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The Best 24 Games to Play While High or Stoned

A long day, a puff of your favorite strain, and now you’re lounging comfortably, the world feeling just a bit softer around the edges.

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The thought crosses your mind, “What could make this even better?” You remember that bag of board games in the closet, or maybe the video game console gathering dust, but where to start?

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Well, my friend, that’s where we come in.

We’ve compiled a list of games you can enjoy while relaxing on your night.

Why Games and High Go Hand in Hand

Ever wondered why being high and gaming feel like a match made in heaven? The science behind this match-up is quite intriguing, and the experience, simply extraordinary.

This study reveals that THC, a key compound in cannabis, enhances divergent thinking and creativity. Apply this amplified creativity to the intricate challenges of video games, or the complex moves in a card game, and you’ve got yourself an intensely engaging, ultra-immersive session.

Adding to this, gaming is a dynamic narrative, with your decisions shaping the story. Cannabis intensifies this immersion, blurring the line between player and game, making every triumph all the more victorious.

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Moreover, both games and cannabis act as social catalysts. Picture a night with friends, shared laughter over a board game, and the communal enjoyment of a joint. Cannabis and games amplify the joy, the openness, and the in-the-moment fun of such gatherings.

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What Are the Best Games to Play While High?

We’ve all been there – it’s Friday night, you’ve got your favorite strain ready, and all that’s left is to find the perfect game to match your high.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Let’s shift gears a bit and talk about some games perfect for that occasion.

Party Games

These games are all about letting loose, having fun, and sharing a laugh or two (or a hundred). They’re the kind of games that are best enjoyed in good company, so gather your crew and let’s dive right in.

1. Movie Time

Ever thought about turning your regular movie night into a fun game? That’s exactly what Movie Time is all about. It’s the perfect way to add a sprinkle of excitement to your movie marathons.

How to Play

You and your friends can choose a movie to watch – it could be a favorite stoner flick or just any movie you all love. The key here is to come up with some “triggers” – actions or phrases in the movie that will dictate when you take a puff.

For example, every time a character says a certain catchphrase, or whenever something predictable happens – you decide. Just remember to keep things safe and fun.

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2. Bong Pong

Who doesn’t love a good old game of beer pong? But how about adding a twist to this classic party game? Say hello to Bong Pong, the stoner version of beer pong.

How to Play

The rules are pretty much the same as beer pong. You set up cups in a triangle at each end of a table and take turns trying to throw a ping pong ball into one of your opponent’s cups. If you succeed, your opponent has to take a hit from their bong. If they miss, it’s your turn to hit. Keep things light, fun, and, as always, responsible.

Additional Party Game Recommendations

  • 3. “Medusa” – A game that’s as fun as its name. Everyone sits around a table filled with a bunch of joints, heads down. On the count of three, everyone looks up and stares at another player. If you find yourself in a mutual gaze, shout “Medusa,” and both players must light a joint.
  • 4. “Traffic Lights” – Another fun and simple game. You take a hit and hold it in. Pass the joint to the next person. You can only exhale when the joint gets back to you. A true test of your lung capacity!
  • 5. “Never Have I Ever” – The stoner edition. Same as the original game, but with a twist. If you have done what someone says they’ve never done, you take a hit.

Video Games

Digital realms can be incredibly captivating when you’re high, drawing you in with vivid visuals, immersive soundscapes, and complex narratives. So, grab your controller and buckle up, because we’re about to dive into the digital realm.

6. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Have you ever dreamt of embarking on a journey in a world full of mysticism, untouched nature, and ancient ruins? Well, that’s exactly what “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” offers.

This game doesn’t just pull you in; it absorbs you entirely. The stunning artwork, intricate plotlines, and open world exploration can truly bring out the beauty of your high.

How to Play

In Breath of the Wild, you’ll step into the shoes of Link, a hero who wakes up from a hundred-year slumber to defeat the evil Calamity Ganon. The game doesn’t limit you to a specific path.

Instead, you’re free to roam across the vast wilderness of Hyrule, solve puzzles in ancient shrines, and discover new weapons, all while battling or avoiding various enemies. You can climb mountains, paraglide across valleys, cook food for health, or just sit back and watch the sunsets. The world of Hyrule is yours to explore!

7. No Man’s Sky

“No Man’s Sky” takes the phrase “sky’s the limit” to a whole new level. Forget about earthly constraints; this game transports you into the vast, unending universe. Imagine flying from star to star, discovering new life forms, and shaping the landscape of planets – sounds like an epic journey to go on while high, doesn’t it?

How to Play

No Man’s Sky starts you off on a random planet with a damaged spaceship. Your first task is to repair your spaceship using materials you gather from the planet. Once you’re off the ground, the universe is your playground.

You can choose to follow the game’s storyline, go rogue and become a space pirate, trade commodities between galaxies, or simply explore the unknown.

Every star, every planet, every creature is procedurally generated, meaning no two journeys will be the same. Your adventure is uniquely yours.

