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Cheapest Way to Smoke Weed? Here are 25 Methods You Can Try

Coping with rising interest rates here in Canada, many of you, our valued weed consumers, are finding yourselves in a tight spot, trying to balance the cost of basic necessities with your cannabis consumption.

We understand your struggle, and we’re here to lend a hand.

Our aim is to help you find that sweet spot where you can manage your expenses smartly without compromising on your cannabis experience. After you’re done reading, you’ll find yourself relieved from the stress of juggling your meal and weed budget.

Can I Save Money While Smoking Weed?

So, to answer this question – Yes, it’s definitely possible to save money while enjoying weed. By embracing smart strategies and being mindful of your consumption, which we’ll discuss shortly, you can make your cannabis experience both enjoyable and budget-friendly.

What are the Most Cost-Effective Ways to Smoke Weed?

What we can tell you first and foremost is that the cheapest and most effective ways to consume weed include growing your own, buying in bulk and storing it properly, using a vaporizer, microdosing, and using concentrates instead of buds.

We’ve listed several methods below, but if you’re looking for the most effective and cost-saving ones, these top options are the ones to follow.

1. Grow Your Own Cannabis

This is arguably the most cost-effective way in the long term, especially for regular users. It involves initial investment in equipment and seeds, and some learning, but ultimately, growing your own cannabis can dramatically reduce the cost per gram compared to purchasing from dispensaries or stores.

2. Buy or Grow Potent Strains

Potent strains have higher THC or CBD levels, meaning you’ll need a smaller quantity to achieve the desired effects. This can make your supply last longer, leading to cost savings over time.

3. Buy Concentrates Instead of Buds

Concentrates like hash, wax, or oils offer a more potent experience with a smaller quantity. They tend to be more expensive per gram but are used in smaller amounts, which can be more economical for frequent users.

We recommend that you try out our Rolling Stone Afghani Hash (AAAA). It’s affordable, and worth the price. Also check out our other products on our concentrates page where we highlight BMWO’s finest budder, hash, kief, and shatter.

4. Use a Vaporizer

Vaporizers are efficient in extracting cannabinoids, meaning you use less cannabis per session. They heat the cannabis at a lower temperature, reducing the amount of product burned and wasted.

Try checking out our Airis 8 if you’re considering getting a vaporizer.

5. Make Your Own Edibles

Creating edibles at home allows you to use cannabis more efficiently. You can use parts of the plant that are typically discarded (like stems or leaves), or use AVB (Already Vaped Bud), which still contains cannabinoids.

Read our popular guide on how to infuse store-bought gummies if you’re looking for something simple. For a more in-depth set of guides, consider checking out our recipes page.

6. Microdosing

This involves using very small amounts of cannabis to achieve a mild effect. It’s a way to extend the life of your cannabis supply by consuming less each time.

7. Ration Your Weed

Dividing your cannabis into predetermined doses can help prevent overuse and make your supply last longer. This is particularly useful for medical patients who need consistent dosages.

8. Buy in Bulk and Store Properly

Purchasing cannabis in larger quantities usually offers a lower price per gram. Storing it correctly (in airtight containers, away from light and heat) preserves its quality and extends its shelf life.

9. Use Loyalty Programs and Look for Deals

Many dispensaries offer loyalty programs that provide discounts and deals over time. Also, keeping an eye out for sales and special offers can lead to significant savings.

As your trusted online weed dispensary, we also offer loyalty programs that you can take advantage of. Please consider checking them out.

10. Consider Lower-Shelf Options

Lower-priced cannabis products may offer good value for the price. While they might not have the same potency or flavor profile as top-shelf options, they can be a more affordable choice.

11. Use High-Quality Rolling Paper and a Rolling Tray

Investing in good rolling papers can reduce the rate at which your joint burns, conserving cannabis. A rolling tray helps collect any spilled product, ensuring nothing goes to waste.

For reliable and affordable options, consider browsing our rolling papers section, where we offer products like Juicy Jays, Juicy Hemp, Kingpin, and more.

