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5 Best Vintage Weed Strains

The cannabis plant is a truly remarkable one. Extremely diverse, this plant can be found in nearly all corners of the world, and is one which is being bred and propagated at an astounding rate everywhere.

But this didn’t just come to be, and a lot of effort and struggle was required to create what some today rightly call the cannabis culture. And it doesn’t matter where you place your finger on this evolutionary timeline, you’ll always run across some unforgettable vintage strains loom in the background. 

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These vintage strains represent significant cultural milestones, and remind us of a time not so long ago, when strains were transplanted from country to country, and enthusiasts and lovers all over the world cultivated, refined and crossbred them. It was on the basis of these strains that we stand where we are today, with more than 700 highly potent strains on the market and cannabis legalized in so many countries all over the world.

So let’s look at some of these vintage strains, and see why they are so important for us today.

How potent are these vintage strains?

A lot of us think that the “old school” are nowhere near as potent as some of the strains we smoke and love today. 

For many such strains, this is true. Since in those days, cannabis was not grown for its potency, but instead for it’s exotic flavors and effects.

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However, in terms of THC content, vintage strains tend to vary by only a few percentages. However, as we all know, the terpene profile of a strain is where the true nuance and uniqueness is actually expressed. 

But that does not mean that those strains have died out, or aren’t in demand anymore. Instead, thanks to modern and new breeding and growing techniques, many of these classic strains still exist, and are a lot more potent now.

So without further ado, let us now look at 5 vintage cannabis strains which are still in demand today.

Cannabis Strain NameTerpeneAromaEffectsCBD Level (%)THC Level (%)Plant Species
Sour DieselCaryophylleneDiesel, Pungent, SourEnergizing, Uplifting<119-25Sativa dominant
White WidowMyrceneEarthy, Woody, FloralEuphoric, Creative<118-25Hybrid
Northern LightsMyrceneEarthy, Pine, SweetRelaxing, Sleepy<116-21Indica dominant
OG KushLimoneneEarthy, Pine, WoodyRelaxing, Euphoric<119-26Hybrid
Original HazeTerpinoleneEarthy, Sweet, SpicyEnergizing, Uplifting<116-24Sativa dominant
These strains are classics and are well known in the cannabis community for their distinct aromas and effects.

Sour Diesel

This award winning, sativa dominant strain has been around for quite some time, and is still one of the highest selling strains in the market today. The strain first gained worldwide notoriety in 1990, and is a truly mysterious strain. It’s true genetics remain unknown to us even today, but many experts believe that it is a cross between 91 Chemdawg and Super skunk.

Containing around 90% sativa content, combined with up to 26% THC, 4% CBD, and 2% CBN, Sour Diesel is today one of the most potent and powerful strains in the world. It’s effects are rather energetic, intoxicating, and more exhilarating than a strong cup of coffee in the morning.

And once you do start smoking Sour Diesel weed, you will be surprised at how tasty it is. In fact, Sour Diesel has loaned its signature acrid fuel aroma to many strains over the years, and deserves our appreciation for the dank, gassy, pungent strains we love.

White Widow

Another highly potent sativa dominant strain, the White Widow is a truly legendary strain. The name itself is enough to demand respect, and there probably is no other strain with such a reputation in the whole world.

First introduced in Amsterdam in the 1990s, the White Widow quickly rose to international fame for it’s incredibly powerful effects, and has since won numerous awards as well. While it’s true genetics are still unknown, many experts believe that the strain was created by crossing a Brazillian indica with South Indian sativa landraces.

Today, the strain is famous all over the world, containing around 20% THC content and almost equal sativa and indica concentrations. This results in full body wide effects which leave the user hopelessly couchlocked, and in a state of pure bliss. But White Widow’s head high is truly one to die for. It is meditative, thought provoking, relaxing and uplifting all rolled into one.

The strain also has a highly recognizable and delightful aroma, which is sour and sweet at the same time and will remind you of hashish and tropical fruits at the same time.

Northern Lights

Another vintage strain, and one which is a true cannabis legend, Northern Lights strain is one of the most celebrated strains all over the world. One of the most recognized strains in the history of cannabis, Northern Lights is a parent strain for many of the potent hybrids we love today, and yet, it’s own genetics remain completely unknown to us.

Another 90’s classic, this pure indica strain has contested origins, with some people believing it came from the west coast of America, while others claiming that it is actually an Afhgani strain. Nonetheless, with THC concentration levels of around 18%, Northern Lights delivers a potent, elevating and sedative high, which is well loved by both medicinal and recreational users of weed.

OG Kush

Another timeless classic, OG Kush has been getting people high for a long long time. one of the most recognizable strains in the whole world, OG Kush has been used to create many of the potent hybrids we love to smoke today, and has truly earned its place among the true legends.

 While OG Kush’s origins are contested, it’s genetics and terpene profile are famous all over the world. Containing up to 75% indica content, combined with around 19% THC content, the strain delivers a powerful punch which is both cerebral and body based. If you haven’t yet tried this potent, powerful strain, you might be surprised at just how delicious, yet pungent it’s aroma is. Just don’t blame us if you do fall in love with this strain. 

Original Haze

Also called Neville Haze, this pure sativa strain was first created in California, but backcrossed and stabilized in Amsterdam in the 1980s. Since then, the strain’s popularity has only grown, and today, it is one of the top selling ones in the whole world.

A true cerebral and energetic strain, Original Haze contains between 10% and 20% THC content, and has a sweet but spicy flavor which is well accented by slightly citrusy undertones. The high is slow building, but extremely powerful and psychedelic at its peak, and hence, the strain is not a good option to treat anxiety or paranoia.

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