Additional Video Game Recommendations

  • 8. “Journey” – This game takes you on a mesmerizing trip across a vast desert, leading you to a distant mountain. Along the way, you’ll encounter other players, and together, you’ll traverse the awe-inspiring landscape.
  • 9. “Firewatch” – Set in the Wyoming wilderness, you are a fire lookout named Henry. Your only contact with the outside world is your supervisor, Delilah, who you can talk to via radio. This game combines beautiful landscapes with a captivating mystery.
  • 10. “Stardew Valley” – Stardew Valley lets you escape to the countryside and take control of your overgrown farm. It’s an open-ended game where you can engage in farming, mining, fishing, foraging, and even romance. It’s a calming and engaging experience.

Board Games

Alright, so you’re looking for a different kind of adventure? Something tactile, interactive, and just a bit magical? Well, my friend, it sounds like board games are calling your name. Let me introduce you to a couple of our top picks.

11. Dixit

First up, we have Dixit. You know those games that take you on an unexpected journey? Well, Dixit is the game that writes its story as you play along.

With its dreamy illustrations, it’s like peering into a storybook world that shifts and changes with each round. I tell you, the artwork alone could capture your imagination for hours, not to mention the brain-tickling task of figuring out the clues.

How to Play

The rules are easy enough. One of you takes on the role of the “storyteller,” giving a cryptic hint about one of the cards in your hand. Now, the rest of you need to play Sherlock Holmes and choose a card from your own hand that matches that hint.

The cards are shuffled, revealed, and then you all vote on which one you believe is the storyteller’s. Trust me, the fun is in the interpretation – your high might just give you that creative edge.

12. Catan

Next in line is a classic: Catan. It’s got everything – strategy, luck, and good old-fashioned wheeling and dealing. With its ever-changing board, no two games are the same. It’s like a different island adventure every time.

How to Play

Picture yourself as a settler on the island of Catan. Your mission? To expand your settlements by gathering and trading resources like wheat, wood, brick, and more.

The trick is, every game starts with a different arrangement of resource-generating tiles, so every game demands a new strategy. And, oh boy, the fun of negotiating and trading with your fellow players – you’ll feel like a market mogul in no time.

Additional Board Game Recommendations

  • 13. “Ticket to Ride” – Imagine, for a moment, that you’re on a cross-country train adventure. You’re connecting cities, claiming railway routes, and probably causing a few traffic jams along the way.
  • 14. “Pandemic” – In this one, you’re part of an elite disease control team. Think you can handle the pressure? Try to treat infections and find cures before it’s too late!
  • 15. “Betrayal at House on the Hill” – How about a little scare? Explore a haunted house that’s different every time you play. And just when you think you’re getting comfortable, BAM, there’s a betrayal! The thrill is real with this one.

Card Games

Now, let’s say you’ve got a limited play area, or maybe you’re on the move and can’t lug around a board game.

What then?

My friend, that’s where card games shine. Easy to pack, simple to learn, yet infinitely strategic. Let’s dive into some prime picks, shall we?

16. Munchkin

Meet Munchkin – a game of treachery, levels, and laughter. This isn’t your typical high-fantasy adventure, oh no. Here, you kick down doors, fight monsters, grab magical items and level up – all with a hefty dose of humor.

How to Play

The goal? Reach Level 10 before your friends. To do that, you’ll kick down doors (draw cards) and fight monsters. Winning gets you levels and treasures (more cards).

The beauty is in the backstabbing – you can help or hinder your friends, changing the game dynamics on a dime. And the card descriptions? Absolute comic gold. Expect laughs, surprises, and a whole lot of fun with this one.

17. Fluxx

Next up, we’ve got Fluxx. Just when you think you’ve got the hang of it, everything changes – the rules, the goal, everything. It’s like being in a dream where the world shifts around you, and it’s up to you to keep up.

How to Play

You start with a couple of simple rules – draw one, play one. But as cards are played, rules can change, new goals can appear, and suddenly your plan to win is upside down.

It’s a wild, chaotic ride, and with each new card played, you’re on the edge of your seat. Expect the unexpected with Fluxx.

Additional Card Game Recommendations

  • 18. “Cards Against Humanity” – Unleash your dark humor and laugh your heart out. You fill in the blanks on sentence cards to make the funniest, wildest, or even the most inappropriate combinations. Trust me, you haven’t laughed like this in a while.
  • 19. “Love Letter” – It’s all about risk, deduction, and luck. With a handful of cards, your goal is to get your love letter into the hands of the princess while thwarting the attempts of your competitors. A subtle mind game that’s bound to keep you engaged.
  • 20. “Uno” – A classic that never goes out of style. The rules are simple – match the color or number of the card on the deck, and when you’re down to one card, don’t forget to yell “Uno!”. A game of fast-paced fun that’s perfect for any group.

Mind Games or Puzzles

Now, if you’re someone who’s looking for a bit of a challenge, who finds joy in exercising those gray cells and solving intricate puzzles, then these recommendations are going to be right up your alley.

