control over their daily lives, whereas a ‘pothead’ tends to be perceived as someone whose life is heavily influenced or dictated by their cannabis use.

Think of it this way: a stoner, although a regular at the cannabis party, does not let the good times roll over their responsibilities or social interactions.

They have found a sweet spot in blending cannabis into their lifestyle, whether it’s unwinding after a long day or sparking creativity at social gatherings.

These folks also possess a wide knowledge of different cannabis strains, savoring each unique flavor and effect like a sommelier would a fine wine.

Now, a pothead, as the stereotype goes, appears to place cannabis on a pedestal, often at the expense of other life activities.

Their use may seem excessive, with cannabis reigning as the star of their daily routine.

The emphasis here is less about savoring the experience and more about how frequently they can ride the high.

How to Identify If Someone Is Either a Stoner or a Pothead?

While there’s a fine line between these two labels, certain behaviors can hint at whether a person leans more towards being a ‘stoner’ or a ‘pothead.’


Balance in Life

Stoners are often able to strike a balance between their cannabis usage and other responsibilities. They tend to be productive members of society who work, study, and engage in a variety of activities and hobbies. Their cannabis use doesn’t overtake other aspects of their life.

Conscious Usage

Stoners usually have a good understanding of their tolerance levels and consume cannabis accordingly. They appreciate the plant, its different strains, and its effects, much like a connoisseur.

Social Interactions

A stoner’s social life is not typically hindered by their cannabis use. They may enjoy cannabis in a social setting but are equally comfortable and functional in situations where cannabis use is not involved.


Centrality of Cannabis

For potheads, cannabis often takes central stage in their lives. They may prioritize getting high over work, studies, or social commitments. Their daily routines might revolve around opportunities to consume cannabis.

Quantity Over Quality

While not a definitive rule, potheads might focus more on the quantity of cannabis consumed rather than the quality or variety of the strain.


Potheads may show signs of dependency on cannabis, not necessarily in a physical sense but in a behavioral one. They may struggle to enjoy activities without incorporating cannabis use, which can sometimes lead to neglecting responsibilities or interpersonal relationships.

Again, it’s worth noting that these are general observations, not definitive rules. Individual behavior can vary, and it’s important to approach the subject with empathy and understanding.

Our Take on This Pothead vs Stoner Debate

As an online cannabis Dispensary deeply engaged with the cannabis community, we at BMWO believe that every label tells a story. And when it comes to ‘stoner’ and ‘pothead’, we’ve heard enough to believe that it’s time to reassess these narratives.

BMWO was built on a foundation of respect, equality, and understanding, and these are principles we uphold in every facet of our operations.

We’ve had the privilege of serving a diverse community of cannabis enthusiasts, who span from those seeking therapeutic relief to others who use it as a tool for creativity.

The relationship each individual has with cannabis is personal, unique, and it’s this diversity that contributes to the vibrancy of our cannabis community.

Over time, it’s become clear to us that ‘stoner’ and ‘pothead’, terms born from misconceptions and stereotypes, often miss the mark.

They hint at a picture of laziness and unproductivity, neglecting the vast majority of cannabis users who are responsible, successful, and make positive contributions to society.

The real issue here is not about the substance itself, but the responsibility and intentionality with which it’s used.

There are users who, despite their frequent and respectful consumption of cannabis, prefer to distance themselves from these labels due to their negative connotations.

Many prefer terms like ‘cannabis connoisseur’ or ‘cannabis enthusiast,’ which celebrate their passion, knowledge, and respect for the plant.

At BMWO, we not only stand by these individuals, but we also echo their sentiments.

Our mission extends beyond supplying high-quality cannabis products; we strive to nurture an inclusive community that sees beyond labels, celebrates diversity, and rejects unfair stereotypes.

So, whether you’re casually referred to as a ‘stoner,’ ‘pothead,’ ‘cannabis connoisseur,’ or if you prefer to sidestep labels altogether, know that at BMWO, we see you as more than a one-dimensional caricature.

You are an individual with a unique relationship with cannabis, deserving of respect and understanding, free from judgment and stigmas.

To put it bluntly, we prefer to trade the ‘stoner’ and ‘pothead’ tags for something more tasteful and reflective of the community’s vibe – how does ‘Cannabis Connoisseur’ sound?

After all, who wouldn’t want to be known for their refined tastes and discerning palate?

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Here’s to embracing complexity, cultivating understanding, and savoring the unique cannabis experiences, one puff at a time!

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