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How to Roll a Joint for Beginners: Everything You Need to Know

Rolling a joint, huh?

You’ve finally decided to get into it, and you’re out here searching for how to roll a joint as a beginner.

Well, not to worry, my friend.

We’ll take you through the most comprehensive guide on how to roll a joint for beginners that you can find on the web.

So sit back, relax, and start reading this guide. Soon, you’ll be preparing your perfectly rolled joint.

Ready? Then let’s get started.

What to Know Before Rolling a Joint as a Beginner

Before going further with understanding how to roll a pre-roll, let’s consider several factors. They’re essential for ensuring a great smoking experience:

  • Understanding that different strains can vary in flavor, aroma, and effect will enhance your smoking experience. With this knowledge, your experience can range from unsatisfactory to excellent based on your strain choice.
  • Be aware of the legal age and possession limits in your area. Regulations vary, but being informed is crucial.
  • Choose a well-lit and stable environment for your first attempt at rolling. Also, note that the freshness of cannabis is vital.
  • Starting with smaller initial purchases allows you to explore different strains without a major commitment.
  • Safety is paramount. Avoid driving or operating machinery while under the influence.
  • It’s also worth noting that cannabis can be consumed in various ways, each offering distinct effects.

With these considerations in mind, you’ll be better prepared for rolling and can anticipate a more enjoyable smoking experience.

Now let’s get started in knowing how to roll a joint if you’re a beginner.

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How to Roll a Joint as a Beginner

Alright, we’ve reached the main part. But remember, nailing it on your first try isn’t the norm. It’s completely expected to make a few minor hiccups. Just stay consistent and follow these steps:

Things You’ll Need

  • Cannabis: Approximately 1 gram should suffice for a typical joint.
  • Rolling paper: King-size papers are commonly used, but there are many varieties available (hemp, rice, bamboo, etc.).
  • Tip/Crutch: To keep cannabis out of your mouth and offer structural integrity.
  • Grinder: To evenly break down your cannabis.
  • Rolling tray: A flat surface to assemble your joint.
  • Slim pencil or small tube (Optional): Useful for packing the joint after it’s rolled.


Following these steps isn’t crucial. You can modify and change them based on what you see fit, but if you’re still new, try to follow them step-by-step to fully grasp how to roll a joint properly.

Step 1. Prepare the Tip/Crutch

  • While pre-made tips can be used, creating your own offers customization. If starting from scratch, use your booklet to rip out a tip. For those with perforated tips, simply fold along the dotted lines.
  • No perforations? No worries. Go for the classic “S” or “W” shape by folding the tip back and forth, creating small accordion-like folds. Rolling the remaining paper around your chosen shape solidifies your tip.

Step 2. Grind the Cannabis

  • Aim for a gram, equivalent to 2-3 buds.
  • Prioritize removing stems to prevent damaging your paper or grinder.
  • Use your grinder to break down the cannabis. It should be fine, but not powdery.

Try reading our guide on ‘How to Use a Weed Grinder for Beginners‘ if you’re unfamiliar with the process. Also, check out our very own BMWO grinders in our grinder section to ensure your flowers are minced perfectly.

Step 3. Inspect Your Ground Cannabis

  • Pour your ground cannabis onto the tray. Roll the cannabis between your fingers to detect unwanted particles or stems. This ensures a smooth smoking experience.

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Step 4. Setup Your Rolling Paper

  • Your paper has a natural crease. This is where your cannabis will reside.
  • Keep the glue side facing you, handling the paper with care. Familiarize yourself with the tension; tight, but not prone to tearing.

Step 5. Place Your Tip/Crutch

  • Decide which side of the paper to place your tip on, commonly dictated by hand dominance.
  • Align the tip with the paper’s edge and hold in place.

Step 6. Introduce the Cannabis

  • With one hand stabilizing the tip and paper, use the other to pour in your ground cannabis.
  • Ensure there are no air pockets, especially near the tip, as these can lead to uneven burning.

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Step 7. Execute the Roll

  • Using your fingertips, begin the rolling motion. The aim is to tuck the non-glued side of the paper around the cannabis and roll upwards towards the glued end. Lick the glued edge slightly to seal your joint.

Step 8. Pack Your Joint

  • If the roll isn’t as tight as desired, give the joint light taps against a flat surface, causing the cannabis to settle. Any loose cannabis can be added back in.

Step 9. Finalize Your Joint

  • Twist the top of the joint to close it. If there’s excessive paper, trim it.

