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Live Resin: Beginner’s Complete Guide

Have you ever walked through a dispensary or browsed an online cannabis store and stumbled upon the term “live resin”?

Perhaps you’ve overheard it in discussions among cannabis enthusiasts or seen it highlighted in various products.

Live resin is rapidly gaining popularity due to its rich flavor and potent effects, making it a favorite for both recreational and medical users.

But what makes live resin different from other cannabis concentrates, and why is it becoming a must-have for many?

This guide will help you understand what makes live resin unique, how it compares to other concentrates, and the best ways to use and store it.

What is Live Resin?

Live resin is a type of cannabis concentrate renowned for its rich flavor, potency, and aroma.

It is produced by flash-freezing freshly harvested cannabis plants and then extracting their compounds using solvents like butane or propane while still frozen.

This process preserves a higher concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids compared to other concentrates, which often lose these compounds during the drying and curing stages.


The development of live resin can be credited to pioneers in the cannabis industry, including “Kind Bill” and “Giddy Up,” who were instrumental in refining the flash-freezing technique around 2011.

Their goal was to preserve the full terpene profile of cannabis, which is often lost during the traditional drying and curing process.

By using freshly harvested, flash-frozen material, they succeeded in creating a concentrate that retained the rich flavors and potent effects of the original plant.

What are the Benefits of Using Live Resin?

If you’re looking into the benefits of using live resin, well, here are the best ones:

Preservation of Terpenes and Cannabinoids

Live resin captures the full essence of the cannabis plant by freezing it immediately after harvest.

This process locks in a high concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids, resulting in a product with an authentic and potent profile that delivers a richer, more enjoyable experience for consumers.

Superior Flavor and Aroma

Thanks to its high terpene content, live resin offers a rich and complex flavor that stands out from other cannabis extracts.

The natural terpenes ensure that the aroma is true to the original cannabis strain, providing an intense and authentic taste that enhances the overall sensory experience.

High Potency and Entourage Effect

Live resin is renowned for its high potency, preserving a significant amount of cannabinoids.

The interaction between terpenes and cannabinoids, known as the entourage effect, amplifies the therapeutic and recreational benefits, offering a more well-rounded and effective high.

Versatility and Ease of Use

The sauce-like consistency of live resin makes it versatile and easy to use in various forms, including vaping, dabbing, or adding to edibles.

This flexibility, combined with its cost-effective production, makes live resin an accessible and attractive option for many consumers.

Therapeutic Benefits

With its high terpene and cannabinoid content, live resin may offer significant medical benefits, such as relief from chronic pain, anxiety, and inflammation.

This makes it a compelling choice for medical cannabis users seeking potent and effective treatments.

These benefits highlight why live resin is a top choice for cannabis enthusiasts looking for a high-quality, flavorful, and potent concentrate.

How Does Live Resin Compare to Other Concentrates?

Now that you know the overview of what live resin is, it’s time to look into how it compares to its concentrate counterparts.


Shatter is a popular cannabis concentrate known for its glass-like appearance and brittle texture.

It’s created through a rigorous extraction process that typically involves solvents like butane. While shatter has a high THC content, the process often leads to a loss of terpenes, making it less flavorful and aromatic than live resin.

Live resin, by contrast, retains a higher level of terpenes due to its flash-freezing process, resulting in a more flavorful and aromatic experience.

Shatter is best for those seeking high potency and a more affordable option, but live resin offers a more robust terpene profile and a full-spectrum effect.


Wax, also known as “budder” or “crumble” depending on its consistency, is another concentrate produced through solvent extraction.

Wax has a softer, more malleable texture compared to shatter and can vary in terpene content. While it retains more terpenes than shatter, it still doesn’t match the terpene richness of live resin.

The primary advantage of wax is its ease of use and handling, making it popular for dabbing.

However, for those prioritizing flavor and the entourage effect, live resin remains superior due to its preservation of the plant’s original terpene profile.


Budder is similar to wax but has a creamier, butter-like consistency. It is produced by whipping the extract during the purging process, resulting in a more aerated texture.

Budder retains more terpenes than shatter but less than live resin. Its smooth texture makes it easy to handle and ideal for dabbing.

Compared to live resin, budder offers a middle ground in terms of terpene retention and flavor, but live resin provides a more authentic and intense cannabis experience due to its higher terpene content and preservation of the plant’s original profile.

CO2 Oil

CO2 Oil is extracted using supercritical CO2, which is a cleaner and more environmentally friendly method compared to butane extraction.

This method preserves a significant amount of cannabinoids and terpenes, resulting in a high-quality concentrate.

CO2 oil is versatile and can be used in vape cartridges, edibles, and topicals.

While CO2 oil is comparable to live resin in terms of purity and cannabinoid content, live resin typically offers a more intense flavor and aroma due to the higher preservation of terpenes.

