Cannabis and Video Games

There are many classic combinations which are famous all over the world. Examples include peanut butter and jelly, burger and fries, bacon and eggs etc.  However, we feel that 2020 might be remembered for a new combination. With more than half the world forced into quarantine and lockdown due to the Coronavirus, people have been … Read more


Reading While High: Top 5 Books to Read

Weed in itself can be a bit boring. I know there are many people out there who won’t agree with me, but this is a well known fact. Especially for people who prefer sativas or sativa dominant hybrids. But even indica users have to agree, cannabis is much more fun to smoke and use when … Read more


Cannabis Tourism: Top 5 Destinations That You Should Visit

Ever since governments around the world started legalizing medicinal and recreational cannabis, weed loving entrepreneurs all over the world have been pretty active.  Today, we have a number of organizations and individuals offering a wide range of weed infused services and entertainment, including but not limited to cannabis hikes and cycling, art and painting classes, … Read more