15 Best Marijuana Strains That’ll Melt Away Your Anxiety

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There’s a marijuana strain for pretty much every situation. For instance, users who want a strain that’ll boost their happiness and enhance social situations often opt for uplifting sativa strains whereas those who want a calm night inside often go for heavy indica strains. But different strains don’t just suit different situations- they can also help with different medical issues. For instance, when your mental health is suffering, it’s worth checking out the best marijuana strains that’ll melt away your anxiety.

Marijuana can be great for users who are suffering from various anxiety disorders. After all, research suggests that marijuana can relieve anxiety symptoms, as well as helping with chronic stress and depression. While it shouldn’t be used as a replacement for therapy, it can help put you in a more clear-minded and motivated mental state, making it easier for you to tackle the underlying problems.

With that said, you’ll need to pick the right marijuana strain for relieving your anxiety. Some strains are a little too stimulating and might leave you with racing thoughts, which will only make your anxiety worse. Other strains are a little too overwhelming and might make you feel panicked or paranoid. However, there are tons of strains that are perfect for relieving anxiety symptoms and leaving you in a calm, blissful state of mind.

Whether you prefer relaxing indica strains, stimulating sativa strains, or balanced hybrid strains, here are 15 of the best marijuana strains that’ll melt away your anxiety.

1. Pink OG

If you’re looking for a strain that’ll fill you with happy feelings and take away symptoms of anxiety, then Pink OG is a great pick. While the genetic lineage of this indica-dominant strain is unclear, it’s said to be a relative of OG Kush and shares many of its relaxing qualities.

Pink OG is a prime strain for pure relaxation. As soon as you take a hit, you’ll notice a warming, tingly sensation that spreads throughout your body and takes away any pain, inflammation, or physical tension. Shortly after, you’ll feel an uplifting cerebral sensation. Instead of feeling negative and worried, you’ll feel euphoric and clear-minded, making it easy to kick back without any anxiety or stress.

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2. Tangerine

There are many good reasons to try Tangerine. For one, it’s one of the most alluring strains thanks to its fresh citrus aroma and zesty flavor. Secondly, it’s a 50/50 hybrid strain that’ll give you a beautifully balanced high, making it great for all-day use. Thirdly, the happy and euphoric effects it delivers make it perfect for taking away anxiety and stress.

As you take a sweet citrusy hit of Tangerine, you’ll feel a wave of relief. It’ll snap you into a joyous and giggly mood, and everything from music to movies will seem more fun and intriguing. Meanwhile, it’ll soothe your body and make it easy to simply melt into the couch without a care in the world. With moderate THC levels and a healthy kick of CBD, it’s perfect for relieving a host of medical issues from anxiety disorders to chronic pain.

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3. Black Diamond

While you might know Black Diamond by other names, such as Black Diamond OG or Black Diamond OG Kush, one thing that every user will agree on is that it’s one of the best strains for body and mind relaxation. With a rich berry taste and sedating effects, this strain is sure to help you chill out.

It’s best to avoid Black Diamond during the daytime as it’ll swiftly put you in a lazy and tired state. Not only will your body feel free of any pain or tension, but you’ll find yourself in a hazy and blissful state that makes it hard to care about anything. Naturally, this makes it a top strain for counteracting anxiety, as well as helping with chronic pain, inflammation, and insomnia.

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4. Blue Rhino

Blue Rhino is the perfect go-to strain when you want a burst of cerebral stimulation along with a strong body buzz that’ll relieve all kinds of pain. It’s a cross between White Rhino and Blueberry and you’ll instantly notice that Blue Rhino has a sweet aroma with an earthy kick. The taste is just as enjoyable, and the effects are even better.

This strain will instantly put you in a euphoric mood. Instead of feeling high-strung and anxious, you’ll feel stress-free and creative. It’ll also soothe your body, but you can still stay alert and focused. It’s best to avoid smoking too much of this as high doses might induce paranoia and headaches. However, in moderation, it’ll relieve your anxiety and put you in a stellar mood.

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5. Jet Fuel

Jet Fuel or G6 is a top-notch sativa-dominant strain that’ll stimulate your mind without making you feel anxious or paranoid. It’s a descendant of Aspen OG and High Country Diesel with a 60:40 sativa to indica ratio and a pungent diesel and skunk scent. However, the best thing about it is the high it delivers.

This strain is perfect when you need a strain to pick you up in the morning or give you a burst of motivation during the day. You’ll feel euphoric, energetic, and giggly, although these effects will soon give way to a calming body high. It’s a great strain for counteracting anxiety, and it’ll also help with chronic fatigue, stress, depression, and headaches.

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Jet Fuel

6. Snowball

Thanks to its fluffy nugs and sparkly, white trichomes, Snowball is a strain that suits its name. This is a strain that has plenty of bag appeal, not only due to its appearance but also due to its pungent aroma and citrusy taste. You’ll also understand why it’s called Snowball when you take a hit.

When you smoke or vape this strain, it’ll initially put you in an uplifted and mentally-stimulated state. Any negative thoughts or bad moods will be melted away. As time goes on, the effects snowball until you find yourself feeling lazy, couch-locked, and utterly blissful. It’s a top strain for anxiety, stress, chronic pain, cramps, and insomnia.

