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What is the Difference Between Dark Shatter and Light Shatter?

Cannabis is loved all over Canada. More people than ever are using weed to get high and relax. Weed enthusiasts are growing in numbers every day, and many of them want strong, powerful, and highly potent weed. Which is why, many people are now buying concentrates like shatter to fulfill their need.

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Concentrates are just what the name suggests, concentrated cannabis products. Created by extracting cannabinoids like THC and CBD from cannabis flowers, concentrates tend to be highly potent and pack a powerful punch. 

There are many kinds of concentrates out there, but perhaps the most famous and widely used one is shatter. Pure, highly potent, and extremely powerful, it is a concentrate which is loved by both new and experienced users of cannabis. 

But there are different kinds of shatter as well, and one main way of categorizing between them is through color. Which is why today, we will be talking about the main differences between dark and light shatter, and which one you should buy.

What is Shatter Anyway?

One of the most potent and extraordinary concentrates out there, shatter is an extremely famous and popular forms of dabbing. Created solely through extracted cannabinoids, it tends to have high levels of THC and is ideal for people looking for the most euphoric high.

Just like the name suggests, shatter is a smooth, honey colored, glass like substance which breaks apart quite easily. Transparent and golden, the substance looks and feels just like honey when warm but will quickly turn to resemble a glass like substance when cold.

Famous for its purity, shatter can contain up to 90% cannabinoid content, and is extremely potent guarantees its users a quicker, and more intense high than any other cannabis product. Which is exactly why it is loved so much.

But while shatter is famous for its purity, there still are variations and different qualities available, which cannot be identified easily. While many people prefer lighter colored, transparent shatter, it can also be darker and thicker, but still contain high THC/CBD content. Or it can be light, and honey colored, but not have enough active particles.

But before we look at both variations of shatter in detail, it is important to know how shatter is made, and what causes these color variations.

How is Shatter Made?

Just like all cannabis concentrates, shatter is also made by extracting cannabinoids from cannabis plants. However, shatter is purer than many other concentrates, and often contains higher levels of THC and CBD.

It is created by heating a solvent of butane and cannabis plants to create a highly potent form of oil, which is then used to create the smooth, glassy product that we have all come to love. There are different kinds of extraction procedures, which are the main reason behind the variations in color, and potency. So now, let us look at the different variations of shatter in more detail. 

Dark Shatter

Murkier and thicker than lighter counterpart, dark shatter is created through chemically extracted marijuana oil which has been toughened to form a glassy like substance. Its color mainly comes from either the extraction procedure, or the color of the Indica or hybrid strain it is extracted from. 

Filtered to purge and remove the natural fats and waxes, dark shatter is highly potent and contains high volumes of THC and CBD. In fact, dark shatter is so potent that it is known as the king of concentrates and packs the most amounts of terpenes and cannabinoids.

The high that you get from smoking dark shatter is often grounded and sedating. It wont give you a burst of energy, but will certainly help you relax, calm down, and manage stress, anxiety, fatigue and chronic pain. So if you want a mind numbing and calming high, get yourself some dark shatter today.

Unfortunately, many people are biased against dark shatter, and think it does not contain high THC/CBD levels. However, Dark shatter often contains more terpenes and cannabinoids than its lighter counterpart, and offers a more intense and relaxing high. Perhaps the only difference other than color, is the fact that Dark shatter contains more chlorophyll and tar, which gives it a grassy and rough taste.

Light Shatter

Mainly due to its lighter color and more appealing appearance, many people prefer transparent, golden colored shatter. The popular belief is that lighter colored shatter is of a higher quality. Unfortunately, this is not true, and quality solely depends on the extraction procedures used by the dispensary creating the shatter. 

However, light shatter does have its own benefits. In addition to being more attractive, golden shatter also has more cannabinoids than dark shatter. Which is why the high tends to be more energetic and cerebral.

The higher THC levels also provide the user with an emotional and creative boost, and are extremely effective against anxiety, fatigue, and different forms of social disorders as well. And since this variant of shatter does not contain that much tar, it is quite smooth and pure to taste as well.

As a result, if you are looking for a purely euphoric and energetic high, you should definitely purchase some high quality, light shatter.

But while the lighter and golden color of this type of shatter is pleasing to look at, it does have some drawbacks. To create such a color, the cannabis extract is heated at a low level. Unfortunately, this makes the extract difficult to purge properly. Hence, there are a lot of leftover chemical solvents and residue in the shatter, which can be mildly contaminated.

However, the fear of that is quite low, and light shatters are more frequently available at most online dispensaries than dark shatter.

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