21. Rubik’s Cube

Ah, the classic Rubik’s Cube. You’ve probably seen it, tried it, and either conquered it or tossed it aside in mild frustration. It’s more than just a cube with colors – it’s a 3D puzzle that has confounded and delighted folks for decades.

How to Play

You start with a jumbled cube, and your task is to twist and turn it until each side of the cube is a single color. Sounds simple? Give it a whirl.

The beauty of the Rubik’s Cube is that while it might seem impossible at first, with a little patience, strategy, and a few algorithms, you can master it. A true test of your problem-solving skills.

21. Sudoku

For our next pick, we delve into the world of numbers. Don’t worry, no advanced math required here. Just pure logic and deduction. Welcome to Sudoku – a grid, some numbers, and a whole lot of fun.

How to Play

In Sudoku, you fill a 9×9 grid so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3×3 sub-grids that compose the grid contain all of the digits from 1 to 9. It’s all about logic and deduction. No guesswork, no math skills. Just your brain, pitted against the puzzle.

Additional Mind Games or Puzzles Recommendations

  • 22. “Jigsaw Puzzles” – You might think they’re old-school, but trust me, there’s something soothing about connecting pieces, one by one, to form a beautiful image. Plus, it’s a great way to keep your hands busy.
  • 23. “Crosswords” – Flex your vocabulary skills and your brain with a classic crossword. Whether it’s the New York Times’ famed puzzle or your local paper’s version, it’s a great mental exercise.
  • 24. “Chess” – The game of kings. Each piece moves differently, and the goal is to checkmate your opponent’s king. It might seem intimidating, but once you get the hang of it, it’s an engaging strategic battle that’ll have you hooked.

What Makes a Game Ideal for Playing While High?

Well, my friend, the best games to play while high cleverly blend simplicity, tranquility, and uniqueness in their design.

Take, for instance, the endless galaxies of “No Man’s Sky” or the whimsical artwork of “Dixit”; their immersive visuals tickle your high-enhanced senses, while the straightforward gameplay means you’re not bogged down by intricate rules.

Games like “Cards Against Humanity” become a crowd-favorite, challenging your high-induced wit without the complexity.

Essentially, the perfect high game is one that’s easy to play, soothing to the senses, and unique enough to spark joy and curiosity. It’s all about turning that chill session into an epic, unforgettable gaming journey.

Tips to Enhance Your Gaming Experience While High

Here are some tips from a seasoned gamer who’s been around the block a time or two. Whether you’re looking to amp up your game nights or wanting to find new ways to enjoy your favorite games, these nuggets of wisdom might come in handy.

Know Your Strains

As we’ve explored earlier, certain games pair better with different strains. An energetic sativa can make an intense round of Bong Pong a thrilling experience, while a calming indica might be the perfect companion for a chill night with a mind-bending puzzle game. Experiment and find which strain enhances your gaming experience best.

Choosing the Right Game for the Right Mood

Picking the right game to play while high can be quite the task, especially with so many great options at hand. It’s essential to consider your current mindset, who you’re with, and what you’re in the mood for.

Are you feeling sociable? A lively party game like Medusa could be just the thing to keep the energy levels high. In the mood for a bit of competition?

Nothing beats the strategy of a good board game, such as Settlers of Catan. If you’re in for some solitary time, immersive video games like Journey can provide a captivating experience.

Pace Yourself

Whether it’s a video game that requires quick reflexes, a party game where you’re managing a crowd, or a calm and peaceful board game, knowing your limits is crucial.

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You want to be high enough to enjoy the experience, but not so high that you can’t participate in the game. Cannabis is supposed to enhance the experience, not detract from it.

Create the Right Environment

We talked about setting the scene with a horror video game, but this applies to all types of games. A relaxing atmosphere for board games, a lively crowd for party games, or an immersive setup for video games can significantly enhance your gaming experience. Music, lighting, and even the snacks you have on hand can contribute to the vibe.

Gaming Hydration and Munchies

We all know the dry mouth and insatiable hunger that can come with cannabis use. Keep water and snacks on hand, particularly when engaged in a long gaming session.

And hey, planning your munchies can be part of the fun. How about some popcorn for Movie Time or some homemade treats for board game night?

Be Mindful of Your Fellow Players

Remember, everyone is there to have fun. Whether you’re playing a cooperative video game or a competitive card game, be aware of the other players. Some people may be more or less sensitive to the effects of cannabis, and the goal should always be enjoyment for everyone.

So, there we go! Quite a list, isn’t it? We’ve traversed the world of video games, delved into the classics of board games, dealt some hands with card games, teased our brains with puzzles, and partied hard with party games. All while under the beautifully calming, fun-enhancing influence of cannabis.

You can also read through our Activities That You Can Do While High article if you’re looking to do activities other than playing video games while high.

But hey, our journey doesn’t end here. You know, a good high depends on the quality of the green. And for that, we’ve got you covered. At BMWO, Canada’s leading online cannabis shop, we offer only the top-notch products to ensure you have the best experience.

After all, quality gaming experiences deserve quality cannabis. Enjoy your high, enjoy your game, and remember, we’re always here for your cannabis needs.

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