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A Handy Guide To Consuming Cannabis in Europe

Right now, Canada is the best place in the world for marijuana lovers. Not only can you find recreational cannabis stores across the country, but you can buy weed online safely and easily. Many parts of the United States are also great for buying and using marijuana. However, what about consuming cannabis in Europe?

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Whether you’re a European citizen or you’re planning a Eurotrip, consuming cannabis can be tricky. Many countries still have strict laws against marijuana, although you’ll find CBD stores in many parts of Europe. However, there are a few places in Europe where cannabis laws are more lenient.

Some parts of Europe are even known for their cannabis culture. If you’re traveling to Europe soon and want to sample some European cannabis, you might want to consider some of these places. Just remember to obey local laws and don’t try to travel home with cannabis in your luggage.

Consuming Cannabis In The Netherlands

Consuming Cannabis In The Netherlands

The Netherlands has become known by tourists around the world as a haven for cannabis lovers, especially due to the city of Amsterdam. In Amsterdam, residents and tourists can find coffee shops that provide marijuana. Some even provide tasty edibles such as hash brownies and space cakes.

Interestingly, the cannabis laws in the Netherlands aren’t as lenient as you might think. Cannabis is technically still illegal, but there’s a tolerance policy for those who use soft recreational drugs without harming anyone. What’s more, coffee shops selling cannabis are permitted as long as they stick to strict guidelines.

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As such, you shouldn’t try to buy cannabis from dodgy street sellers in the Netherlands. Head to Amsterdam and find one of the many highly-rated coffee shops if you want to sample high-quality Dutch weed. These places are also excellent social spaces for meeting other travelers and other marijuana enthusiasts.

While Amsterdam is the best place in the Netherlands for getting weed, you’ll also find coffee shops serving cannabis in other large cities. You might want to visit other parts of the Netherlands such as Utrecht, Rotterdam, and the Hague.

Using cannabis in public can also get you into trouble, so stick to cannabis coffee shops. You should also avoid causing any problems while you’re high. However, if you simply go between the coffee shop and your hotel when high, you won’t face any problems and can have a highly enjoyable trip.

Consuming Cannabis In Malta

In December 2021, Malta became the first nation in Europe to fully legalize marijuana for recreational purposes. Adults can possess up to seven grams of cannabis. They can also grow up to four plants at home, although this is irrelevant for tourists. Smoking in public is still illegal and smoking around children can get you fined up to 500 euros (713 CAD).

The country is currently in the process of building an infrastructure of non-profit associations to regulate cannabis sales. Right now, you won’t find many places to buy marijuana, but this is set to change in the future. As such, you might want to consider a trip to Malta sometime next year if you want to sample European cannabis.

Malta is also a brilliant tourist destination for various other reasons. The island nation is full of fascinating historical sites, including 3 UNESCO World Heritage. Plus, it’s so small that you can drive from one end of Malta to the other within a couple of hours. This makes it particularly easy to explore, either by rental car or via its efficient bus system.

Most tourists head to Sliema or Paceville and this is likely where weed stores will start cropping up in due time. Valletta is also a good choice if you want to be surrounded by historical architecture. You can also head to Marfa or the rural island of Gozo if you’re looking for a calm and scenic holiday.

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Consuming Cannabis In Spain

Consuming Cannabis In Spain

Cannabis use in Spain is decriminalized for personal cultivation and use. While selling or trafficking marijuana is still highly illegal, marijuana users don’t face any problems as long as they smoke discreetly and don’t cause any trouble. It’s also possible for tourists to use cannabis, although they might find it trickier to get their hands on it.

Like the Netherlands, Spain has a loophole for those who want to access cannabis. While cannabis users head to coffee shops in Holland, cannabis is available in private cannabis consumption clubs in Spain. These are particularly popular in the south of Spain in places like Barcelona.

You’ll need to join one of these cannabis clubs if you want to use marijuana discreetly. However, keep in mind that they have various strict rules to ensure they don’t face legal problems. Make sure you read up on the rules of Spanish cannabis clubs before you try to join one. For instance, you can’t ask where to buy weed in cannabis clubs, but you can ask where to get it.

Whether or not you get high, Spain has plenty to offer to tourists. Cities like Barcelona, Valencia, and Malaga are full of beautiful beaches. You can also find some beautiful cultural and historical sites in cities like Granada and Madrid. Spain is also full of delicious food and has a great drinking culture, especially if you enjoy sangria.

Consuming Cannabis In Portugal

Portugal is known for its particularly progressive laws on drugs. As of 2021, the use of all illicit substances is decriminalized. That means you won’t get in trouble simply for using weed. You also won’t face any penalties as long as you’re carrying less than what’s considered a 10-day supply.

However, while you won’t get in trouble for using weed, getting your hands on it is easier said than done. Selling and cultivating cannabis is still illegal in Portugal, so you won’t find marijuana stores or local growers. Although you might notice some head shops advertised as weed stores, these most likely sell nothing stronger than CBD.

It’s also a bad idea to buy weed from street sellers in Portugal. Although people might offer to sell you weed in cities like Lisbon, many of these sellers are sketchy and will try to scam you. However, if you happen to have a trustworthy friend in Portugal who can provide you with cannabis, you can use it privately and discreetly.