Step 10. Enjoy

Now you’re done. Light that baby up and find a good spot to relax and enjoy that perfectly rolled joint.

If you’re wondering if there’s a right or wrong way to light, inhale, or even extinguish a joint, the answer is yes.

Consider checking out our guides: ‘How to Properly Light a Joint‘, ‘How to Inhale a Joint‘, and ‘How to Put Out a Joint and Save It For Later‘ to make sure you enjoy every puff to the fullest.

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Tips for Rolling a Joint If You’re a Beginner

Alright, creating the perfect joint as a beginner might be challenging. But don’t worry.

Here are some tips to complement the steps we just discussed.

These will address any details that might have been missed in our step-by-step guide:

Prioritize Fresh Cannabis

Freshness is paramount. Using fresh cannabis not only ensures a superior smoking experience but significantly eases the rolling process. Always inspect your flower to ensure it’s not moldy, excessively dry, or has an off-putting smell.

Start Small and Manage Expectations

In the beginning, less is more. Starting with a half gram of cannabis allows you to manage the flower better. It offers a balanced buzz and is a manageable quantity for most standard-sized papers.

Paper Choice Matters

Your choice of rolling paper can greatly influence the ease of the process. Beginners often find thicker papers like hemp more manageable. As you become more adept, you can transition to thinner options for a more refined experience.

Try checking out our rolling paper section, where we offer a variety of brands for you to choose from, such as Juicy Jays, RAW, Justin Beaver, DLX Deluxe, and many more.

We also have posts that talks about using tissue papers, rose petals, empty cigarette tubes, tampon papers, gum wrappers as rolling paper alternatives, if you’re interested.

Begin with the Crutch

A firm beginning sets the tone for the process. Holding the filter end firmly can provide the necessary foundational stability for the rest of the rolling.

Light Licking Does the Trick

Sealing your joint is crucial. Use a light touch and ensure you moisten the glue strip gently. Excessive moisture might compromise the paper.

Seek Tools to Assist Your Roll

If you find yourself struggling despite numerous attempts, there are tools available to simplify the rolling process. Consult with your local budtender or conduct online research to find a tool that suits your needs.

Check out our article on the ‘Best Cannabis Joint Rollers‘ to find out which joint roller tool suits you best.

Pre-rolls Are Your Friends

While honing your rolling skills, don’t shy away from pre-rolls. They offer a hassle-free way to enjoy cannabis. However, the act of rolling your own joint provides a unique connection to your cannabis consumption.

We offer affordable and high-quality pre-rolls, from our regular sizes to our king-sized and premium selections. Don’t hesitate to check them out in our pre-rolls section if you’re shopping.

Storing Joints Properly

If you’re pre-rolling for future use or storing a half-smoked joint, ensure they’re kept in a cool, dry place. Plastic canisters are ideal as they retain the joint’s shape and keep out moisture. Other options include Ziploc bags (ensure all air is pushed out) and used pill bottles.

Take Your Time and Adjust as Needed

Don’t rush the process. Ensure the cannabis is evenly spread and packed before you begin the roll. If things don’t look right after rolling, it’s perfectly fine to unroll and start again.

Practice Makes Perfect

Just like any skill, joint rolling gets better with repetition. Dedicate some time to practice rolling, familiarize yourself with the feel, and soon, it’ll become second nature.

Embrace the Process and Get Creative

While rolling the perfect joint is the goal, remember to have fun with it. Once you get the hang of the basics, challenge yourself with different shapes or sizes. Let your creativity shine and make the process uniquely yours.

If you’re a beginner currently exploring everything there is to know about weed, then you might want to check out our blog.

We cover topics that beginners might find useful, such as ‘What to Expect When You’re Smoking Weed for the First Time‘ and ‘Best Tips for Beginners on Their First Edible Experience‘.

While we have a plethora of topics, we especially recommend these if you’re looking for a beginner’s guide on how to roll a joint.

At Buy My Weed Online, our goal is to support our readers and customers to the fullest, ensuring that you’re well-informed while consuming the highest quality weed products available on the market.

If you have any questions or suggestions on the topic, please don’t hesitate to comment below.

Our team will do their best to respond to your queries so that you can master the art of rolling the perfect joint.

Remember: rolling a joint is a blend of technique and art. It might take a few tries, but with practice, you’ll improve. Personal preference is key, so don’t be afraid to tweak the steps to match your desired outcome!

We hope we’ve addressed your questions, and we look forward to seeing you in our next post.

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