Beat the Heat with These Amazing Summer Beverages from BMWO

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SPIKED Nano THC Syrup 

It’s been a tough lonely winter this year, and an equally boring spring, but finally summer is here! So what if we couldn’t have our usual 4/20 events due to the Covid-19 pandemic – we have something even better. 

At BMWO our clients come first, and as one of the oldest and biggest dispensaries in Canada, we are always on the hunt for the best cannabis products for you. This summer we bring you the latest technology in cannabis edibles – SPIKED Nano THC Syrup! 

This premium quality Nano THC Syrup is prepared with the latest in edibles technology – nano emulsified THC that boasts rapid absorption and 3X times the potency of your usual edibles. All of these features make SPIKED Nano THC Syrup the perfect way to wake and bake, and celebrate the sunshine this summer!

What is Nano THC Syrup anyways? 

SPIKED Nano THC Syrup is the result of combining the latest technology in cannabis consumption with old school edible charm. Each vial is a potent combination of the two best things to happen to cannabis – Nano THC and THC Syrup! 

THC Syrup 

We all love a tasty edible, but often get frustrated when the high takes too long to kick in! Cannabis syrup or THC syrup is the perfect solution to this problem. 

Extremely fast acting and potent, a regular THC syrup kicks in within 20-30 minutes of consumption – and it’s even more discreet than your usual cannabis edibles

All you have to do is measure your dose and carefully mix it in your food and drink. If you like, you can also drink THC syrup neat – but be prepared. It packs quite a punch! 

Nano THC

Everyone knows oil and water don’t mix. And almost everyone knows that most cannabis edibles can be downright unreliable when it comes to consistent dosing. This is because both these problems go hand in hand. 

Enter nanotechnology – a futuristic technology that’s set to help revolutionise how we manufacture goods, deliver medicine, and more recently – get high!

Because of nanotechnology, we now have the ability to create THC nanoemulsions – highly stable, reliable, and consistent mixtures of THC oil and water. Thanks to this technology, you can now add cannabis concentrates to literally any product in the market. 

And that’s exactly where SPIKED Nano THC Syrup comes in. 

Best of both worlds 

The creators of this incredible product wasted no time in bringing you the best of both worlds – the power and potency of high quality THC syrup with the reliability and consistency of Nanoemulsion technology! 

This creates an ultimately powerful product which boasts much faster hit times and more potent hits. This is because nanotechnology helps your body – especially your mouth and stomach – to absorb more THC, even more quickly than you thought was possible! 

SPIKED guarantees that due to their rapid absorption technology, you can expect to feel effects within 10 minutes of consumption and the complete effects will begin under 20 minutes of consumption. 

How does Nano THC work?

By properly utilizing the benefits of nanotechnology, both water and THC oil are combined together. Using special emulsifiers and surfactants, the water molecules get ‘packed inside’ the oil molecules, creating special structures called micelles or liposomes. 

Then, using a special proprietary technique, the liposomes are decreased in  particle size until they are approximately 1000 times smaller than a red blood cell! This decrease in particle size helps to increase the surface area of the active THC. A higher surface area means a faster rate of absorption! 

Why does Nano THC hit so fast?

There are several reasons why nanoemulsions are so incredibly potent. 

  • Nano THC particles can bypass the digestive system altogether and get absorbed directly by the endocannabinoid system of the body
  • Nano THC particles carry an extremely reduced risk of being broken down by enzymatic reactions – this means there is increased THC bioavailability in the body
  • This helps increase and enhance the potency with even a reduced dosage

Because of these characteristics, users feel up to a 3-4 times increase in effects from nano cannabinoids, as compared to regular edibles! 

How is this different from smoking? 

If you’re among those cannabis connoisseurs that love the weed but hate the smoke, then SPIKED Nano THC Syrup is perfect for you! 

You don’t burn or vaporize the syrup at all, unlike quite a few cannabis concentrates. Instead, SPIKED Nano THC Syrup is perfect for oral consumption. 

And, unlike your joint or traditional pot brownie, the high kicks in almost instantaneously! 