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7. Do-Si-Do

Do-Si-Do is another excellent strain for relieving anxiety, stress, and various mood problems. As a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG, you can rely on this strain to smell good, taste good, and give you excellent effects. The cookie-like flavor is enough to put you in a great mood, but you’ll also be treated to an invigorating high.

You’ll instantly notice a surge of mental energy when you take a hit of Do-Si-Do. While the energy wears off relatively fast, you’ll be left in a happy and peaceful mental state, free of any stress or worries. It’ll also relax your body, making it great for tackling any form of pain or inflammation as well as helping you sleep better.

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8. God’s Green Crack

God’s Green Crack is one of the best examples of a well-balanced hybrid strain. As well as having a 55:45 indica to sativa ratio, God’s Green Crack also combines one of the best sativa strains with one of the best indica strains. That means that you’re sure to get the best of both worlds when you smoke this strain.

With the mentally invigorating effects of Green Crack and the physically soothing effects of God Bud, this strain can help you in all kinds of ways. It’ll enhance your senses, lift your mood, and also put your body at complete ease. It’s excellent for relieving all kinds of symptoms from chronic pain to anxiety and stress.

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9. Mimosa

Mimosa is a hybrid cross between Clementine and Purple Punch that’s sure to put you in a good mood. With a 70:30 sativa to indica ratio, this strain delivers a largely head-focused high that enhances your senses and boosts your mood without making you too overly-stimulated or anxious.

It’s an easy cannabis strain to enjoy thanks to its fruity taste, and the effects are just as enjoyable. You’ll feel focused and sharp-minded after a few hits and any feelings of stress, depression, or anxiety will quickly melt away. What’s more, you’ll get a mild, soothing body buzz that’s perfect for relieving pain and aches.

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Hindu Kush

10. Hindu Kush

If you’re looking for a pure indica strain to put you in a peaceful and relaxed state, then it doesn’t get much better than Hindu Kush. This legendary strain is known for its deeply soothing effects that’ll help put your body and mind at ease, making it excellent for dealing with a range of physical and mental symptoms.

Hindu Kush is best saved for the evening or nighttime, especially as it’ll put you in a hazy, sleepy state. Your body will be relieved of any tension and you won’t have any worries on your mind. Instead, you’ll feel blissful and euphoric, and falling asleep will be easy even if you suffer from insomnia.

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11. Citrus Skunk

Citrus Skunk is a well-balanced hybrid strain with a 50:50 indica to sativa ratio. If you’re looking for a strain that’ll stimulate your mind and soothe your body in equal measure, this is one of the best options out there. Plus, the tangy citrus taste makes it all the more enjoyable to smoke or vape.

A few hits of Citrus Skunk will lift your mood, enhance your senses, and ease your mind of any stress or worries. Meanwhile, your body will be relieved of any pain, aches, or tension. The great thing about Citrus Skunk is that it can provide these effects without ever being too stimulating or sedating, making it excellent for tackling a range of issues, including anxiety.

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12. Blueberry

Blueberry is one of the most well-loved enjoyable strains on the market. The fresh and fruity blueberry and vanilla taste alone will put you in an excellent mood, but of course, the effects of this indica-dominant strain make the experience even more uplifting.

This is one of the best strains for relieving anxiety as it’ll swiftly clear your mind of any worries and replace negative thoughts with positive ones. You’ll feel calm and stress-free, and your mind will soon drift off into an introspective state. Meanwhile, it’ll also ease your body and make you feel incredibly physically relaxed until you drift off into a restful night of sleep.

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13. Grape Ape

With high THC levels and a 90:10 indica to sativa ratio, Grape Ape is a good choice if you need an intensely relaxing strain that packs a punch. This strain can help with severe cases of pain, stress, and anxiety by calming your mind and body until you feel carefree and ready to sleep.

Along with its deeply relaxing effects, Grape Ape is also a treat to smoke or vape thanks to its rich, berry-like flavor. However, make sure you go easy on this strain. It’s a hard-hitter, and the high might feel a little too overwhelming if you smoke too much.

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Grape Ape

14. Chocolate Kush

Chocolate Kush is a hybrid strain that crosses the potent indica buds of Kosher Kush with the stimulating effects and amazing flavor of Chocolope. As a result, this strain offers a nice mix of effects as well as an earthy chocolate and vanilla taste that makes it one of the most enjoyable strains to smoke.

As an indica-dominant strain, Chocolate Kush will make you feel intensely relaxed within minutes. However, along with its luxurious physical effects, you’ll also experience a burst of euphoria and mental energy. You’ll be relieved of stress and anxiety and find yourself feeling carefree and creative.

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15. XXX

If you need a fast-acting strain that’ll help swiftly relieve symptoms of anxiety, as well as a host of other issues, then XXX is one of the best strains for you. This indica-dominant hybrid is known for its ability to calm the body and the mind, making for a highly enjoyable and peaceful experience.

From the first hit, you’ll notice that this strain eases your mind of any stress or worries. Soon after, you’ll feel a soothing rush throughout your body, relieving you of any pain, aches, or physical tension. Ultimately, you’ll find yourself in a peaceful, zen-like state where it’s hard to fret about anything.


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