Mangoes and Cannabis: How Does It Intensify the High?

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For most consumers and seasoned cannabis smokers, building a high tolerance for marijuana is common. However, as strange as it may sound, it has been said that eating mangoes can intensify your smoking experience. Many stoners have used this trick and concluded that mangoes enhance the effects.

But how do these ordinary products found at the local farmers’ market affect your high? Also, how can you best use mangoes to boost your high? Below is a look at how mangoes achieve this highness. Also covered are other aspects related to the cannabis and mango relationship.

Myrcene in Mangoes

Every time you salivate over the sweet smell of juicy mango, your body reacts. It craves the most dominant terpene in the fruit, known as myrcene. Terpenes are known to be behind the sweet aromas in most herbs, vegetables, and fruits. The herb, cannabis, which falls into this category, also has a wide range of terpenes. Yet these terpenes give off different flavours in different types of cannabis products.

Moreover, the terpenes do not just give off fragrances. They also come with plenty of psychological and physiological effects. Terpenes such as myrcene are the active components of essential oils. This is the backbone of aromatherapy.

Increasing Permeability 

According to experts, mangoes have a substantial concentration of myrcene. This terpene is the one responsible for boosting the highness of marijuana. The Nutraceuticals reports that terpene increases the absorbency of your blood-brain barrier. This component is also known as BBB. It is a protective mechanism that regulates the number of foreign materials and intoxicants that can reach your brain.

Consequently, when your brain’s permeability increases, the THC contained in cannabis reaches the brain more rapidly. Seasoned stoners say that this makes you feel the effects faster and more intensely. However, do not run to the grocery store to buy mangoes just yet. It is important to note that no hard evidence has been published to back this theory. It has not been documented that myrcene makes your BBB more permeable. Although this terpene may affect the way your body and brain process THC, its permeability properties to your BBB may not necessarily be the defining factor.

How Mangoes Intensify a Cannabis High

Theories on How Mangoes Intensify a Cannabis High

As more scientific queries are performed regarding terpenes, more interesting complexities are being discovered behind these magnificent compounds. When it comes to mangoes and myrcene, in particular, there are three main theories:

  • Anti-convulsant Effects – A study done in 2011 on mice showed that myrcene produced anti-convulsant effects. This backs the claim that terpene has sedative-like properties. According to the researchers, this might be a plausible explanation. It can explain how myrcene might intensify your marijuana high. The researchers were looking into the effects of lemongrass essential oil. Myrcene is a major component of lemongrass. They concluded that the effects of myrcene on the mice’s GABAergic system give off anxiolytic effects.
  • Sedative-like Effects – In Ethan Russo’s Handbook of Cannabis, he says that an anonymous subject reported that the combination of myrcene and THC gives more intense effects than without the terpene. With myrcene producing sedative-like effects, this has become a common theory in scientific research. However, this study was done in mice, and experts have not proved that the same effects apply to humans.
  • Modulation of CB Receptors – The other theory suggesting myrcene’s ability to boost the marijuana high says that the terpene is a positive allosteric modulator of your cannabinoid receptors. In short, the theory suggests that myrcene increases your CB receptors’ activity. However, during a study in March 2019, the experts found that myrcene does not directly activate the cannabinoid receptors in a simulated lab setting. Yet it does not mean that the theory is debunked. It only means this theory does not offer adequate explanation until further studies have been conducted.

The Plausible GABA Explanation

As mentioned above, Ethan Russo reported that myrcene intensified the effects of THC. This leads to the subject feeling more relaxed, sleepy, and mellow, almost like being couch-locked. The lemongrass study mentioned above leads researchers to believe that it is due to the terpenes’ interaction with the GABAergic system.

GABA is a preventative neurotransmitter that is charged with regulating neuronal excitability. If you have plenty of these neurotransmitters in your brain, you will tend to be more mellow and relaxed. 

You might be wondering what mangoes have to do with all these. Myrcene in mangoes alongside linalool and pinene increase the activity in your GABA. Moreover, these terpenes have no substantial effect on their own and at low doses. However, when you introduce THC, their relaxation effects are enhanced. This might be the couch-locked effect that stoners report when they use weed in conjunction with mangoes.

The Plausible GABA Explanation

Mangoes Are Worth It, Nonetheless

The effects of combining marijuana and mango are entirely placebic. There is still a myriad of benefits that are associated with ingesting mangoes. Next time you are at the grocery store and want to get some snacks for your smoke session, consider mangoes because of the following reasons:

  • Low Calories – Mangos are amazingly low-caloric. A cup of mangoes has just under 100 calories and is an ideal light treat when you are feeling like snacking. Because of their low caloric content and myrcene properties, they are perfect for your smoke session rotation.
  • Plenty of Antioxidants – These polyphenols are essential in protecting your body’s cells. They can fight the damaging effects of diabetes and cancers.
  • Aid in Proper Digestion – They are rich in dietary fiber. They also contain enzymes that aid in breaking down protein content.

The Takeaway

Many seasoned marijuana users report that mangoes enhance the effects of cannabis. While there are no conclusive studies on this theory, it would not hurt to try this trick yourself. If you already love mangoes and weed separately, why not try them together and see how it feels? Furthermore, many stoners find that they love this practice. Adding a new element to their normal weed routine can make the experience more novel and fun.

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