Hash and Bubble Hash

Hash and bubble hash are solventless concentrates made by physically separating the trichomes from the cannabis plant.

Bubble hash, in particular, uses ice water and agitation to isolate the trichomes, resulting in a concentrate that can range from low to high potency depending on the starting material and technique.

These methods preserve a good amount of terpenes and cannabinoids, but live resin still outshines in terms of flavor and terpene content due to the flash-freezing process that captures the plant’s profile at its freshest.


Rosin is another solventless concentrate produced by applying heat and pressure to cannabis flower or hash, extracting a resinous sap.

This method preserves terpenes and cannabinoids without the use of solvents, making it a pure and potent option.

Rosin is highly regarded for its flavor and potency, but it can be more labor-intensive to produce.

Live resin offers similar benefits in terms of terpene and cannabinoid preservation but is often more consistent in quality and easier to produce on a larger scale.

In summary, live resin stands out among other concentrates for its superior flavor and aroma, achieved through the preservation of terpenes and cannabinoids by flash-freezing fresh cannabis.

Proper Ways to Consume Live Resin

Here are some effective methods for consuming live resin:


This is the most popular method. Use a dab rig with a nail or quartz banger heated to 320-400°F. Scoop the live resin with a dab tool, place it on the heated nail, and inhale the vapor. This method provides the full flavor and potency of live resin.


Live resin can be vaped using pre-filled cartridges or a dab pen. Attach the cartridge to a vape pen battery, set the temperature between 320-400°F, and inhale. For dab pens, load the live resin into the chamber and heat it as per the device instructions.

Sprinkling on Flower

Enhance the potency and flavor of your joints, blunts, or bowls by adding live resin. Simply sprinkle or spread a small amount on top of your ground cannabis flower before smoking.

Adding to Edibles

Infuse live resin into homemade edibles. Melt the live resin into butter or oil at a low temperature to preserve the terpenes and cannabinoids, then use this infused base in your favorite recipes.

Using in a Nectar Collector

This is a portable tool for dabbing. Heat the tip, touch it to the live resin, and inhale through the mouthpiece. It’s convenient for quick, on-the-go consumption.

These methods ensure that you get the most out of your live resin, preserving its rich terpene profile and potent effects.

How to Store Live Resin

To store live resin properly and maintain its quality, follow these guidelines:

Keep it Cool

Store live resin in a cool environment, ideally in a refrigerator. Lower temperatures slow down the degradation of terpenes and cannabinoids, preserving the concentrate’s potency and flavor.

Avoid Light and Heat

Exposure to light and heat can degrade live resin, causing it to lose its potency and flavor. Store it in a dark place or use opaque containers to protect it from light.

Use Airtight Containers

To prevent oxidation and moisture build-up, keep live resin in airtight containers. Silicone containers are preferable over glass as live resin tends to stick to glass, making it harder to use all of it.

Keep Away from Air Exposure

Minimize the resin’s exposure to air to preserve its freshness. Open the container only when necessary and seal it tightly after each use.

Store Upright

Always store the container upright to prevent leakage and maintain the resin’s consistency. This is especially important if the resin has a more liquid, sauce-like consistency.

Following these storage tips ensures that your live resin remains potent, flavorful, and effective for a longer period.


Can Live Resin Be Used for Medical Purposes?

Yes, live resin can be used for medical purposes. Its high terpene and cannabinoid content make it a potent option for patients seeking relief from chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation, and other conditions. The entourage effect, which is the synergistic interaction of cannabinoids and terpenes, enhances the therapeutic benefits of live resin.

Is Live Resin Suitable for Beginners?

Live resin can be suitable for beginners, but it’s important to start with a low dose due to its high potency. Beginners should familiarize themselves with the different consumption methods, such as dabbing or vaping, and understand how to dose appropriately to avoid overwhelming effects. Consulting with knowledgeable dispensary staff can also help beginners make informed choices.

Can Live Resin Be Used in Cooking and Edibles?

Yes, live resin can be used in cooking and making edibles. To preserve its terpene and cannabinoid content, it should be infused into butter or oil at low temperatures. This method ensures that the therapeutic and flavor benefits of live resin are retained in the final edible product.

And that concludes our topic on live resin.

At BMWO, we ensure you get your money’s worth by providing high-quality cannabis products. If you’re looking for top-tier live resin, check out our Live Resin product page for popular options like Live-Resin Pineapple Express, Live-Resin Tropic Thunder, and more.

Visit our blog for more cannabis-related topics.

Live resin offers a unique and potent cannabis experience thanks to its special extraction process that preserves terpenes and cannabinoids.

Whether you’re new to cannabis or an experienced user, knowing how to use and store live resin can enhance its benefits. We hope this guide has provided helpful insights and made your exploration of live resin more enjoyable.

Happy consuming!

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