Mistakes You’re Making While Smoking Weed

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Now that smoking weed is legal across the country, it’s become a popular activity for all kinds of people. Whether you need weed to help with issues such as pain, inflammation, anxiety, stress, and depression or you simply enjoy the effects for recreational purposes, weed can be great for all kinds of reasons. However, if you’re new to smoking, there are probably certain mistakes you’re making while smoking weed.

While smoking weed is simple enough for anyone to pick up, there are some common errors that newbies make. Even some experienced users might inadvertently be making mistakes that are causing them to not get the absolute best out of their smoking experience. Luckily, we’re here to help. Here are five common weed-smoking mistakes to avoid.

Not Inhaling Properly

While it seems cliche, not inhaling is one of the most common mistakes that new weed users make. Many users report not feeling high after their first joint, and this is usually due to them not knowing how to inhale or simply not inhaling properly.

Each time you take a puff from a joint or a hit from a bowl, make sure you inhale the smoke into your lungs. You need to hold it there for a second before exhaling. This is the only way the THC will make it into your system, where it can then take effect on your body and give you all of its enjoyable perks.

At the same time, some weed smokers may be inhaling a little too much. Some users believe that if you hold in a hit for longer, it’ll enhance the effects. However, this is not true. A study found that whether weed smokers held the smoke in their lungs for 0 seconds, 10 seconds or 20 seconds, there was no significant difference in effects. As such, it’s best to reduce the risk of any damage to your lungs and don’t hold your hits in for any longer than a second.

Not Inhaling Properly

Using Too Much Weed

Another common mishap that many weed smokers make is not using the right amount of weed. The good thing about marijuana is that, compared to various other substances, it’s much safer to use. There’s no risk of a fatal overdose and, although you can experience some serious side effects such as increased anxiety, paranoia, and nausea, it takes a lot to reach that point.

However, with that said, some weed users still smoke more than necessary. Smoking more than you need to can end up in you quickly being tired, unfocused, and wasting more weed than you need to. While some users might enjoy instant heavy effects, it’s much better to ration your weed out and enjoy it over time.

Most users recommend using 0.5 grams to a gram in each joint, although how much is best for you depends on your tolerance. You may find that simply smoking half a joint gives you the perfect high where you’re happy and euphoric without being too lethargic. You might find that using a smaller amount of a stronger strain works better when you want deep relaxation. Just make sure you’re not using too much too fast.

Not Using a Grinder

Not using a grinder to grind your weed is a cardinal sin of weed smoking. Whether you choose to smoke from a joint, blunt, Pipe or Bong, it’s always better to cut your weed into fine, easy-to-burn pieces before smoking. When you smoke weed that’s been ground with a grinder,  it’ll burn smoothly and evenly, giving you a much better smoking experience.

Some users might feel that using scissors, a knife or even just their fingers will work just as well. However, while these are all easy methods for cutting weed, the quality of properly ground weed fresh from a weed grinder is much more satisfying.

Hand grinders are specifically designed for giving you the best quality of ground weed possible. They’re cheap, easy to use, and easy to find, so there’s no excuse not to use one. Plus, once you use one, you’ll never want to go back to using your hands or scissors. You can find grinders in various smoke shops and cannabis stores or even buy a grinder online.

Not Using a Grinder

Not Passing the Joint (or Cornering the Bowl)

When you smoke a joint, the weed often burns away as you’re smoking. While this won’t be much of a concern when you’re smoking by yourself, it’s simply good stoner etiquette to keep passing the joint along when you’re smoking with friends.

Sharing a joint with friends is great fun. You all get to enjoy the effects of some potent weed and you’ll end up wasting less of your joint. The common rule of thumb when you’re smoking with friends is to “puff, puff, pass”. In other words, take a puff or two then pass the joint along as soon as you get your hit.

If you prefer to smoke from a Pipe or Bong, make sure you corner the bowl. This means burning a corner of the weed in the bowl instead of lighting the entire thing. That way, you have more fresh, green weed to light and enjoy instead of ending up with a pile of weed ashes. It’s especially important when you’re smoking with friends but even if you’re smoking by yourself, you should still corner your bowls for the best smoking session.

Not Using The Best Smoking Accessories

There are many ways to enjoy weed and every user will have their preferences. However, no matter how you choose to smoke your weed, make sure you’re getting the best smoking experience possible by using the best equipment and accessories.

If you enjoy joints or blunts, invest in some good Rolling Papers. They come in many sizes and materials and grabbing some that are perfect for your preferences will make every smoking session better. Of course, it’s also best to have a good Lighter and Grinder.

For an exceptional smoking session, you might want to upgrade to a Bong. Bongs filter your weed smoke through water to remove impurities and give you smooth, potent hits. If you want to do away with smoking altogether, you might even want to consider alternatives such as Vapes or Edibles.


If you’re new to smoking weed, make sure you’re not making any of these mistakes. Always inhale your hits- but not for too long- and make sure you’re passing the joint or cornering the bowl if you’re smoking with friends. You should also buy the best smoking equipment and accessories for your needs, along with the best weed. You can find high-quality weed and everything you need for a great smoking session at BuyMyWeedOnline.

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