If you don’t have access to rolling papers at the moment, you might want to read our guide on alternatives to rolling papers. In it, we dive deep into viable replacements like tissue papers, empty cigarette tubes, rose petals, tampon papers, and more.

12. Grind Like a Pro

A good quality grinder, especially one with a kief catcher, helps you get the most out of your cannabis. Kief is potent and can be used separately, adding value to your purchase.

Read through our guide on how to use a grinder` and pair it up with our very own weed grinders (pocket, large). Trust us, you won’t have any problems grinding your weed once you’ve checked them out.

13. Learn to Smoke Properly

Efficient smoking techniques, like taking smaller hits and not holding smoke in your lungs for too long, can help conserve your cannabis and enhance the experience.

Read through our guide on how to inhale and smoke weed without coughing if you’re looking to make your hits last as long as possible.

14. Save a Joint for Later

Not finishing a joint in one go and saving the rest for later is a straightforward way to make your cannabis last longer.

Consider reading our full guide on how to put out a joint and save it for later, so you can cover the basics in-depth.

15. Reserve Smoking for Special Occasions

Limiting cannabis use to special occasions rather than habitual use can significantly extend the life of your stash.

16. Save and Reuse Roaches

Keeping the ends of joints (roaches) and reusing them later can extract the maximum value from your cannabis.

17. Use a Roach Clip

This tool allows you to smoke the entire joint without burning your fingers, minimizing waste.

18. Sign Up for Dispensary Newsletters for Deals

Being informed about promotions and special offers through dispensary newsletters can help you plan your purchases around discounts.

Join our family program and sign up for BMWO’s newsletter to stay updated on the latest news and deals available to you.”

19. Order Online and Pick Up

This helps avoid impulse purchases and can sometimes offer online-only discounts, aiding in sticking to a budget.

If you want to know how this works on our site, check out our page on how to order here at BuyMyWeedOnline.

20. Use a Gravity Bong

Efficient for maximizing the impact of a smaller amount of cannabis, a gravity bong can provide a more intense experience with less product.

21. Recycle Already Vaped Bud (AVB)

AVB can still be used to make edibles or teas, providing a second life for your cannabis.

22. Mix Top-Shelf Weed with Lower Quality

Combining high-quality cannabis with more affordable options can balance cost without significantly compromising on quality.

23. Use a Small Bowl or Pipe

Smaller bowls and pipes naturally limit the amount of cannabis used per session, helping to conserve your supply.

24. Buy Popcorn Buds

These smaller, less aesthetically appealing buds are often sold at a discount but still offer good quality.

25. Buy Weed from Reliable Sources or Look for Bargains

Ensuring you purchase from reliable sources guarantees quality. At the same time, comparing prices and shopping around can lead to finding better deals.

Here at BMWO, not only do we provide you with high-quality cannabis products, but we also make sure that you get the most value for your money in ways that benefit you the most.

Check out our category pages, such as flowers, edibles, thc vape pens, and more. We’re confident that you’ll find really affordable products with us that you won’t regret.

As always, we hope you’ve learned something today, and we look forward to seeing you in our next post.

Let’s go through some questions you might have wondered about as we’ve discussed our topic:

Can regular tolerance breaks help reduce overall cannabis spending?

Yes, taking regular tolerance breaks can indeed help reduce overall cannabis spending. By taking a break, your tolerance lowers, allowing you to experience the desired effects with a smaller amount of cannabis upon resuming use. This can lead to less frequent purchases and a decrease in the amount of cannabis needed, thus reducing overall spending.

Is it more cost-effective to share cannabis with others?

Sharing cannabis with others can be more cost-effective, especially in social settings. When you share, the cost is also shared, making it less burdensome on any single individual. 

Can changing the time of day I smoke affect how much I use?

For some, smoking later in the day can lead to using less, as it might be confined to relaxation or unwinding periods, reducing the likelihood of continuous use throughout the day. Conversely, using cannabis earlier might lead to more consumption over the course of the day. It’s also about understanding your personal usage patterns and how they align with your daily activities and responsibilities, which can vary from person to person.

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