These THC nanoemulsions are also designed to be incredibly powerful – the high lasts much longer, is more powerful, enjoyable, and intense than regular edibles! 

How to use Nano THC Syrup?

There are many different ways SPIKED Nano THC Syrup can be consumed. We all know that traditional edibles – especially cannabis beverages – have lots of issues with reliability, dosage, and consistency. 

Nano THC takes all of these worries away as the particles are too small to be paid attention to by the digestive system. This means that the exact dosage that you’ve consumed gets delivered directly into the bloodstream. 

SPIKED Nano THC Syrup can be:

  • Mixed into soft drinks
  • Used to create different cocktails
  • Mixed with fruit juices
  • Incorporated in baked goods like cakes etc.
  • And even consumed as it is! 

While you can use this syrup in conjunction with hard liquor/coolers/nudes etc, we highly advise being cautious in doing so. For many people, it has led to an enjoyable experience but bear in mind that it may have adverse effects on some people and could lead to a bad trip. If you intend to give it a try, it’s best to try it out in small quantities initially and take it from there depending on the outcome.  

Nano THC Syrup Dosage

One of the biggest advantages that nano THC offers is consistent and reliable dosing for everyone. Nano THC syrup is available in 2 main dosages:

– 250mg total Regular Strength 20mg per 1oz shot 

– 625mg total Extra Strength 50mg per 1oz shot

Each bottle is tested to be the ultimate standard in cannabis edibles. Here are some of the recommended dosages. 

For beginners:

– 250mg – 3.33mg per teaspoon 

– 625mg – 8.33mg per teaspoon 

For experienced users:

– 250mg – 9.99mg per tablespoon 

– 625mg – 24.99mg per tablespoon 

For connoisseurs: 

– 20mg per 1oz shot 

– 50mg per 1oz shot 

Stay cool this summer with CannaSoda THC Cannabis Beverage

Nano THC is not just limited to syrups! We bring you another high-tech and high-potency way of getting high while remaining super chilled out this summer! 

This one-of-a-kind Nano THC cannabis beverage is perfect for enjoying on a lazy summer afternoon…or wake and bake first thing in the morning! 

Nano THC – now in a soda! 

Say goodbye to dehydration and a parched throat every time you get high. With this lightly sweetened orange-flavored soda, you can stay hydrated AND get stoned at the same time! 

Because the nano THC in Cannasoda is so effective and potent, it takes just 10 minutes for your high to begin. This latest technology in edibles and beverages is almost too good to be true. 

All-natural ingredients

CannaSoda is made with only the best quality natural ingredients including 100% pure Canadian spring water, organic cane sugar, all-natural flavours, naturally extracted citric acid, and of course – Nano-emulsified THC!

Additionally, CannaSoda is rigorously lab-tested for pesticides and potency, is manufactured in a GMP facility, and is 100% vegan and GMO-free.

What’s more, not only does it contain 50% less sugar than other cannabis sodas in the market, due to the Nano THC technology, it also contains a whopping 25MG of THC per can! That’s a big punch for such a delicious summer beverage.  

How does it work? 

CannaSoda makes use of the same Nano-THC technology mentioned above. Using cutting-edge nanotechnology, both water and THC oil are combined together using special emulsifiers and surfactants. This helps pack water molecules (and the THC) inside the oil molecules – forming special THC micelles and liposomes. Because these liposomes are so tiny (thousands can literally fit on a pencil’s tip), they greatly increase the absorption capability. 

Benefits of the nano-emulsified THC include:

  • Rapid absorption
  • 10x the potency of competitors as Nano-THC is 5 times more effective than regular THC
  • None of the harmful effects of smoking marijuana
  • Non-GMO
  • Completely organic
  • Vegan
  • No dyes or synthetic chemicals 
  • And many more! 

Get high and stay hydrated! 

Enjoy the Canadian summer with CannaSoda – the most potent and yummiest cannabis soda with nano-emulsified THC. The rapid absorption technology ensures you start feeling the high in less than 10 minutes! 

The best part? 

It’s completely clean of synthetic chemicals and artificial sugars, and an incredibly healthy way of consuming marijuana! 

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