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A Comprehensive Guide To Sativa Effects

You can buy weed online in many varieties, and the type of strain you pick will usually dictate what kind of effects you’ll experience. Indica strains are known for delivering a relaxing, body-focused high, making them perfect for times when you want to kick back, relax, and relieve pain and stress. However, when you’re looking for a more uplifting high, you’ll benefit much more from sativa effects.

Cannabis sativa is one of the two main types of cannabis plants known for producing marijuana buds. These plants are tall, narrow, and take a long time to grow, but they’re capable of producing impressive yields with the right time and effort. What’s more, sativa strains are highly sought-after as many users enjoy the effects of sativa strains for various situations.

Although every sativa strain is different, they’re usually recommended for times when you want an energizing high. Whether you need something to perk you up in the morning or something to enhance social situations, sativa strains are always a good choice. However, if you’re not accustomed to smoking sativa strains, you might wonder what exactly to expect. Here’s a comprehensive guide to sativa effects.

Enhancing Your Mood

Many consumers use marijuana purely for its mood-enhancing effects. All kinds of strains can help you ward off negative thoughts and put you in a better state of mind. But while indica strains are more commonly known for putting you in a hazy, carefree state, sativa strains are perfect for times you want to boost your happiness.

After a few hits of a potent sativa strain, you’ll likely find yourself feeling abnormally happy, lighthearted, and giggly. All kinds of activities will seem more fun and you’ll find it hard to feel upset or angry. This makes sativa strains perfect for times when you need to counteract a bad mood.

Many marijuana lovers use sativa strains first thing in the morning as it can help you start your day off right. However, as long as your sativa of choice isn’t too potent, it can help give you a burst of happiness at pretty much any time of the day. For intense euphoria and happiness, try a strain like Frosty Gelato

Heightening Your Senses

Another one of the most noticeable effects you’ll likely experience when using sativa strains is a boost in your senses. As well as swiftly making you feel happy and euphoric, many users also report that sativa strains have a significant effect on things like their sight, smell, and other senses.

This can come in handy in many ways. For instance, if you want to enjoy your favorite music more, try listening to it after smoking a strain like Citrus Haze and see how it enhances the experience. Watching movies and TV shows can also be a lot of fun- colors will be more vivid and everything will seem more intriguing.

These sense-heightening perks can even make things like eating your favorite foods and drinking your favorite beverages more enjoyable. Interestingly, research shows that consuming marijuana can enhance the smell and taste of food. As such, a high binge after a few tokes of your favorite sativa strain will feel exceptionally rewarding.

Helping With Motivation

One of the main problems some users have with marijuana is that some strains can sap your motivation. Some people even associate marijuana with laziness, especially as smoking a strain that relaxes or sedates you too much can quickly reduce your focus and your ability to take on daily tasks.

However, while indica strains are known for their sedating effects, sativa strains often have the opposite effect. If you need a burst of focus and motivation, taking a puff or two of your favorite sativa strain might help. Many of these strains can help enhance mental focus and help you take on daily tasks.

Of course, moderation is important. Smoking too much of any strain can result in you feeling too high to focus on anything serious. However, if you take it easy and take advantage of the mentally-stimulating and stress-reducing properties of sativa strains, it can be an excellent way to stay motivated during the day.

Making You Social And Talkative

One of the best ways to enjoy the effects of marijuana is while you’re hanging out with some of your best friends. That way, you can all relish in the experience together, especially when you choose the right strains for enhancing social activities.

Although many indica strains can make you feel giggly and relaxed, many of them can also cause you to mellow out so much that you’d rather kick back on the couch than talk to anyone. In contrast, sativa strains are usually perfect for making you feel alert and talkative, making them perfect for social situations.

Not only will these strains make you chattier, but they can also make it exceptionally fun to play games with your friends. Whether you’re taking part in some marijuana-induced Mario Kart or trying out some of the best games to play while you’re high, a sativa strain like Citrix can make these activities all the more enjoyable.

Boosting Your Creativity

Many recreational users choose sativa strains to enhance social situations or help perk them up during the daytime. Medical users often use sativa strains to help ward off symptoms of stress, anxiety, and chronic stress. However, it can also have certain practical uses. For instance, many users find that sativa strains boost their creativity levels significantly.

Users frequently report that sativa strains help stimulate their minds and spur on creative thoughts. As such, a sativa high can come in handy for taking on a range of creative tasks. Whether you enjoy writing, making music, painting, or even doing puzzles or other mental challenges, try smoking a sativa strain beforehand.

Not only will sativa strains help boost your creativity, but they’ll also make creative tasks feel more rewarding and enjoyable. If you’re planning on doing something creative, then try smoking or vaping an uplifting sativa strain such as Hawaiian Snow to improve the experience. 

Energizing Your Body And Mind

Sativa strains are widely known for their ability to boost your mood, enhance your creativity, and give you a burst of motivation. Compared to indica strains, the effects you get from sativa strains are usually much more head-focused. However, while they’re primarily known for stimulating your mind, sativa strains can also bring on some helpful physical effects.

Compared to the stoned and sedated physical sensation that you usually get from indica strains, many users find that the physical high brought on by sativa strains is more uplifting and invigorating. Instead of wanting to lay on the couch, you’ll be more excited to get up, move, and enjoy the soothing waves flowing throughout your body.

Although indica strains are usually the better choice for dealing with physical symptoms like pain and inflammation, sativa strains can still be handy for these situations. If you want something that can calm your pain and physical distress without leaving you feeling lazy and unfocused, then a sativa strain like Ambrosia is perfect for the job.

Best Sativa Strains To Try

Whether you’re looking for a strain to lift your mood, enhance your creativity, or soothe your body without making you feel tired, there are plenty of excellent sativa strains to choose from. Some of these strains are pure sativas whereas others are top-notch hybrid strains with sativa-dominant genetics. Here are some of the best strains to try for sativa effects.

Strawberry Lemonade – Strawberry Lemonade is a sweet and fruity sativa-dominant hybrid with incredible effects. A few hits of this strain will leave you in a happy state of mind with soothing waves flowing throughout your body, making it ideal for mellowing out during the daytime.

Hawaiian Snow – Hawaiian Snow is a pure sativa strain that’ll bring on all the best sativa effects. You can expect a sharp burst of happiness, euphoria, and creativity, making it a perfect strain for recreational users as well as a great strain for counteracting stress, anxiety, and depression.

Sour Candy – Sour Candy is a cross between Sour Diesel strain and Bubblegum. As well as offering an alluring sour taste, Sour Candy also gives you a euphoric head rush that’s ideal for social situations or for perking yourself up throughout the day.

Super Lemon Haze – If you’re looking for a strain that’ll make you feel happy, affectionate, energetic, and creative, Super Lemon Haze is perfect for you. It’s an incredible sativa strain for both recreational and medical use, not to mention that it also offers a deliciously fruity taste.

Citrus Haze – Citrus Haze is another great strain for users who want to feel happy, focused, and stress-free. Whether you need a good wake-and-bake strain or something to help you with mental tasks, this is a solid pick.

While indica strains are ideal for times when you want a deeply relaxing high, sativa effects usually involve a surge of euphoria, energy, creativity, and focus.

There are many sativa strains to choose from and each differs in its aroma, taste, and what kind of experience it’ll give you. Fortunately, you can browse through a wide range of strains complete with product descriptions and reviews at BuyMyWeedOnline.

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