Portugal is a beautiful nation with a lot to explore. Most tourists head to the busy streets of Lisbon – a city also known for delicious pasteis de nata, plenty of ginjinha stalls, and its famous trams. Porto is another popular destination, especially if you enjoy port wine. However, you’ll arguably get the best beaches and views by visiting Albufeira or heading to the Azores islands.

Consuming Cannabis In Denmark

Consuming Cannabis In Denmark

Denmark has become another hotspot for cannabis users, mainly due to the liberal Freetown Christiania area of Copenhagen. Recreational cannabis use is still illegal in Denmark, although medical use is permitted for patients with certain symptoms. However, many residents and tourists still use cannabis in Christiania.

Freetown Christiania is a small neighborhood of Copenhagen known for its liberal values. It’s also known for its bustling cannabis trade. Here, you’ll find many stalls along Pusher Street (also known as the Green Light District) openly selling cannabis products. You can find everything from pre-rolled joints to loose weed to cannabis edibles.

Although it’s surprisingly easy to get cannabis in Christiania, it isn’t technically legal. Although the commune claims to live by unique laws, Freetown Christiania isn’t recognized by the Danish government and it’s often raided by police. Some tourists choose to take the risk regardless, as getting caught usually results in a small fine of around 520 DKK (99 CAD).

You’re much less likely to find weed outside of Freetown Christiania, but most tourists stick to the busy hotspot of Copenhagen regardless. There are plenty of things to do and see around the city. Along with Christiania, you might want to check out Nyhavn, Tivoli Gardens, Rosenborg Castle, and the street markets of Torvehallerne.

Consuming Cannabis In The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic (or Czechia) is another European country that’s often mentioned by cannabis lovers as it decriminalized cannabis possession for personal use in 2010. The country also legalized medical cannabis use in 2013. A medical cannabis prescription allows Czech patients to obtain up to 180 grams of dry cannabis each month.

Unfortunately, getting cannabis is harder for recreational users. Although you’ll notice tons of “weed shops” in Prague’s city center, these mostly sell products with less than 0.5% THC. That means that the “cannabis beers” or weed lollipops you paid for most likely contain CBD rather than marijuana.

If you have a Czech friend who shares their weed with you, you can use it privately and discreetly without any problems. You should still avoid using weed in public. Public possession of over 10 grams of cannabis or 5 grams of resin can get you a hefty fine. Possession of larger amounts can result in criminal charges.

The Czech Republic is still a fascinating country to visit. Many people head to Prague for its fancy old town, bustling nightlife, and historical sites. However, Český Krumlov has become another popular destination for those who want a more relaxing and scenic trip. Brno is also popular, especially for students.

Consuming Cannabis In Italy

Consuming Cannabis In Italy

Recreational marijuana use is still illegal in Italy. However, the country decriminalized cannabis in 2014 with a law that classified it as a “low-danger drug”. You can even find cannabis products in certain stores in Italy. However, the catch is that these products will only contain THC levels of up to 0.5% THC.

If you’re buying “light marijuana” products from tourist stores in Italy, these will most likely be low in THC and high in CBD. They can still be enjoyable and beneficial, but you shouldn’t expect them to get you high.

If you happen to get your hands on marijuana, you should avoid using it anywhere in public. Marijuana possession is still punishable by law and you might end up with a fine or worse. Selling cannabis is highly illegal and can result in huge fines.

Overall, it’s not the greatest place for those who want to enjoy cannabis in peace. While you might know a friend with a medical cannabis prescription or someone who has a dealer, you’ll need to smoke weed in private to avoid problems. Nonetheless, Italy is still one of the best countries in Europe to visit thanks to its delicious food, fascinating historical sites, and vibrant culture.

Consuming Cannabis In Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the more progressive countries in Europe when it comes to cannabis use. With that said, recreational cannabis use still isn’t legal in Switzerland. Personal possession of small amounts of cannabis is decriminalized and using cannabis in private won’t get you into trouble.

However, the future looks promising for cannabis users in Switzerland. In 2022, the Swiss government launched an adult-use cannabis sale trial in Basel. The country also fully legalized medical cannabis in 2022 and allowed for the export of cannabis products.

These steps from the Swiss government suggest that legal recreational cannabis use could potentially be legal in the future. However, when or if this will happen is still unknown. Currently, marijuana users in Switzerland should avoid carrying cannabis in public as it can land them a fine of 100 CHF (144 CAD).

You might still want to visit Switzerland regardless. Although the country is notorious for how expensive it is, it’s also full of breathtaking natural sights and is a hotspot for skiing. It’s also close to France, Italy, Germany, Austria, and Liechtenstein, so Eurotrippers will have various choices for day trips.

Consuming cannabis in Europe is still difficult. Although it’s possible to get your hands on cannabis in countries like the Netherlands, Spain, and Denmark, there are still various legal restrictions on cannabis use. Malta seems to be the most promising cannabis tourism hotspot, but it might take a while before recreational pot stores are up and running.

Canada is still the best place in the world for cannabis tourists. As long as you’re an adult, you can buy and use cannabis in various forms. You can also order cannabis flower strains, edibles, tinctures, vapes, and more online at Buy My Weed Online.

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